unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


60. The Announcement

 "Louis asked me to marry him!!!" Eleanor squealed, pulling her hands out in front of her, showing the big beautiful diamond ring on her left hand. All of the girls, including myself, jumped up, out of our guys arms to look at the ring. "It's beautiful, El." I said, before hugging her. "So, you finally popped the question?" Liam asked. "I always though Harry or Niall would be Married first, not Louis!" Zayn said, laughing. "What's that supposed to mean?" Louis asked in a sarcastic voice. I looked over at Harry and Niall, who were wispering something to eachother, then to Louis. Louis smiled and nodded. Millions of things darted through my mind, but I pushed them all out of my head and focused on Eleanor's ring. All of the girls were squealing and jumping around, watching the ring shine in the overhead light. After the room settled down a little, and Eleanor took her spot in Louis arms again, the questions came. "so, when's the date?" Carly asked. "Well, we are going to have the wedding after Louis and the boys get back from tour, so the whole time he is gone, i'm going to my mum's house, and we are going to plan out the wedding some, and I will also skype and text Louis. It will be perfect, and you girls, sitting right here, are going to be my bridesmaids." Eleanor announced, causing the girls to get excited again. I looked at Harry who was smiling. "Who is going to be the maid of honor?" Zayn asked. The room went silent. "Well, actually, I didn't want to choose between you guys, so I picked my cousin, Emily. Louis actually happened to know  Emily, and it was a coincidence when we met eachother, so besides Harry setting us up, Emily was his help." Eleanor said. "And that is why Harry is my best mate. He set me up with this beautiful girl." Louis said, kissing her. "How did he propose?" Leigh-Anne asked. "Well, We were in the car, driving around town, and we went to the park, and spent the whole day there, so when it got dark, we went on this little boat, and it was flat, so we laid blankets down, and looked up at the stars, when random fireworks start going off. At first it was a whole bunch of pretty colors and shapes, until he pointed out one that said 'Eleanor, Marry me?' and had hearts around it, and when I looked at him, he had a little blue box open infront of my face, and this ring was inside of it." Eleanor said, admiring the ring again. All of the girls awed, and the guys teased Louis for being cheesy. "Girls, tomorrow, we need to go pick out my dress, and the bridesmaid dresses. I made an appontment with an old friend of my mums who works at a designer dress store. Can you all make it?" El asked. We all nodded. "Great. You all need to be at our house at 9:30. We will get to the store by 10:00, and i'm hoping lunch around 1:00 or 2:00. Sound good?" She asked. "Yes, I'll make sure the girls and I are here at 9:30." Perrie confirmed. "Boys, including Louis, you need to pick out a tux, and schedule a fitting, if you can't get one done tomorrow. It has to be before you leave for the tour." Eleanor said. "Ok, El. We will get it done. You have my word." Liam confirmed. Eleanor seemed to relax a little after that. "Thank all that is good that this is working out right." She said, leaning on Louis shoulder. "Let's get in the big pool! It's getting too hot in here." Niall complained, as he lifted Carly over his shoulders and ran to the pool, dunking her in first. She shot up quickly, and gave him a death glare. Niall was dying of laughter, as well as the rest of us. He lent his hand out to her. "Come on sweetie, let me help you out." Niall said. "To hell with that!" Carly yelled, before grabbing his arm and pulling him in. We laughed more, and watched them chase eachother around the pool. Eleanor got out, and set her ring under the counter, in a locked contaner, so it doesn't get stolen or lost. She then grabbed Louis arm and tugged at him until her reluctantly got out of the hot tub. Louis grabbed her bridal style, and jumped into the pool. Next in were the Little Mix girls, except for Perrie, who was fighting Zayn, who was trying to get her in. Zayn finally got her out of the hot tub, and when he tried to throw her in, she hung onto his arm for dear life, and brought him down with her. Liam was coaxing Danielle out, until she finally gave up, because she knew there was no way she was going to win. I looked at Harry with puppy dog eyes, so hopefully we could stay in for a few more minutes. He smiled and grabbed my hand under the steaming water. We sat there for a couple of moments, until we felt cold water hit the back of out heads. "Hey! Cut it out!" I yelled behind us, which caused them to splash harder. I looked at Harry, who just giggled. I rolled my eyes and stood up. "Where are you going?" Harry asked, looking up at me from his seat in the hot tub. "Well, they are gonna make us get in the pool anyway, so let's go." I said, reaching for his hand. He stood up, and we walked to the edge of the pool. "1...2...3... JUMP!" Harry yelled, and we both jumped into the water. First we decided to play chicken, but not just one on one, we all got on shoulders, and fought. I was on Harry's Shoulders, Carly on Niall's, El on Louis', Dani on Liam's, Perrie on Zayn's, Jade on Jesy's, and Leigh-Anne was the ref, because she didn't want to play. The first to go down was Jade and Jesy, because they are so close in weight, that it was harder for Jesy to hold Jade up. Next down was Liam and Danielle, followed by Zayn and Perrie. The only three left were Niall and Carly, Eleanor and Louis, and Me and Harry. Soon we knocked off Carly, and it was me and El. Louis and Harry winked at eachother, and both fell backwards at the same time, causing a huge splash. "Tie!" Leigh-Anne shouted. Next we played water volleyball, and continued that until we all got tied of playing in the water. "did you all bring extra clothes?" Louis asked. I looked at Harry for the answer, and he nodded. Niall was the one who spoke up, and told Louis we did. "Ok, so in our amazing house, we have eight, big bathrooms, that means that everyone is two to a shower, except for these three girls." Louis said, pointing to Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne. Niall quickly lifted up Carly, and took the shower that was right beside ours. Most of the showers had a lot of space in between them, but these two bathrooms were in the 'Party Hall' so they needed to be closer for easier use, according to Louis. I turned on the hot water, while Harry got our clothes. I got the water running, and Harry came back in, empty handed. "Where are our clothes?" I asked him. "I don't know. Last I saw they were in the big bag where all of our stuff was." Harry explained. "Whose bag was it?" I asked. He just pointed to the wall, and I knew that ment Niall and Carly's. "I'll get it." I said, walking past Harry next door. I stood infront of the door, and knocked, but I don't think they heard me, because they were laughing and giggling really loud. I knocked again, a little harder this time, but still nothing. I sighed, and opened the door, sheilding my eyes with my hand. I didn't hear any reaction to be being in here, so I figured the curtain was closed. To my relief, I was right. I looked around the bathroom, until I found the bag resting right by the shower. I bent over, and searched the bag for our clothes. I pulled out Harry's skinny Jeans, boxers, and one of my favorite shirts that he has. It's a tight fitted shirt, so you can see the definition of his body through it. I smiled and started looking for my clothes. I found my black skinny jeans, pink, floral tank top, and my underwear. I grabbed the huge bundle of clothes, and accidently dropped Carly's bottle of perfume, that was resting on Harry's shirt. Thankfully, it was a plastic bottle, but it caused enough noise to catch their attention, and make Carly gasp. Niall pulled back the curtain enough to stick his head through. His blonde hair was dripping with water, and a confused look crossed his face. "I had to get our clothes." I explained. Realization crossed his face. "Why didn't you knock?" Carly yelled past Niall. "I did, but I guess you guys didn't hear me." I said. Niall nodded, and closed the curtain again. I heard a soap bottle fall in the shower. "Ouch! Fuck that hurt!" Niall yelled, and I could hear him jumping up and down on one foot. Carly was laughing her butt off, but was soon silenced, so I took that as my sign to get out of there, before I heard something I didn't want to hear. I hurried up, and grabbed the clothes. Right before I walked back into our bathroom, a piece of paper fell out of Harry's jeans pocket. A Confused look crossed my face as I picked it up, and read what was on the front. It said my name in cursive. I opened in and saw the last line. 'I Love You' in cursive. My eyes widened, as I though about reading more... "Dear Kylie,"


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