unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


49. The Funeral


   We all woke up early the next morning, and got dressed down in all black. Once I had my clothes on, I went to the bathroom to do my hair and make-up. I put big, beautiful ringlets in my hair, and started my make-up. I went for a smokey eye, and put waterproof eyeliner on. I looked at myself in the mirror and walked out. "Are you all ready?" Mrs.Robinson asked. We all nodded and headed towards the car. We headed to this big church with hundreds of seats that would soon have mourning people in them. A small group of people brought the casket into the room and set it down. "Would you like to help me?" Logan asked, giving me half a stack of pictures he was holding. I nodded and looked at them. They all had Lilly in them, and most of them had me and Logan in there with her. We walked up to the casket, and he handed me a box of pins. We started pinning the many pictures to the inside of the lid. Once they were scattered all over the fabric, we stepped back and looked at it. Logan put his arm around me, and I leaned against him. "She would be proud of us." Logan wispered so only I could hear. I nodded and we broke apart and went to our seats. We sat in the front, because Mr. and Mrs.Robinson said I was family, and they let Harry sit with us too, because he was with me. I sat inbetween Harry and Logan. Soon the room was crowded, and all of the seats were taken, so some people had to stand in the back and along the sides. The priest started off with prayer, and started talking a little about her. Once again, up on the screens was the slideshow, and faintly in the background, was the soundtrack. After the priest finished, a few of her friends from her school said a few things about her, and told a few stories from the school, like when she got her foot stuck in her car door when they were heading to a tennis game, and ended up being late because it took her so long to get her foot out of the door. We laughed at the stories they told us, then they called me up. The whole time I was sitting there I was holding Harry's hand, and when they called me, I gave it one last squeeze and stood up, making my way to the stand. "I just wanted to say a few things about what a great friend she was, like when we were younger, we used to have our special wishes and goals. We would always dream about them, and we would play dolls, and pretend it was our life. We even got Logan to join us sometimes." I started. The part about Logan made everyone laugh. "But really, she was more than just my friend from school, or my bestfriend, she was always my sister, and I will miss her like a sister. We did everything together. Even our most embarassing things, always ended up being told to the other. We have been through fights,fun, love and sadness together. I would do anything to take her place, because she truely was an angel sent from heaven, and I guess they needed her up there. We love you Lilly." I finished. I turned around, and blew a kiss to her casket. Tears flooded my eyes from remembering every moment we spent together, and every moment I'll never get to spend with her again. I sat back down, and Logan went us to speak. I wasn't listening though, I just kinda zoned out into my own little universe. When he finished, everyone went up to the casket, said good-bye, then followed the crowd over to us to apoligize for our loss. Everyone was hugging and crying, and I was really glad people didn't start freaking out about Harry being here. It was about Lilly. That's it. We were the last ones to get to say good-bye, and Logan, Harry, and I helped the people carry the casket to the long car so we could take her to the grave yard. We slid the casket in, and headed back to our car. We drove for a long time, and finaly pulled in though the rod iron gates. We drove all the way to her spot, and got out of our car. The priest said a few more words, as well as her parents, and they slowly lowered her into the ground. They let us put flowers ontop of her casket before they piled the dirt on top. It was the saddest part for me, because I knew for sure, I could never see her again.

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