unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


61. Shower,dinner,movie, then some girl time


 I read the first line, before I heard a huge pound on the wall from Carly and Niall's shower, pushing me back into reality. I folded the paper back up, and stuffed it back into his pocket, hoping it was the right one. I walked back into the bathroom, to find Harry looking in the mirror, messing with his still damp hair. "I got the clothes." I announced, setting them on the toilet, while Harry got the towels out from under the sink. He hung them on the rack, and walked over to me. He looked down at me, and grabbed the hem of my swimsuit cover up and brought it over my head. He took off his swim trunks, and got in the shower, leaving the curtain open. I took off my swimsuit, and got in with him. "I brought your soap that smells good." He said, looking at the bottle I set down. I looked at him, grabbed the bottle, and put some on hy hand. He expected me to put it on my hair, so I caught him off guard, when I splattered it on his dripping hair. He widened his eyes. "What the fuck?!?!" He yelled, pushing the soap out of his hair. I just stood back and laughed at him. "Oh, I see how it is." He said, grabbing his bottle of shampoo, and squirting a lot ontop of my head. "Harry! Now i'm going to smell like a boy!" I said, trying to fight him off, but failing miserably, due to the fact that he had height and strength on me. I pushed him out of the way, and rinsed it out of my hair. "Ugh, I smell like a guy now, are you happy?" I asked, looking at him smile. "Yes, I love my short little boyfriend." He joked. I laughed. "and I love my tall girlfriend, that looks shockingly like Harry Styles." I said, making him laugh. "We might need to tell the others about our sex change, don't you think?" He asked, putting his hands around my back. "No, they will probably figure out eventually, especially since you like getting naked a lot." I said, putting my arms around his neck. He leaned down and kissed me. "Does this count as kissing in the rain?" He asked. I laughed. "No, it's still on our bucket list." We heard another loud bang from next door. "What the hell could they possibly be doing in there to make so much noise?" Harry asked, looking at the wall and then back to me. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Is that a serious question?" I sarcastionally replied. "Oh yeah, it's Niall and Carly." Harry laughed. I turned him around so he was in the water, and washed the soap out of his hair. He smiled, and did the same to me. I felt the soap fall down my cheek. We heard a knock on the door. "Are you guys almost done?" Niall yelled through the door. "Niall. I am going to take your food if you don't leave us alone." Harry threatened. I widened my eyes and laughed. "Oh no you didn't!" Niall yelled through the door, before he stormed off. Harry started laughing. Soon the smell of food came in through the door, and we figured it was probably time to get out, before Niall ate it all. Harry got out first, and dried his dripping hair first, before grabbing his shirt and putting it on. He messed with the shirt until I got out of the shower, and started drying my hair. "Have you noticed what i'm not wearing yet?" He asked, giving me a cheeky smile. "Yes, I am fully aware." I said, smiling right back at him. He walked over to me and helped me put my shirt on. I messed with my shirt for a while, and Harry stood behind me watching. He leaned down and kissed my neck. "You know it takes longer for me to get dressed with you distracting me." I said. He nodded and continued. Another knock came on the door, this time from Louis. "The food is done, you two." And he left again. Harry grabbed his boxers and slipped them on, and I was fully dressed waiting for him. Lastly, he grabbed his pants, and I got worried. I wonder if he noticed its been moved. Thankfully he didn't. We opened the bathroom door, and a cool burst of air it us, along with the smell of Eleanor's cooking. We walked into the huge dinning room, and took two seats at the huge table. The food was already on our plates, while Niall's was gone, and he was wiping his mouth with a napkin. Carly finished soon after. The rest of us took a little more time. After we all finished, we went into the giant media room, and Louis put on a scary movie. His reason? "It makes the girls cuddle up close to us for protection." We all sat down, and Eleanor brought six bowls of popcorn in there, one bowl to two people. Everyone was snuggled together under blankets, and Louis played the movie. It was the scariest one i've seen in a while, so when I looked around the room everyone but Carly was watching it. Carly had the blanket over her head, and instead of sitting next to Niall, she was sitting on him. When the movie ended, we all went to our homes or flats, and slept, because we had to wake up pretty early.

*The Next Day*

Harry and I woke up at eight this morning, and got dressed. I decided on something loose, since Eleanor would probably have us try on a lot of dresses. I walked out of the room, and saw that the other girls thought the same thing. "It's 9:15. I think we should probably go over there." Perrie said, grabbing her bag and the keys. We all followed her to the car, and got to their house at 9:25. Perrie rang the door bell, and a glowing Eleanor answered. "You guys got here right on time! Do you want to go ahead and go?" She asked, walking out the door. Perrie nodded, so we all got back into the van. Eleanor drove the car, because she knew where the store was, unlike the rest of us. We got there a little early, so El got to look at a bridal magazine while we all waited. "Eleanor Calder, We are ready." A red headed lady said. "Fantastic!" Eleanor said, practacally jumping out of her chair. "So today you are looking for a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. Correct?" She asked, looking at her clipboard. Eleanor nodded. "what are your colors? For your dress." She asked, still looking at her clipboard. "Well, for my dress I want just a white dress, with little diamonds on the top, but my wedding colors are white and gold." Eleanor answered. "I have the perfect dress! Hold on, let me get it!" She said excitingly. The dress was gorgeous. "Oh my gosh! Girls what do you think? Is this 'The dress'?" She asked, holding it in her hands. We all nodded. She tried it on, and it fit perfectly. "Eleanor, you look beautiful." I said, admiring her in the dress. "Thank you. This is the dress. It's ment to be. Now for you guys."

 "I want all of you to pick out a dress, and put it on, then stand in a line, and i'll pick my favorite. It needs to be gold, and short." Eleanor said, and then all of us broke off in differant directions. I found a dress that was ok, but it reminded me too much of a party dress, instead of a dress that was going to be in a wedding. All of the other girls were changing, so I just took it, put it on, and hoped Eleanor wouldn't pick it. We all walked out, and stood in a line. Eleanor walked to each of us, and told us why she liked it, or didn't like it. Thankfully, she also thought my dress looked like a party dress. Carly's was too short, Daielle's was too long... she went on, until she came to Perrie's. "Oh my gosh! This dress is so pretty! Can I have all of you girls try on this one?" Eleanor asked, pointing to the dress Perrie had on. I loved it. I put it on, and looked in the mirror. It was strapless and a light golden color. We all walked out, and Eleanor glowed. "Perfect! You girls look amazing. I'm glad we didn't take forever to find these dresses! We should be able to catch the boys before lunch so we can all eat together! Come on, lets buy the dresses and go to the Tuxedos." Eleanor said, as she went to a changing room to change out of the dress.


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