unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


38. Round Two


 *** By the way, this is the REAL chapter*******

  I woke up, snuggled next to Harry with a blanket draped over us. It looks like we fell asleep together on the couch last night and Niall and Carly gave us a blanket. My moving around woke up Harry. "Good morning love, why aren't we in our bedroom?" He asked, streatching his arms out. "We fell asleep on the couch last night, and Niall and Carly put a blanket over us." I explained, looking at them. "That was nice of them, now lets get readyfor round two of The X Factor." Harry tried to get up, but plopped back down. I giggled and helped him up. We walked to our bedroom and changed clothes again. I put on another one of my cutest outfits, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I grabbed a couple bottles of water, but less than the other day, because it made me have to pee really bad. I got a bowl of cereal and ate quickly. Niall and Carly were already ready and sitting in their bedroom. We all got into Harry's car and headed off to round two. Harry made us warm up to the radio again, and soon enough we were there. The worker called our name again, and we headed infront of the judges. "Welcome back girls! What will you be singing from us today?" Simon asked, smiling. "Hello! Today we will be singing 'Price Tag' By Jessie J." I said. The music started and this time, I started off the song. We sang the chorus together, and Carly got the next verse. I am naturally a fast talker, so I also did the rap portion of the song. "Great job, again!" Demi said, smiling really big at us. I felt really proud of us. They went through the comments again, and said they would be expecting us back again next week. Carly and I did our happy dance again, and told Niall and Harry of the news that we made it to the next round. We headed back the the flat, and grabbed our swim suites like Louis told us too. It was getting a little cold outside, because it is getting close to winter. It's still fall though, so might as well enjoy it. We pulled up to Louis house and it was huge. It had a bunch of rooms and bathrooms. This was definatly going to become our new party house. Louis liked to host parties, and with a house this massive, he could fit quiet a bit of people. "Get your suites on people!!!" Louis yelled, running to the master bathroom with Eleanor. We all went to a bathroom and changed into our suites. and headed out into the living room. "Grab your wepons of distruction!!!" Louis yelled, giving us all water guns. oh no. "TO THE YARD!" He yelled, running through the back door, lading the way. There was a massive pool in the backyard.  I loaded my water gun with pool water, and hid in a bush. Zayn was standing close to the bush, and was unaware of where I was hiding. I aimed my water gun and shot him right in the butt. "What the hell?" He yelled, looking behind him. I hid back in the bush so he wouldn't see me. It was torture not to laugh. He turned back around, and this time I shot him on his head. He turned around, and searched me area. I popped out and scared him, squirtting him in the stomach and ran away. "You will pay!" He yelled I laughed and tried to find Harry. I saw him hidinh behind the pool house, so I snuck around the other side and came to his back. I aimed and shot a straight line from his back, to his butt. He turned around, shocked, to find me standing there, laughing my butt off. "Oh, you asked for it." He yelled, running after me. "No!!" I ran, but he was faster than me, and threw me over his shoulder. I grabbed onto his arm, and clung onto it for dear life. He ran in One Direction, and came to a sudden stop. He threw me into Louis pool, but I had a firm grip on his arm, and pulled him down with me. We both came up, and he shook his head, making water droplets fly from his curls. I laughed, and swam to the side so I could pull myself out. I was almost out, until I felt a strong arm, wrap around me, and pull me back down. I swam back up. "Harry Styles!" I yelled, splashing him. I looked at the outside of the pool, and saw Niall tackle Carly, which was pretty funny, because he is twice as big as her. He jumped onto of her, sat on her legs, grabbed both of her arms in one of his, and squirtted her right in the face. "Niall!!!" She yelled. Niall laughed and started shooting her in the chest. She turned bright red, because Liam ran by right when he did that. I laughed and pointed Harry in that direction. He laughed and tried to get out to shoot Louis, but I was going to get revenge. He was almost out, until I pulled on his swim trunks. Little did I know that it was going to completly pull them off. The second he felt his swim trunks slide off of his ankles, he slid back into the water. I laughed and swimed in the opposite direction of Harry. "Give them back!" Harry yelled, swimming after me. "Never!" I swam faster, all the way to the steps, and ran out into the open."Come on!" He yelled. "Come get them, Styles" I smirked. The longer he waited, the further I got away from the pool. I was all the way on the other end of the fence, when Harry gave up and ran in my direction. Naked. I blushed bright red. He was getting close, so I sprinted off in the opposite direction again. "Put some shorts on Harry!" Louis yelled "I'm trying, but SOME BODY took them!" He yelled, meaning me. I laughed and stopped running. "Here you go." I said, once he got close enough, and handed him his shorts. "it's about time!" Harry yelled, snatching them back. I laughed. He put them back around his ankles and slowly pulled them up. "ohhhh!!!!!! Somebody is happy down stairs, if you know what I mean!" Louis yelled. Both Harry and I blushed. Louis drew attention over to us causing Niall to start, and Niall wasn't afraid to come out and say it. "Ohhh! Lou is right! Harry's got a boner!" He yelled, making us blush harder. Harry pulled his shorts up, and we continued the game. They were never going to let us live this moment down....

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