unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


41. The Ellen Show


"Get up, love, we have go to the Ellen Show today, they want to interview all of us." Harry shook me awake. My eyes shot open. "that's today?" I said, getting out of bed to get ready. "yup. Now let's get ready." Harry hopped up as well, and got dressed. Calli was sleeping in between us, and jumped off the bed to follow us around our room. We got dressed and went to our bathroom to do our hair and brush our teeth. We walked out of the room, and Niall and Carly were already ready. "Let's go!" Harry said, grabbing his keys. We all headed out the door, and Calli was left behind. We got in the car and headed to the studio. The other boys were already there. "You're on." A stage manager said. "and now for, One Direction!" Ellen said. We all went out on stage. "wow! Who are these two?" Ellen said, shaking our hands. "these two are Kylie and Carly, Niall and Harry's girlfriends." Louis answered. "Ok, let's get started. Well, Kylie, Carly, I heard you two are on The X Factor!" Ellen said, causing the crowd to cheer. We smiled. "uh, yeah actually. We have another round tomorrow, so tune in!" Carly said. The crowd cheered again. "so, Harry. Last time you five were on this show, you were dating some other girl.... uh, Chloe." Ellen said. Harry looked down. "uh, yeah." Harry said. "but now, I have some one else, who treats me better." He added, puting his arm around me, pulling me close. I smiled and leaned into his chest. the crowd awwed. "so, if you had to chose two songs to dedicate to Chloe, what would they be?" Ellen asked. Harry thought about it for a second. "uh, Somebody I used to know, by Gotye, and Apoligize by One Republic." Harry answered. "Good songs. Now let's hope Chloe isn't watching this." The crowd laughed. "Now, back to the present. If all of you could dedicate three songs to your current girlfrinds, what would they be? Liam, you first." She asked. " Little things, by us. What about now, by Westlife, and She will be loved, by Maroon 5." Liam smiled at the camra, as if he was saying it directly to Danielle. "That's nice, Zayn?" She looked at Zayn. "She's not afraid, by us, Yellow, by Coldplay, and I'm Yours, by Jason Mraz." He smiled at the camra like Liam did. I always shipped 'Zerrie' , even when I was just a fan. They were perfect together. "Those are great songs, Louis?" Ellen looked at Louis. " Last First Kiss, by us, You and me, by Life house, and Smile, by Uncle Kracker." Louis did the same as Liam and Zayn, and smiled into the camra. I felt happy for Louis. I think he has found his girl. "Good choice. Niall?" She looked at Niall. "Truly Madly Deeply, by us, It Will Rain, by Bruno Mars, and, Locked out of Heaven, also by Bruno Mars." Niall said, looking at Carly.  "Well, I liked your last choice." Ellen said, causing the crowd to laugh. All of us on stage laughed too, besides Niall and Carly. "And Harry, how about you?" She said, looking at Harry who was still laughing. "Magic, by us, Blindfolded, by Kris Allen, and Beautiful Soul, by Jesse McCartney." He said, smiling at me. the crowd awwed again, making me blush. "Awe! You are too cute!" Ellen said. "Carly, what song would you like to dedicate to Niall?" See looked to Carly. "This Kiss, By Carly Rae Jepsen." She said. "Ha! She has the same name as you!" Ellen pointed out. "Kylie?" She looked at me. "A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri." I said, without hesitation. (Check out these songs! They are really good.) "That's a great song, and great lyrics too. Now lets go to titles. Who is the funny, jokester of the group?" Ellen asked. "LOUIS!" We all yelled in unison. Louis looked proud of his title. "The Cutest." Ellen said. "Harry! He's got the Curls!" Louis yelled, causing the stadium to errupt with laughter. "That reminds me, can I touch them?" Ellen asked. "Sure." Harry stood up and leaned his head forward. Ellen stood up and touched his hair. "It's so soft!" Ellen said. We laughed and Harry sat back down. I reached my hand up and touched his curls. "See! Nobody can resist the curls!" Ellen added. Harry laughed, causing his dimples to appear. He leaned back and threw his arm around my shoulder, pulling me towards him. The rest of the interwiew was Ellen asking about their upcoming tour, and future plans for Carly and I. After we left the stadium, we headed to the studio to practice for X Factor tomorrow. We went through our regular routine, until someone tried to interupt our session. I didn't see who it was at first, so we just kept singing. I looked over at Carly, who had a look of disbelief on her face. I got too curious and looked over. The first thing that caught my eye was the bright red lipstick. Taylor.

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