What life could be

Just a poem about what I would like life to be like


1. What life could be

I'm stuck in college-
It's not the place for me,
I close my eyes for a moment,
I imagine what life could be.

I travelling the world,
Here's what I see:
I see a large blue surface, glistening in front of me,
The endless miles make me feel free,
Damp sand, sinking an flying beneath my feet,
Head back, arms out, I can feel the replenishing heat.

'Where are you?' I hear you ask,
I take a deep breath and tell you at last.
I am somewhere warm and full of life,
I am calm, I am happy,
You can no longer hear my cries.

Where do you think I could be?
I'm in another country of course, don't be so silly!
Somewhere with endless opportunities,
A whole new place to explore,
This is what I have always been waiting for!

A change of direction,
A change in scene,
The life I long to be mine,
Someone just shouted-'go for it'; it is a sign!

Suddenly all of life's worries come rushing back,
I can no longer feel the heat or the sand.
I open my eyes- I want to scream
For everything I just imagined, was all a dream.
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