unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


31. The Flat


  We woke up around the same time and had one more breakfast in the room. We packed up our belongings, including clothes, make-up and hair stuff. We had to leave at one, so we had thirty minutes to waste. We just sat around and talking about X Factor, and out pasts. Some times in the middle of Harry's stories, I felt on the verge of tears. I knew how he felt in the situations he got put in. There was a few times his voice would break and he would have to stop to calm down. I sat next to him and held him. Niall and Carly would do the same. They understood each other like Harry and I did. It was twelve fifty, and we needed to leave. Niall and Carly led the way, then Harry, with me trailing behind. I looked at the room one more time. I was really going to miss it. So many things have happned here, so many memories. Like when I found out about Harry's reason, and we met Carly, Carly and I had our first time with the guys we love, scary movie nights, unknown fear factor shows, and many nights of falling asleep on Harry, and waking up terrified that he left me. I teared up, and laughed about how cliche I was acting. I promised myself, that one day, we would return to this hotel room. Harry came to get me and I closed the door to the room. I walked down the long hallway, hand and hand with Harry. We stepped into the elevator and flashbacks of us in here played through my mind. Louis in his underwear, My make out sene with Harry, and other times we piled in here to go to many differant places. We walked to the front desk and handed them our room keys. Harry and I got in his Audi R8, Louis and Eleanor took the van, and the others got in their own cars. The four of us went to the flat, while the others looked for a place to stay. We arrived and took the elevator straight to the top floor. Harry and I walked to our room and started unpacking our stuff. I put my cheesy shirt in the front of my closet, and all of my other clothes behind it. When I got to the huge turtle Harry won me on the night we met, I smiled and showed it to him. "Oh! I remember that! I also remember I Won it!" He teased. I rolled my eyes and put it on a fluffy chair that was in the corner of our room. I grabbed both of our stuff, and put it in our bathroom. It was twice as neat as it was in the hotel, because the bathroom was just for Harry and myself. I can only imagine what Niall and Carly's room will look like in three days. I finished with that, and sat down on our bed, watching Harry finish. He came down and sat beside me. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me gentally. the kiss turned from sweet to rough and intense. He pushed me backwards on the bed and hovered above me. I ran my fingers through his hair, and kicked my shoes off of my feet, he did the same. It felt new all over again. "Wait."Harry said, looking at me. "What?" I searched his eyes for an answer, but he was hard to read, unlike me. "We are having a party in a few hours, and something tells me Niall and Carly are going to walk in soon. He sat up, allowing me to do the same, and as if on cue, Niall and Carly walked in. "We aren't interupting anything are we?" Niall asked smiling. Harry shook his head and winked at me, making me blush. "Ya'll's room looks two times nicer than ours. We just threw things in random places."Carly said, giggling at Niall. "Well, let's get ready for the party, it starts in about an hour."Harry said, standing up and walking to the closet. Niall and Carly raced out of the room, allowing Harry and I to change. I searched through my closet, looking for something nice. I put on a glittery top, and some black skinny jeans. I straightened my hair, then gave myself huge ringlets with my curler. I put on light pink lipgloss, and a natural colored eyeshadow. "How do I look?" I asked, twirling in a circle. "Stunning." Harry said, standing up and puting his hands on my waist. I looked into his green eyes. He smiled and kissed me. It didn't last long, beause Niall burst in the room saying people have started arriving. We walked out of our bedroom door, hand in hand. The first person I saw was Ed. "Hey! How have you been?" Ed asked, pulling me in for a hug. I was excited to see him. "Great! Come out with new songs yet?" I smiled. "That's for me to know, and you to find out" He said, winking at me. I laughed, and before I could say anything else, Perrie pulled me away. "Woah! Good to see you too!" I joked. "Ha, I want you to meet the girls." Perrie said, pulling me to the rest of her band. I got really excited, I'm a huge fan of their band. "Kylie, this is Little Mix, Girls, this is Kylie." Perrie introduced. Each girl said their names and shook my hand. I was overwhelmed by all the celebrities that were in our flat. I searched the room, then I saw a guy I reconized from magazine covers. Justin Bieber. He was talking to Niall, and I walked over. "Hey! I was hoping we would find you! Kylie, this is my boy Justin. Justin, this is Harry's girlfriend Kylie." Niall said. "Nice to meet you." Justin said, smiling, then moved back to Niall. I went to the kitchen and got a drink. I met a few more famous people, and actually liked most of them, but some were just kind of stuck up, and something tells me the boys didn't invite them. I looked for Harry, but he was nowhere to be seen. Louis was cracking jokes with some people, and I couldn't find the others. I started getting dizzy, like really dizzy. I fell down, unable to move, but I was still awake. Someone picked me up. I had no idea who it was, but they carried me around the house, until we reached a bedroom. He took his jacket and shoes off, and before I knew it, he was standing in his boxers. My head felt fuzzy and I had no idea who the guy was or what his intentions were. He came up to me and started kissing my neck. I started dozing off, until a tall figure bursted through the door. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" The tall figure yelled. "Just having some fun." the guy close to me yelled. "Who the fuck invited you?" The tall one said. "Nobody, but you know how I like to crash parties, Harry." The close one said. I was surprised to hear Harry's name. "Yeah, and apparently like to steal my girlfriends too. You might have gotten away with Chloe, but you can't have this one. She's mine. Now get out before I beat your ass, Tom" Harry said. Disgust filled my body. I shot up and Tom left I tried to stand but imediatly fell. "Tom drugged your drink. Lets get you to bed." He lifted me up and carried me to bed. I snuggled against his chest as he carried me. He sat me down on our fluffy bed, and Kissed me goodnight. "Godd night Love." He wispered. "Good night Haz." I passed out.

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