Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


11. The envelope

It's one directions final performance and Harry has invited me and ivy. I'm in the bedroom getting ready, ivy is in the other room with Louis. I start to root around in my suitcase looking for my eyeliner. I then come across the brown envelope. I hold it in both hands and then sit on the end of the bed. I turn it over to the seal. I rip it slowly open. There is a piece of paper with nothing on it. I pull the paper out immediately and see on the other side there are words. They say 'Emily I love you from Louis'. I sit there not believing what I just have read. Suddenly there is a knock at my bedroom door, which makes me jump, I hide the envelope. "Yeah come in" I says trying to hide the shock in my voice. It's louis. "Hey em I think little ivy here wants her mummy" "oh right" I say trying not to make eye contact. "Is there something wrong?" Louis asks me in concern. "Nope" and I stand up to collect ivy. "Thanks"  I say and shut the door immediately.

"Is this even real or is he mucking about?" "I think this was meant for Elle" these questions kept spinning around in my head during the performance. "So what did you think?" Say Harry "sweetie you were amazing" I kiss his cheek. "I love you em" I smile and hug him, trying not to squish little ivy who was in between us. I see that in the corner of my eye louis is looking at us. I try not to look at him. Harry then grabbed my hand and pulled me and ivy over to the guys. I could feel louis eyes on me. I didn't say anything to louis that night. 

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