The Land of Keys

I love Fridays! That's the special day when we eat ice cream and go to other countries but one day my life started to change when something wrong was getting on my way. In my investigation, I found a small door where keys of the whole world was kept. A small rodent, who was named Smallie, gave me the quest to find the only key that was not in the world of keys. Can I find it so soon?


1. Chapter 1: The Friday of celebrations

This day was so special that I kept it as the best day of my life. Mom was cooking bacon strips and I told her about the movie, Coraline we watched. It wasn't old you know. We just caught it playing on our flat screen TV. "I wonder if that story is for reals." I said. "Fantasy is never believed, Bethany." Mom told me. "Well, Coraline's mother in the movie also cooked bacon strips!" I laughed. "Would you visit downstairs? I think those friends of yours would like to hear that." Mom said. I opened the door and went to the basement where it as turned into an apartment. "Hey, Bethany! We're having cheese pizza.Would you like to sit down?" Celine's mother asked. "No, I'll just have a quick view of your pizza. How's the writing going, anyway?" I asked Mrs. Tops. "Very fine, dear. I just had a very big problem about Vannesa, though. She got a fever and I'm not sure if she can go out with me. Her head is aching for two days and she's quite fine today." "Where is she?" I asked. "On her bedroom. That door over there." She answered. I opened the door and Vannesa was lying down on her bed. "Hey, Vannesa. How are you doing?" I asked her. "I'm fine really. I just needed a few hours or days of bed rest to get better. I'm really sorry that I spoiled the strawberry picking yesterday. I got really sick that day." Vannesa said. "Well, there's still a lot of time, though. My mom has pancakes and bacon stripes. Wanna join?" I asked her. "Sure."

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