Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


9. Hosptial

Next thing I know I'm in laying in a hospital bed next to the window. My eyes are squinted as the light that's coming from the window is blinding. I then see Harry next too me, with his head resting next to my arm. I then slowly close my eyes again. Suddenly I feel a nug on my arm. It's Harry he is now sitting back in the chair looking at me. I slowly turn my head to face him. His face suddenly lights up "hello beautiful" I smirk a little. "How you feeling?" "Weak" I croaked. "I'll be back in a second" he then gets out the chair and walks out the room. 15 minutes later he returns with all the guys and a little bundle on his arms. I sit myself up and look at him confused. "Em this is our beautiful little daughter" I suddenly start to tear up. "Can I hold her" I whisper trying to hold the tears back. "Of course you can" I hold out my arms and this small bundle of pink is placed into them. I look down at her sleepy little face and the tears start to roll down my face. "What shall we call her" "well me and the boys have thought of some names we like" say Niall. "Ok let's hear them then" I say enthusiastically. "Ok we have Lucy, ivy, keeley and Hannah" "I like ivy" "we like ivy too" they all say together I look up at them all "thank you" they all smile back. 

It's 8pm at night. "Harry what happened?" "What do you mean em?" "Like why am I in here again" "the doctors said that you lost a lot of blood and you heart was under stress" "oh" I say "I'm sorry I didn't mean to have a go at you" "sshh em it's fine all that matters now is you and little ivy" I look at him and smile "I love you" Harry giggled "I love you too". 

2 days later and I have been discharged from hospital. I'm on the couch in the tour bus. "You ready to go" says Harry "yeah". The boys are now going on there tour and Harry wants me to come a long. Me, ivy and Harry and the other guys. I'm so excited. "Where's ivy" Harry questioned me "with her uncles in the living space" me and Harry both look down the hallway. I smile and watch them rock her to sleep. Me and Harry just chat about things when I suddenly hear a cry. "Em think little ivy needs feeding?" Shouts Louis " hahah alright I'm coming" I shout back. I walk into the living space and see my little ivy laying eyes half closed on Liam's lap. I gently pick her up and place her onto my lap. I slowly un button my shirt and place little ivy near my breast. She starts to suckle. It's ticklish at first but then we start to bonding. I look up and the guys are all staring at me. "Umm a little privacy please" I laugh. They all turn there backs. Ivy then gurgles letting me know she doesn't want anymore. I quickly do up my shirt and get up the guys all smile and make silly faces at ivy. But she takes no notice she's too tired. I then take her back our bedroom which use to be louis. I place her into her cot. I just watch her sleep, her tiny fingers and toes. I slowly fall asleep. 

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