unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


58. The live show (Final for the X Factor)

 I looked at Harry, who was glowing. He was so excited for us, and so was I, but nerves were taking over. I looked at Carly, and she gave me a nervous smile. "You guys got this. We have gone over this song so many times, and you guys have it perfected. Now just go out there, have fun, and show the judges and the audience that you know what you are doing. I believe in you, Love" Harry wispered in my ear. "I know, Haz, I love you." I said, and kissed him. That kiss calmed me. I looked at Niall, who was giving Carly a pep talk, and kissed her from behind. Then, the stage manager told us to go on stage. I took a deep breath, and walked onto the huge stage, and looked at the judges smiling faces. Simon nodded, and thats all I needed. His approval. I heard the opening notes of Drops Of Jupiter, By Train, and we started singing. The notes just kinda came out, I didn't have to even think about them. I looked at Carly and smiled, then looked at Harry. He was slow dancing hand in hand with Niall, and laughing. I had to look away, so I wouldn't miss a note by laughing at them. I looked at Simon, then Demi, and I felt really good. Carly and I started walking around on the stage, loosening up, and having fun. I looked at the camra, that was videoing for the viewers at home. We finished our last note, and the song faded. I looked at the judges, and Smiled. The audience cheered, and Carly and I walked away, until we could no longer be seen, and hugged the boys. Harry kissed me. "You were amazing." He said softly. I laughed and hugged him again. The finals were the most exciting part for me, and they were about to announce the winners, after the last two performers. Bethany and Greg, then Taylor. Bethany and greg walked out onto the stage, and their music started, with Bethany on the beginning vocals. They were singing 'Just Give Me A Reason' by Pink. They were amazing, and I felt worried that they would beat us, then relaxed and realized that I was ok with them beating us. They deserve it. Then, after they finished the song, the last of the 'Talent' went on stage, and sang 'Come And Get It' By Selena Gomez. It was terrible. "How did she even make it this far?" I wispered to Carly. "Her friends started some kind of Fan base, or something, so no matter how terrible she is, she some how keeps moving forward. The producers should have taken her out along time ago." Carly explained. I rolled my eyes, and looked back at her. She was wearing a skimpy red outfit, that barely covered her, and danced around the stage. She would come over to the side of the stage we were on, and would start flaunting herself at Harry. When she would do that, I would look at Harry, who made faces at her, the ones that he would make when he smelled or saw something terrible. It made me feel good inside to see her disappointed face, as she made her way back to the other side of the stage. I looked at Niall, who kept cringing when she would miss a note. Harry would make faces. After she finished, the crowd was almost silent, and I felt really bad about that. She looked out into the crowd, before running off stage with her head in her hands, crying. I ran after her, all the way into the bathroom. She was sitting in the corner of the tiled room. I walked over and sat down beside her. "What's wrong? Are you ok?" I asked, looking into her bloodshot eyes. "what are you doing here?" She asked, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. I just waited for her to answer my question. "You saw the way they looked at me. The audience didn't even pretend to like me. Do they just keep putting me forward as a joke? Like, 'Ha ha, jokes on Taylor! What a loser. She really is a blonde.'" She said, her sadness turning to anger. "It's not fair! You and Carly have everything. You have a career right infront of you, and you have two amazing and very hot guys, while I have a bunch of old perverted guys grabbing my ass every time I go out in public." She continued. "Look Taylor, I understand. I didn't always have everything, and I still don't, but I don't want everything. I want what I have, and I hope that you can see what you have. You are a very beautiful girl, so you need to do something that can get you recongnized. Like be a model. You are tall, and skinny, along with pretty. That's what you should do, then you might even get an abercrombie model." I said, making her laugh. "Now come on, they are about to announce the winners." I said, helping her up. She got up, fixed her make-up, and walked back out with me. We split up, and waited for the announcement. "Ok, can we have the contestants out on the stage?" The host asked."In 5th place.... Taylor!!" The crowd cheered for her this time, and she smiled. She looked brand new, and hopefully she would act that way too. Harry stood behind me and clapped slowly. Niall clapped for her too. "In 4th place.... Ciara!" She was a woman I didn't know. She was about 26, and had strawberry blonde hair. She smiled really big, and bounced a little bit. "In third place..... Jacob!" He jumped really high and cheered. He had short, spiked up black hair. he was 17, and had bright blue eyes. He had an amazing voice too, and i'm really surprised he didn't place higher. He ran over, and hugged all of us on the stage. I was really happy for him. Next they were announcing second place. I crossed my fingers. "In 2nd place..... Kylie and Carly!!!" Carly and I jumped up and down, and cheered. Harry pulled me in, and kissed me on the stage, and Niall did the same to Carly, causing the crowd to cheer louder. I looked in the audience, and saw the Little Mix girls sitting in the front row, waving, and Perrie had a contract in her hands. My eyes widened, and I pointed it out to Carly. I have never been so excited in my life, and now, I was officially part of Little Mix, with my best friend beside me. "And, in first place..... Bethany and Greg!!!!" The crowd stood up and cheered, and Carly and I ran over and hugged them. Bethany was crying tears of joy, and Greg had the biggest smile on his face. "See you all on the next season of The X Factor UK. Goodnight." and the show ended. We ran off of the stage, and was greeted by Simon and the Little Mix girls. "You two were amazing. Niall and Harry were right about your talent. Now, I promised you girls, that if you got third place or higher, i'd sign you to join Little Mix, if it was ok with these four girls here. Well, you placed second, and these four already signed the contract, so, now all you two have to do is sign." Simon said, smiling at us. I grabbed the pen from his hand, and wrote my signature down, then handed it to Carly. "Thank you, Simon." I said, before hugging him. Carly did the same thing, and we headed off to meet the others, and have dinner. The boys rented us a Limo, so all of the boys in One Direction, plus Eleanor and Danielle, AND the Little Mix girls all piled into the huge Limo, and drove to the restaunt. "I told you, that you could do it." Harry wispered in my ear as I traced inbetween out intwined fingers. "Thank you, Harry." I said, and leaned onto his shoulder, taking in the smell of his cologne. He breathed in deeply, and I could hear his heart beat through his tee shirt. We sat in silence, as the rest of the car was loud and crazy. I was glad to call all of them my family.

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