Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


6. The blue box

It's was my third night in the tour bus with the whole of one direction. They have been really welcoming and supportive to both me and Harry. I go and join the boys in the living room part of this giant caravan bus. We all laugh and talk about everything. It's about 11:00 and the guys all decide to go to bed while i go and have a shower. i walk to the room that I'm sharing with Harry and I see he is fast asleep. I then decide to go back into the living part of the tour bus I sit there staring out the window looking at the night sky thinking about everything that has changed and how it's going to change even more. I must have fell asleep there as the next morning a flicker of light woke me and I was laying on the couch where I was last night. I rub my eyes and see louis sitting in the chair opposite of me. "Oh sorry if I woke you" "no it's fine" "sleep well" "haha um fine thanks you?". "Louis?!" "Yeah?" "What does Harry think of me?" "He loves you em a lot" "I'm just scared he's gunna leave me and the baby" "I know but Harry's not like that we are all here for you em I promise" "Louis I think I love Harry too" Louis then stands up and comes over and hugs me. Harry then walks into the room. "Em could I have a word?" "Yeah sure what's up?" "Nothing I just wanted to give you something". He reached into his pocket and seconds later out came a blue little velvet box. I gasp "this is so you know I won't leave you" I look at him "did you heard what I said to Louis" he looked to the floor and smiled. He then grab my hand and placed the blue little velvet box into them. I took a minute just to look at the box. I then carefully open it and there lying in the middle was a beautiful necklace with a heart in the centre. I go in for a hug and then Harry after pulls me back and kisses me.

I'm fat and 7 months pregnant none of my clothes fit me. I decide to go into the bus living room and there on the side is a shirt "just what I need" I say to myself I then scurry back to mine and Harry's room. They boys are somewhere around. "Where's my shirt gone" I hear a Irish accent come from the living space. I poke my head round the door "um I have no idea" I have a cheeky grin on my face. "Emily" he says. I can't help but giggle. Harry then comes in "what's happening here?" "Em has BORROWED my shirt" they both look at me and I pull a puppy dog face "oi missy that does work with me" "None of my clothes fit me anymore" "I think is time for a shopping trip" "but I have no money" "no but you have me" and we all laugh.
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