Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


5. Tears flow with happiness

2 months later and I decide to tell my parents. "Mum, dad I need to talk to you" they come and sit down round the dining table. "What's up em" "well I dunno how to tell you but I'm pregnant" I look at the table "your what" my dads voice starts to rise. "I'm pregnant dad" I shout back " that's it get out the house your a fucking disgrace to the whole family" "go on get out Emily" says my mum sternly. I run upstairs and start packing my bags tears run down my face. Minutes later I come downstairs and open the door taking a few seconds to say goodbye to the house. I walk down the road and phone Harry. "Harry they have kicked my out" I cry down the phone. "I'm coming get you, you can stay with me and the boys".

It was a couple of days since i was kicked out and i have been staying in one directions tour bus. I have to have my first baby scan toady. Me and Harry go hand in hand into the doctors clinic. I sit in the chair thinking with a blank expression on my face. "Em you alright" I look to Harry and smile "yeah I'm fine" he looks concern. "Miss Emily" I then look up to see this tall skinny lady "yeah?" "Do you want to follow me" Harry gets up first and takes my hand and pulls me gently from my chair. We make our way to a dark room. "So how can I help you?" Harry jumps in and says "we are here for our baby scan". I could hear the excitement in his voice. "Ok Emily if you would pop onto the bed" I lay on this cold hard bed the nurse then squeezes a blue goo onto my stomach. As she places the monitor onto my belly, my eyes are glued to the screen. "Look we have a head the eyes,mouth, nose and lips the fingers" she points to the screen I can't help but smile tears start to form in my tears I look back at Harry I can see his eyes glistening. I then hear a strong beat I look at the nurse "and that's your babies heart beat" I can help but giggle in excitement and as I do tears fall down my cheek in happiness. Harry then grabs my hand "I love you Emily" he whispers softly into my ear. We leave the clinic with big smiles on our faces. "Let's go get and coffee" says Harry he takes my hand and leads me to the nearest Starbucks. Both looking at our coffee I say "what you said in the clinic.." "I meant it from the moment I laid eyes on you I have had feelings for you I care for you we have only know each other for 3months yet it feels like years" Harry interrupted. All I can do is look up at him and smile.
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