Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


7. The argument

I'm now 9 months pregnant and annoyed of being stuck in the tour bus. "OMG Harry can you clean up after your self......I am sick and tired of this bus"

"it's not my fault I am working all the time"

"and it's not my fault I have a baby inside of me"

"well yeah it is"

"well no it's both of ours you should have wore a condom"

"look no one said you should have the baby" "so who would have the baby you?"

"Seriously what's your problem " I storm out the tour bus door and slam it shut. Tears fall down my face as I make my way to costa cafe to calm down. 15 minutes later Im in the cafe watching the rain pour down the window, thinking about these past few months and how I wanted things to be normal.

2 hours later I decide to walk home. Its still pouring hard with rain. As I get round the corner I feel a gush of water I look down and see that my waters have broken. I stand there in the rain. A sharp pain stabs me I grab my stomach in pain. I slowly waddle over to get shelter in a little ally way. I stand against the wall and try and search for my phone. Another strong pain comes. I then start to slide down the wall and onto the floor. I manage to find my phone. Tears are falling down my face I'm scared, in pain and emotional. I dial Harry's number. "Hello em is that you where are you" "ahhh" i groan down the phone "em what's happened?" "Ahhh Harry help!" "Ok em deep breathes now in and out" I breathe with him down the phone Harry now realises what has happened "now can you tell me where you are?" "Around the corners near costa in the ally way harry PLEASE HURRY". I'm now kneeling on the cold wet hard floor clenching my stomach. 10 minutes later . "EMILY" I hear a yell and look to the road side it's Harry I manage to smile. He comes running over and kneels down. I then look down "ahahhhh here another one comes" "ok now deep breathes em in and out" a few minutes later the contraction had disappeared. "Harry take me home" I whimper. He helps me up and I waddle over to the car. 5 minutes later and we arrive back at the tour bus. Harry helps me inside and into mine and his bedroom. He then goes and tell the boys what had happened. I place myself at the end of the bed into a kneeling position and sway from side to side. Louis then comes in and kneels down to my level he then gently places his hand on back and starts to rub it. "Where's Harry gone?" I whimper "he's gone to get some air don't worry em everything's going to be ok" "aahhhh here another one comes" I hold tight onto the bed sheets louis puts his hand on my shoulder and rubs my back harder. "Oohhh" I groan in pain. "Breathe in and out" "it's all my fault Harry's angry with me if i didn't have a go at him this morning he would wanna be here with me" "no em Harry just needs a little space his hates seeing you in pain". "Louis I need him please" Louis rushes out to go and find Harry tears start to roll down my face.

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