Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


4. The big shock

It was two weeks later. After telling Zoe everything I decided to forget about everything that happened that night. Sitting in bed listening to Emilie sandè I notice my one direction calendar I run over to it and see that I'm late by a week and I'm never late. "Emily dinner" I hear my mum shout I decide to forget about it. Next morning. I hear a buzzing "hello" I say in a croaky voice. "Hey where are you I'm outside your house" "oh ill be out in a sec" I then feel all funny and run to the toilet I'm sick. minute later I feel fine. 10 minutes later I meet Zoe outside. "Sorry" "it's fine" "um Zoe do you think Harry wore a condom?" "I dunno I wasn't there why?" "Well I'm late and I have just been sick" "you don't think you have a bun in the oven do you?" "Only one way to find out fancy a trip to the doctors"

We come out of the doctors I'm as white as a sheet of paper. "Do you think I should tell Harry" "well yes obviously but how you gunna find him" "um go back to his hotel" "oh yeah" I look at her and giggle. "What are you gunna say to your parents?" One problem at a time Zoe" "ok no pressure" Zoe isn't much help in a crises. 1 hour later I reach Harry's hotel. I look up at this giant white building. I make my way into the lobby. "Hello how can I help you?" I turn around and there sitting behind the big glassed desk is the same women who gave me evils. "Um I need to visit room 43" "mr styles's room" "yes" I replied "and why may I ask" "I have argent matters I need to talk to him about" "your the girl from a few weeks ago" "yes" i say in shame "you can make your way up" I nodded and walked over to the elevator which brought back memories as I walked inside the metal box I smile to myself as I pressed the button to Harry's room. I started to rehearse what I was going to say to him the the elevator came to a halt. As the metal doors slide open I caught a glimpse of Harry's room number 43. I slowly made my way to the door. I took a deep breathe and knocked twice. "I'll be there in a second" a few seconds later the door handle started to rattle and the door flew open. There standing in to doorway was Harry styles. "Oh hey I Was going to call you but you left before I could get your number" "yeah sorry I need to talk to you if that's ok?" I asked nervously. I could see that Harry had a look of worry on his face. He invited me in and I sat on the edge of the bed "there is no easy way to say this but I'm umm ......pregnant". I looked at him his face filled with complete shock. Which was natural we just sat there for a few minutes. I couldn't handle it so I ran out of the room and instead of using the elevator I took the stairs tears were forming in my eyes I then stopped of breath and sat down and broke into tears. Few minutes later I heard foot steps. I look round to see Harry he comes down to my level. "Emily it's ok this is my fault to and we are gunna get through this together ok" I nod in agreement. He then wraps his arms around.
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