unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


67. The bachelorette party


 I woke up in Harry's arms, wearing one of his tee shirts and my shorts. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. It was a decent time, so I flung the blanket off me, and stood up, streatching my arms out. Tonight was Eleanor's bachelorette party, and Louis' Bachelor party. I stood up and put something loose on. Before the party, all of they girls were going to hit the gym, because El is worried about her weight for her dress, which we keep reminding her that she is a model, so she is super skinny, but we want to make her feel good about herself, so we agreed to come with her, plus Perrie,Carly, and I should probably work out after being on a tour for so long. I put my hair in a loose ponytail, and went into the kitchen to grab an energy bar before we left. Carly was already dressed, and eating. "Are you ready?" She asked, throwing her wrapper in the trash bin. I nodded and grabbed the keys. We got in the car, and went to go meet the other girls. Carly was sitting in the passenger seat looking at her phone. "Eleanor texted me saying that they are there already." Carly said, not looking up from her phone. I nodded, and stopped at the red light. I looked at all the cars drive by while we waited. I turned on the radio, and Bruno Mars was on, then I looked over at Carly who was nodding her head to the beat of the song. The light finally turned green, and we drove a little longer, before we pulled up to the gym parking lot. We got out, and went upstairs where all the work out stuff was. The downstairs was more for fun activities, like rockwall climbing. Parents also left their kids at a daycare that they had downstairs. We showed the lady at the front desk our membership card, and she let us through. The first person I saw was Eleanor, who was running on the treadmill. "Hey El. Where did you guys put your stuff?" I asked her. She pointed over to a corner of the room, where I saw Perrie and Danielle talking. We walked over there and put our stuff with theirs. "Hey! I was wondering when you two were getting here!" Perrie said, looking away from Danielle. Danielle stood quietly in the corner, and her eyes were red. "What's wrong." I asked, noticing her bloodshot eyes. "Oh, it's nothing really.  It's just, I still love Liam, but I just don't know if I can handle everything. I'm so torn. Have you talked to him?" She asked. "Well, kinda. I didn't get much out of him, but he told me he felt the same. He just doesn't understand why you left him." I explained. She nodded, and went to join Eleanor on the treadmills. Perrie just shrugged, and followed. Carly and I put our stuff down, then went to the last two that were open. There were mirrors facing us, so we could see ourselves. I looked over at Eleanor, who had a very determined look on her face. Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead, but it didn't stop her. I looked at Danielle, who was looking at the panel, changing the settings, and Perrie, who was messing with her phone, while running. Carly was watching herself in the mirror, making sure she had correct running form. After about 10 minutes of running/jogging on the treadmills, we took a water break. We went downstairs to a little snack bar they had. We bought our drinks, before going back upstairs to grab our bags. Eleanor decided she was going home to clean up, so we figured their was no other reason to stay. Carly and I got back to the flat, and went to our seperate rooms. I walked in to see Harry laying in bed with his laptop on his lap. "How was it?" He asked, watching me walk into the room. "It was great. I feel like five pounds lighter." I said, making him smile. I grabbed the clothes I was wearing to the party and heading to the bathroom. I set all of my stuff down, turned on the shower, and played the radio we had in our room. I put in the Ed Sheeran CD, and jumped in the shower. I finished showering, and got out. I wrapped my hair up in a towel, and dried my body off, before I put on my short,white, waist-high shorts, and a Gold top. I put on my white heels, and started my make up. I put on thick eye liner, and golden smoky eye. I finished with light lipgloss, and started my hair. I let it out of the towel, and they wet curls fell down my shoulders. I decided to leave it natural, and put mouse in it to keep it tame. I walked out of the bathroom, and saw Harry wearing a black, V-neck shirt, with denium skinny jeans. His hair looked perfectly messy. He watched me walk out of the bathroom and started walking towards me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and looked into his eyes. "You smell pretty." He said, leaning closer to my hair to smell it. I laughed. "Thank you." I said, touching the curls on the back of his neck. "You look great. I wish I was getting to spend tonight with you so I can seeyou in that outfit a little longer." I added, making him smile. "I could say the same." I said, messing with my shirt. He leaned down and kissed me softly, before we broke apart. We walked into the living room, to see Niall and Carly sitting on the couch together, watching tv. Niall had his arms wrapped around her shoulder, and Carly was leaning agaist his chest with her feet curled up on the couch. Harry and I walked into the kitchen to get some Pepsi, before we joined them on the couch. It was the first episode of the newest season of The X Factor. "When did this start?" I asked. "It just started, like, five minutes ago. You didn't miss anything." Niall answered. I looked at the time, and we had enough time to watch the show. No one really caught my eye, except for this one girl. She was sixteen, so she was just old enough to go on the show. The judges had some doubt on their faces, because of her age. Simon asked what song she was doing, and she replied with, "My heart will go on, by Celine Dion." Simon's eyes widened. "That's a powerful song... Do you have a back-up, just in case?" He asked. She nodded, and Simon leaned back. He lifted up his hand, signaling the music to start. She opened her mouth, and started singing. Simon's eyes widened in shock. She was amazing, and sounded shockingly like her. After the chorus of the song, Simon stopped her. "Is Celine Dion back there?" He asked sarcastically. She shook her head and laughed. The judges gave some comments, before they voted. She had three judges say yes, and Simon was the last to vote. "Jessica. You have got a yes from me. That makes four. Congratulations." He said. She jumped around a little, before running backstage to hug her family. We watched the rest of the show, and there were a few that stuck out to me, but not as much as her. It slipped from my mind, when we got a text from Louis and Eleanor, telling us to come down. We grabbed our stuff and headed downstairs, to find a massive Limo in the front. All of us got in, and dropped the boys off first. All I know, was that it was some kind of bar, I wasn't sure what kind though. I didn't have tme to figure it out, because soon enough, we pulled up to a different one. Eleanor was dressed in gold skinny jeans, and white shirt and a short Veil. She looked beautiful. We got out of the Limo, and walked in. They led us to a section, where there were two other brides and their bridesmaids. There was a huge platform in the middle of the bar, It was similar to the one that we performed on during concerts, only ours was slightly bigger. "Where are all my brides tonight?" The DJ said in the mic. Our whole section started yelling. "Can I get our brides to come up on the platform?" He asked. Eleanor sat there, Until Perrie and Carly forced her up. She followed the other brides and got on top of the stage. The other two brides were dressed sluttier than Eleanor was. All of the sudden, three men in police uniforms walked out on the stage. Eleanor turned around and started laughing. The one with short, blonde hair walked over to Eleanor. The 'police officers' had microphones, and started asking brides their names. The first bride was dressed in a hot pink crop top, and tutu, with bunny ears and a tail, along with a hot pink Veil. "What's your name, bunny?" They shaggy, black haired cop asked. "Miranda." She answered. Her bridesmaids started cheering loudly. The second one was Stacy. "What about you?" The blonde one said. "Eleanor." She answered confidently. Everyone started cheering at the sound of her name. "ok, now what we know names, lets get this show on the road! How about we find out who the sexiest bride at the club tonight. Let's start with bride number one!" The DJ said. The 'police officers' took off the uniform, until they were standing in male striper clothes. The DJ put 'I Kissed a Girl' by Katy Perry on. The bride started grinding all over the cop, and shook her ass at him. The second bride walked all around him, ocasionally grinding on him. You could tell she was more shy, and uncomfortable. Next was El. I was curious to see what she was going to do, especially since she was around Louis so much. Eleanor put one hand on his shoulder, and strutted around him, before she grabbed the hat off of his head and put it on her own. She started swaying her hips, and slowly droping low, until she quickly popped back up. I was surprised with how comfortable she was on stage. Louis would be proud. She finally finished, and the DJ started talking again. "Let's hear it for our brides!" He said. The crowd erupted with people cheering and whistling at them. "Now, to crown our sexiest bride of the night. Let's hear it for Miranda!!!" He said, The crowd and her bridesmaids started Cheering. "How about Stacy!" The crowd started cheering, but not as loud as they did for Miranda. "I'm sorry, but you are out." The DJ said, Stacy laughed it off, and jumped off the stage. Eleanor and Miranda scooted closer together. "And finally, how about for Eleanor?!" He said, All of us bridesmaids, and the crowd cheered loudly. "I think we know who our winner is.... Eleanor!!!" He said. The two brides shook hands, and Eleanor gave to cop his hat back, before she came back to us. "Wow El! I didn't know you had it in you!" Perrie said, causing us to laugh. "I didn't either. I'm just competitve." She answered, making us laugh again. We ordered our drinks, and went out onto the dance floor to dance. I was staying close to Eleanor to make sure nothing happened to any of us. We finally found a good place to dance, until these two guys came up to us. "Hey babe, why don't you show me those moves you were pulling up there?" This one guy said, getting too close to her. You could tell both of them were drunk. "I don't think that's a good idea... Come on, Eleanor." I said, grabbing her arm, but they weren't going to let it go that easily. "Come on. Lighten up! We just want to have a little fun with the bride to be, and her bridesmaid." Another one said, following us to the bar. "Sorry, but we aren't interested. Why don't you find some drunk girls to hit on?" Eleanor said, turning away from them. "Come on. Your boyfriends son't have to know.... Don't be so uptight..." The first one said. "Actually, they will know, because it will probably end up on a website or something." Eleanor shot back. "How will it end up on a website? Are your boyfriends with the FBI or something?" The second one asked, slurring his words. "No, but they are in a famous band." I said, looking to Eleanor. "Oh yeah? What band?" The second one asked again, barely keeping his eyes open, while the other one was swaying. "One Direction." Eleanor said. "Oh, so your little gay boyband is going to beat the shit out of us? Ha. Good one bride." The first guy said. "Yeah. Now get the fuck out of here." I said, getting annoyed with them. "ooooh. This one is sassy. You girls seem like fun." The first one said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Eleanor's arm, pulling her away from the bar. We walked all the way to were the other brides were sitting. We walked past the red velvet ropes, and sat down. The two guys tried to follow us, but the security wouldn't let them through. "Fine. You two were bitches anyway." One of them said, stumbling off in another direction. We sat there and talked about the wedding, which was way more fun then dancing with drunk men. Eventually, the other three were walking towards us, with Carly in between them. Her arms were wrapped around Danielle and Perrie's shoulders and her head was hanging. They got passed the ropes and sat her down. She instantly laid down and put her head on my lap. "What's wrong with her?" I asked, moving her hair out of her face. "She got a little drunk. We think someone might have spiked her drink though, because she was fine a couple of minutes ago. How about we finish the party at my place." Perrie said. Eleanor nodded, and we helped Carly up, and called a cab. We headed back to Perrie and Zayn's place, and finished the party. We brought her presents, and a little alcohol, but we weren't allowing Carly anymore of it. We played a couple of bachelorette party games, and then opened gifts, before Zayn walked in. "Oh, hey girls." Zayn said, tripping a little. Perrie rushed over to him. "Zayn, are you ok?" Perrie asked, walking him to the couch. "Yeah. No. I don't know. I think I might have drank a little too much, plus some how fans found out we were going there, so we went back to Louis place to finish the party, and that's where things went wrong. He has awesome parties though." Zayn explained. "Zayn, did you drive?" Danielle asked. We all looked back at Zayn. "No. I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Liam didn't drink, so he drove everyone home. He is headed over to the flat to put Harry and Niall up there." Zayn said. "I think it's about time we all leave. I'm pretty tired anyway. Thanks for the party and the gifts, girls. Remember, tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner, so dress nice. Not in the bridesmaids dresses though. I want them to be spotless for the wedding. Goodnight." Eleanor said. "Wait. El, how are you going to get home?  You drank tonight, remember?" Perrie reminded her. "Yeah I know. I'm calling a cab." She said, before she dialed the number and walked outside. "I think we should do the same." I said, before taking out my phone and dialing the number. Soon enough, the cab came, and I helped Carly into the cab. The ride back was silent, because Carly was asleep on my lap. We pulled up to the building, and I got her into the elevator, and we headed all the way to the flat, when we walked into the front door, and all the lights were off. I walked to Niall and Carly's room, and laid her on the bed, then I went to her closet, and found some comfortable clothes to put her in. After I finished helping her get dressed, I went to the kitchen to get a bin, in case she threw up. When I finished helping her,went in my own room to change. I saw a figure in our bed, so I figured it was Harry, and left the lights off, so I wouldn't wake him up. I changed back into my favorite pair of sleeping shorts, and Harry's white tee shirt. I got in on my side of the bed, and felt arms wrap around me. It wasn't unusual, because if Harry was either sad, or loopy, he would lay on me, instead of the other way around. I reached my hand around to mess with his hair, except it wasn't it's normal amount of curl. I opened my eyes, and looked down at Harry. In the small amount of light in the room, I saw a little bit of blonde hair, and realized it was Niall, not Harry. I assumed Liam thought this was Niall's room, instead of ours. Then I wondered where Harry was. I got up from under Niall, and tried to help him out of our bed to bring him back to Carly. He was heavier than me, so it was hard carrying an unconsious man out of bed. I eventually got him up, and slowly got him back in Carly's room. I opened their bedroom door, to see a dark figure sitting up on the bed. "mmmmhh. What the hell happened?" The person said. I knew the voice belonged to Harry. I walked over to that side of the bed. "Hey Haz." I wispered. "What am I doing in here with Carly, and why are you carrying Niall?" He asked, confused. "I'll explain when we get back into our room. Can you get up really quick so I can put Niall down?" I asked. Harry nodded, and tried to stand up, but failed. I sighed and sat Niall down on the bed, only for him to fall backwards on Carly's legs. I helped Harry stand up, and sat him down in the chain next to the bed, Then I went back to Niall, and put him into the bed. Seconds later, he snuggled up close to Carly. I smiled at them, before going back to Harry to help him back up. He put his arm around my shoulder, and I put one arm around his back, and the other in front of his chest to keep him from falling. We finally made it back into our room, and I helped him into bed, before getting in myself. "Now can you tell me what happened?" Harry mumbled. "Well, All of you guys got drunk, except for Liam, so Liam drove Zayn home, before bringing you and Niall back to the flat. Some how, Liam managed to get both of you up here, and I guess he thought our room was Niall and Carly's, and he thought their room was ours, so that's where he put you. When I got home, I managed to get Carly up here, and get her in bed, then I came in here, only to find Niall in our bed instead of you." I explained. "Oh. I'm sorry." I said, before rolling over and putting his head on me. "You don't have to be sorry. In fact, i'm more sorry for you, because you three are going to be hurting in the morning." I said. He moaned. "Good night, love." I said, kissing his hair. "Goodnight." He mumbled before drifting off to sleep. I laid their for a little while, just messing with his hair, untl Calli jumped up onto the bed with us, and snuggled in between us. She started purring softly, until I finally fell asleep too.

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