Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


3. Up close and personal

We run past the reception lady in the lobby of the hotel. When we get into the elevator Harry turns me to face him. He then gently places his lip onto mine. His hands then slide down my body outline and he places them under my thighs. I then jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. The the elevator comes to a halt. Harry then walks to the door with the number 43 on it. With his back on the locked door and us still passionately kissing I slip my hand into his back pocket and pull of the door keys. He then uses his back to open and shut the door. He walks slowly to the bed and places me down. My legs still wrapped round his waist like a snake holding onto its pray, my hands then crawl down to his untucked shirt I gently pull it up over his head, we pause the kissing for a split second so he can take his top off. I watch him with a smile on my face he looks at me and smiles back and begins to kiss me again. He then pulls me up so we are now in a sitting position I then feel his warm hands tugging on my purple tunic top I put my hands up overt head as he lifts the top over my head. He then starts to kiss my chest. I run my fingers through his soft winded curls. He then places his lips back onto mine and I then unwind my legs from his waist and walk over to the bottom of the bed. Harry watching ever move I make I then un button my purple high waisted shorts and slip them down my smooth shaved legs. I'm left standing in my laced underwear. I look up at Harry, he has a cheeky smile on his face I then crawl over to where his lays and kneel up my legs either side of his body. Harry then rises up and places his lips onto mine I then unzip his trousers and lower them till his coloured boxers were showing. I then lower my self so Im now in a crawling position. Harry then runs his hands down my body and places them onto my rounded bum cheeks. He then kicks off his trousers which are now by his ankles. I then move to kiss his neck I then start to kiss down his body I look up at him he smiles at me. I then rise up and kiss him on the lips. His hands now rise up to my bra strap and slowly unstraps me. I then rise up and take my bra off.Then..... It was half an hour ago since it happened and I lay there on Harry's chest I can feel his heart beating against my ear. I move my head to look up at Harry who is fast asleep. It all feels like a dream. The thoughts of what just happened keep running round my head I then slowly drift off. A bright Light that's shining through the window wakes me up I rub my eyes and sit up and think about the dream i had last night. I look around the room and there laying next to me is Harry styles. "It wasn't a dream" I whisper under my breath in utter disbelief. I slowly get out of the bed trying not to wake Harry. I run quietly over to my clothes and bag I pull on my shorts and top and run out and down to the lobby and past the reception lady who's giving me evils.

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