Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


10. Playing mummy

4 months later and we are half way across the world in Australia. -ivy is crying- it's 12 at night and ivy has woken up. "Sshh shh mummy's here ivy" "can you shut her up!" I hear a shout its Harry "fucking hell Emily" "you can't keep her quiet she has been like this for days now" "yes it's what babies do" Harry storms back to his room and slams the door. I then collect all mine and Ivy's things. "Let's go to a hotel and let them sleep" I whisper to ivy. 

Next morning ivy is still fast to sleep, my phone starts to ring and I race into the hallway trying not to wake ivy. "Hello?" I say quietly. "Em where are you?" "In a hotel why?" "I thought you had gone why did you just leave?" "Well I thought you all could get some rest so I went to this hotel down the road" "awww em I'm sorry for what I said your an amazing mum and a amazing beautiful girlfriend" "hahah Harry stop it" we both laugh down the phone. I hear ivy start to gurgle. "Oh and looks who has just woken up?" I say speaking to ivy. "I'm gunna come and meet you darling" say Harry "no it's fine we can walk back" "well I want to come and meet you" I giggle "ok Hun" I say. Few minutes later I see Harry  walking down the path towards us. It takes him about 10 minutes to reach us as fans keep going up to him and wanting autographs and pictures. "How's my two beautiful girls" he say finally reaching us. "We are all good aren't we ivy" I look at ivy she is waving her hand about. Harry puts out his arms to hold ivy, I gently pass her over. And then Harry grabs hold of my hand and we walk all the way back to the tour bus. 

When we arrive the guys all huddle around ivy am Harry. I quietly make my way back to our bedroom, and start to unpack mine and Ivy's bags from last night. I look through my suitcase and come across a brown envelope. This takes me by surprise. "Em where are the nappies?" I hear a yell and chuck the envelope back into the suitcase and forget about. 

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