Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


2. Harry styles

The show had finished and me and Zoe made our way outside we then went into a corner out of the way. "Em Harry kept looking at you through the performance"

"yeah so it doesn't mean anything it's not like I'm gunna get with him"

"you never now" we both giggle in disbelief.

"Hey girls" we both turn around and there standing in front of us is the whole of one direction. "Oh hey" I say calmly remembering what Zoe said. "Did you enjoy the show" asked Niall "of course it was amazing only em wishes she could of been up there with you" zoe butts in. Harry looks at me I'm blushing a little "oh really what you guys up to now?" Harry asks "trying to think of a good club don't suppose you know any?" "Hahah of course we do you should come with us" says Louis me and Zoe look at each other "yeah ok if that's alright" "well yeah sure it is" says Harry looking at me. So there we are sitting in a taxi on the way clubbing with one direction. When we got to the club Zoe went off with Niall and they seemed to be getting on really well. However, when we entered the club Harry started to talk to me "hey um how are you?" He seemed nervous "yeah I'm alright thanks you?" "Yeah good thanks" we sat in silence for a little while when Harry picked up the courage and said "do you wanna dance?" "Yeah sure" Harry offered out his hand and pulled me up out of my seat. We then make our way to the dance floor. 10 minutes later zyan shouts out "anyone for drinks" we all shout back "yeah!!" Me and harry are talking dancing and drinking with each other. It's starts getting late and we all get a bit crazy. A half drunk Harry then grabs hand and pulls me outside. "Come back to mine" he whispers into my ear, "Harry your drunk" "maybe a little but I still remember you" I giggle and then we both run back to his hotel room.

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