Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


12. The unexpected

Next morning, I was woken up be the ringing of my phone to my surprise it was Zoe. "Omg hey Zoe" "hey em how's everything going" "yeah ok I suppose although I have a lot to tell you" "brilliant wanna go for a coffee and then now maybe I can meet my god daughter" "hahah yes that would be amazing!". Half an hour later I was in costa waiting for Zoe to turn up when all of a sudden I get a text from Louis saying 'i need to talk to you x' I just stared at my phone. I was being over taken with worry. "Hello?" I hear a voice I look up and there my bestie, so is standing. "Aww Zoe" I stand up and hug her we sit down and I lift ivy out her pram. "Ivy this is you auntie Zoe" ivy giggled and I passed her over to Zoe, who had a massive smile on her face. "She is so beautiful em Im so proud of you" "aww Zoe I have missed you so much". "So what did you need to tell me" "well I found this envelope and well in it said..." "It said what em?" "Let me just show you" I pass Zoe the brown folded envelope, my hands unsteady as I put the envelope in front of Zoe. She opened it up and her face the same as mine incomplete shock. "What are you gunna do em?" "I dunno he sent me a text saying he needs to talk to me" "em do you love him?" "Love who?" "Harry" "of course i do" "well that's all you need to be sure of" "yeah your right" we both sat there for a few moments. "So you never told me what happened with you and Niall?" I say cheekily. "Well we ended up kissing and then that's it I mean it's been such a long time and I haven't been able to speak to him cause he has been on tour" "well you could come back with me and ivy to the bus I sure he has things to say to you as well" "ok" so me, Zoe and little ivy made our way back to the bus. 

As we reached the bus, I could see louis pacing up and down in his and Harry's room. Zoe then touched my arm "omg there he is" I looked over at Niall. "Right give ivy here and go and talk to him" so she passed me ivy, who was nearly in tears because she was hungry, and walked slowly over to Niall. I watched them both laughing and smiling away together and then made my way into the bus.  There sitting on the couch in the living space was louis. I looked at him and he looked at me. With ivy in my arms I made my way over to the opposite couch. Me and louis both sat there in silence for a few minutes then he said "that note.... Um did you get it" "yeah I did" "oh right" "Louis you have to understand that I love Harry" "what?" He said confused. "The note said I love you on it" "what no it didn't" now I was confused "look" I passed him the note he read it and started laughing. "Em this was for Harry cause he sent me one" I looked at him I was so confused. "We used to send each others notes before little ivy came along" "omg I'm so stupid sorry" we both laughed "nothing to be sorry for" a sigh of relief collapsed from me. "Ok so what was the other note about?" "Oh could I be god father to ivy?" "Haha omg sure me and Harry were gunna make you all god fathers" I laughed again thinking "thank god". Harry walked in on us "what's up with you two" "well you didn't open the note that I gave you and em found it and thought it was for her" "awww em you can be so funny sometimes" "oh yeah thanks hazza" we all laughed it off. 

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