Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


8. What is it?

A moment later Harry comes into the room and kneels down next to me. "Sshh baby I'm here now" I turn my head sideways so I can see him "Harry I'm sorry about this morning" "you have nothing to be sorry for" there is a seconds silence "Harry I'm scared" I whisper. "Em I'm here all the guys are here we are gunna get you through this ok"  I nodded in agreement. "I love you" I mouthed "I love you to" harry then kisses my cheek. I then bury my head into the bed sheets and start to groan in pain. I grab Harry's hand and squeeze it. After the contraction has gone I get up and move into the living space where all the boys are. "Niall go ring the midwife now" "ahhh omg" I reach out for a hand to grab onto. It's Liam's "deep breathes in and out" says Liam. "I can do this, I can do this" I whisper. "Yes yes you can" say Harry.  Zayn then comes behind me and starts to rub my back. "That's it em good girl" says Liam. "Could I have a drink" "yeah yeah sure what do you want"says zayn "just water would be fine thanks". My hands are shaking as I take the water, Harry  places his hands around the glass that I'm holding helping me steady it. I then take a couple of sips and push the glass away. I hold my breathe and groan as another contraction comes. Niall then rushes in with a panic look on his face "what is it niall" ask louis. "The midwife can't get here because of the rain and flooding" "what?!" I scream. "I can't do this any more" I cry. The boys all turn to my "yes yes you can" they all say together. Another contraction comes they are getting closer and closer together. "Ahhh I need drugs" "how about pain killers" suggests Niall. "Um no Niall" say Liam. 
"Guys can I have a word outside" zayn gestures to all the guys to come outside. "Someone is going to have to deliver the baby" says Zayn they all look at each other. "I will em trusts me" Harry says quietly so I can't hear "she trusts all of us we can let her down" says louis. They're all in a huddle "me and Niall will go and look up how to deliver a baby you louis Zayn and Liam go look after em ok" Harry orders. Louis Liam and zayn then enter the room and kneel beside me "what were you all talking about" I say breathless "it doesn't matter all that matters is you and the baby now" says louis. I look down in pain another contraction come "ahhhhhh" "deep breathes Emily" "aahhhh omg I need to push ahhh" they all look at each other. "Harry Niall come quick" shouts Liam "deep breathe em" says zayn. "Aahhhh I need to push" Niall and Harry come running in Niall is holding printed paper with instructions on it. Harrys holding towels and a bowl of hot water. "I think it's time" says louis. "We need to move her into a different position" says Niall. They help me up while so zayn is sitting behind me and supports my back. Then Niall and Harry go down where the baby will be born. Liam and Louis either side of me. "Ok em when u get a next contraction you need to push ok" I nod my head in agreement. "Here it comes ahhhhhhhh" I say "ok push em" I squeeze tightly onto Liam and Louis hand. "Come one keep going em" I stop for air. "Deep breathes now" Niall instructs. "Uhhh" I groan. "It's so hot" Niall then rushes out the room and a few seconds later comes back with a cold compress. "Is that better" "yeah" I say. I lean back onto zayn a chest to get a few minutes rest before the next contraction. "Your doing so well em I'm so proud of you" say Harry looking up at me with a smile on his face. I try to smile but the pain comes back. "Ahhhh" I push my head into zayns chest. "I can't do it" I say again breathlessly. Again another pain comes. "Come on em push" I squeeze Liam's hand even tighter. Sweat is now dripping from my forehead and Louis is gently wiping it away. I have been pushing for 20 minutes now and there is no sign of the baby. "It's suck" I scream. "No it's not em you just gotta work harder" says Liam "but I'm so tired" "we know em but it will be worth it when you see you baby" says Niall. Harry looks worried. "Ahhhhhh" "come on em push down" "ahhhhh" I feel a burning sensation "ahhhhhh" I scream "em I see the head your nearly there" "ahhhhh it hurts get it out ahhhh" I can't help but scream. "Sshhh shhh em look at me deep breathes now in and out" says Louis calmly. "It hurts" I mouth "I know but your so nearly there" says zayn. Niall is now telling Harry what to do when the head is being delivered. "Em listen to me when we say pant you have to pant ok" instructs Niall I nod my head. "Ahhhh" "ok big push now em" says Liam. "Ahhhhh" "EMILY pant now ok" Niall shouts "in and out like a dog" says Harry looking up at me. "Owww is it out yet?" I groan "nearly you so near the end now" "can I push" I scream "yeah big push now" "come on em" "ahhhhhhhhh" "omg here it is" shouts Harry. I breath a sign of relief "what's is it?" I whisper "a little girl" my eyes begin to close and I have fainted.


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