unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


29. The studio


  I actually woke up and was still laying on Harry. I snuggled up close to him, and just looked at the wall, until the others woke up and we got ready to go to the studio. I went for a more lose, comfortable look, and Carly did the same. Since it was only the four of us, we all got into Harry's Audi R8, and headed to the studio. Harry was driving with one hand, allowing me to play with his other hand. I flipped t over and traced his palm with my fingers. I looked at his face, and every once in a while he would smile because I was tickling him with my fingers. I looked at the road as he drove. At one point, he turned the radio on to a song and told us to warm up to the song. I looked at him questionably, then looked at Calry and shrugged. We started singing along until our vocal cords were warm and loose. We pulled up to the studio and went into the room with a number seven on the door. Harry opened the door and flipped two switches. The lights, and a switched that turned on the 'In use' light above the door. Niall turnedon the mics in the room and handed us each a pair of head sets. We walked in and looked at them. "We are ready when you are." Niall pressed a button and flipped a couple of switches. "Let's start off with you two both singing together the whole time before we break off into solos."Harry added. I looked at Carly and she nodded. We looked at the boys and gave them a thumbs up. They started the music, and I looked at the words printed on a piece of paper. I knew the words by heart, but the paper gave me something to look at. We sand through the song, and about half way, I looked up to see Niall leaning back in his chair, and Harry leaning forward, smiling. I relaxed and just sung the song. The song ended. "How was that?" I asked. "You two sounded amazing!"Niall said. "Ok, now, Carly, you sing the first verse, both do the chorus, Kylie, you take the second, Carly, you take the second chorus, Kylie, You take the third verse, and you sing together to the end." Harry said, looking at us. The music started again and Carly started the song off. I jumped in for the chorus, and Carly stopped at the second verse. I started to tense up a little when she stopped, but I just looked at Harry who grinned at me and I relaxed again. WE kept going through the song like Haryr told us to until the music stopped. "Ok, now switch." Niall said and messed with a few switches. The song started again and we went through the song with switched parts. I didn't have nerves anymore. I felt so comfortable infront of them. The song ended again. "Which way do you guys like better?" I asked. "I like the way we did it first, with Carly singing the first and you the second," Harry said. Niall nodded in agreement. I was glad they liked that way better because I also liked it better that way. "Let's take a little break." Niall said, turning off the mics. We stepped through the recording door and went to a little fast food joint that was right next door to the studio. The boys made us drink water while they drank tea. We ate quickly and headed back to the studio. "Wait, I want you two to sing a song." Carly said, pionting to the recording room. "What song?" Harry asked Niall. "Viva La Vida!" Niall yelled with excitement. They went into the recording studio and sang the song. They sang it together and sounded amazing.  I leaned over to Carly. "I can't believe some people say that they can't sing. They are amazing!" I said quietly so the boys couldn't hear." "I know right?!?! I've never heard better voices in my life!" She said with her eyes wide. I leaned forward and rested my elbows on the table. I took a drink of my water and listened carefully to their song. When the song ended they exited the recording room. "How was that?" Harry asked. "That completely blew us away." I said taking another drink of my water. "Ok, you guys go in and lets try the way we talked about. We will tweek it a bit so we can make it your own. I think you two will blow Simon out of the water." Niall said, sitting back down in his chair. We walked back in and practiced the song a few more times. We changed the pitch a little so we made it our own and would stand out to the judges. We walked out of the room to take a water break. "I really think you two have what it takes. After we are done with the studio, we need to take you to Perrie. She is in an all female group and could give you guys some pointers to help you two win this thing." Niall said pulling Carly onto his lap. Harry did the same and we sat like that and talked about what to look forward to on the show. They told us that id we make it to the judges house, we will probably be in Simon's. I tensed up. "Relax, it will be ok." Harry wispered. I looked at him and then back at Carly and Niall. WE ran through the song one more time and then headed back to the hotel. We knocked on Perrie and Zayn's door and asked to borrow Perrie. "What's up?" She asked. "They are trying out for the X Factor and we wanted to know if you could give them some pointers." Harry explained. "Sure! Go ahead girls, sing." Perrie said closing the door to her room. We sang the song, and Perrie listened closely. "I think you guys have a very good chance and winning this. All I can say is, don't be afraid of the stage and lights and all of the people. Just remember, we all suport you." Perrie smiled and walked back into her room. I smiled and grabbed Harry's hand as we walked back to our room. It was getting late and thought we sould go to bed early because we were going to look at flats in the morning. "Good night love." Harry said, kissing me. "Good night Harry." I wispered and cuddled up next to him. I hope this X Factor thing works out.

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