unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


46. Memorial


 I woke up in Harry's arms, on the couch/bed. I sat up, and Logan walked into the room, in nothing but boxers. I guess all guys sleep half naked. Harry, Niall and Logan all do that, as well as the rest of One Direction. He walked into the kitchen. "good morning." He said, grabbing two bowls from the cabinet. "Good Morning." I responded, getting the bowl he set infront of me. I went to the pantry, and grabbed a box of cereal. He was already sitting at the table, and I pulled out a chair next to him. "Finally, I get some time with you without your overly protective boyfriend." Logan said, taking a spoon full of cereal up to his mouth. "Harry means well, he just gets a little jealous some times." I explained. Logan smiled and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, 'a little' jealous." He said, getting another spoon full. "Hey, you're jealous too." I laughed. "Am not! I'm just trying to look out for you!" He said, hitting my arm with his elbow playfully, causing both of us to laugh. Harry walked into the kitchen. "Good morning beautiful. Good morning Logan. Where do you keep the bowls?" I smiled and Logan just wispered 'good morning' back. I looked at Logan, expecting him to answer, but he just sat there silently. I rolled my eyes, and got Harry a bowl. "thanks, Love." He said, pourng some cereal. Logan cleared his throat. Harry came and sat down next to me at the table. Logan stood up. "I'm going to go get dressed, when you two get finished eating, you can change in Lilly's room." He left the kitchen and went to his room. "What's his problem? I agreed not to act like a dick towards him." Harry said, eating quickly. I shook my head. I didn't know why Logan had to act this way. Harry and I finished our breakfast, and rinsed our bowls out. We went into Lilly's room, and got undressed. I put on my jeans, and took my shirt off, and was only standing in my bra. I didn't really care if Harry saw, he's seen me naked and I've seen him naked. Then again, the whole world has seen him naked. I went to get my shirt, and right then Logan walked in. I stared at him for a moment, in complete shock, before I realized I was shirtless. I started freaking out, and Logan just stood there wide eyed. Harry stood infront of me, and I gripped on to his waist from behind, poking my head out of his side, to see what was going on. My shirt was laying next to Logan's feet. Logan stood there, dumbstruck. "I-I-I'm sorry, I thought you would have been dressed...." The look on his face was pure shock. "Knock next time." Harry said, calmly. I was proud of him, but most guys wouldn't be very calm in this situation. "yeah, I should. I just didn't think you guys changed together. I thought she was in the bathroom. Why do you guys strip down, right next to each other?" Logan asked. "uh, that's kinda personal." I said from behind Harry. Harry sighed. "It's because we are in a relationship, and we live together. Plus, there aren't many other places we can change. We also don't just stare at the other while we dress. It's not that big of a deal." Harry said. He slowly inched forward, and I stayed pressed up against his back. He came right up to Logan's feet, bent over, and picked up my shirt. He scooted backwards, and handed me my shirt. "Thank you." I said, I didn't put it on yet though, I wanted to see what was going to happen. "uh, ok. Sorry I asked. I'll knock next time." Logan said, clearly embarassed. He ran out of the room, and Harry stepped out of my way. He turned around and hugged me. "You don't even realize how much self control that took." He wispered in my hair. "Thank you, and i'm proud of you." I wispered back. He was also shirtless, and his shirt was in his hand. "You better be!" He joked. We both laughed. He pulled away a little and leaned down to kiss me, this time, Logan didn't interupt. We broke apart and finished getting ready. We walked into the living room, and everyone was rushing around. "Come on! We need to go!" Mrs.Robinson yelled. We all got in the car, and I sat right behind the driver, Mr.Robinson, Harry sat next to me, in the middle, an his legs where propped up really high, and Logan sat next to him, and just looked out the window the whole time. "I'll sit in the middle on the way back." I offered. Harry was about to protest, but being uncomfortable won over and he agreed. We pulled up to a small little building. "Name?" A small woman behind the counter said. "we are here for Lilly Robinson's memorial. We are her parents." Mrs. Robinson explained. "Down that hall, third door on the right." The woman said, pointing in the direction of the hallway.  We walked down the plain hallway. We walked into the room, and in the front of the room, was a long, wooden casket, and the lid was open. Our seats were in the front, real close to the casket. We had a huge picture of her, covered in flowers, and we set it up to the left of the casket. The people who have already arrived had brought floral arrangements. There were only about four people not counting us here right now, because we had to set some stuff up. Soon, this place would be filled with mourning friends and family. "You can go up and see her, if you like." Mrs.Robinson said to us, while giving a worker two disks. One had a slideshow of her pictures, and the other was a soundtrack of some of her favorite songs. I nodded. Butterflies started fluttering inside of me."don't worry, i'm here." Harry said, reaching down and gripping my hand. The closer we got to the casket, the harder I squeezed his hand. Our hands were lossing blood, but he didn't mind. I closed my eyes.Harry stopped walking meaning we were at the front. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She looked beautiful. Her normally tan skin was now looked like porciline, her once bouncy hair was now calm, and soft looking. Her eyes were closed. The glossy look to her lips from over using her lipgloss was now gone. She looked so different, yet peaceful. I loosened my grip on Harry a little. I felt myself tear up, until the first tear fell. I never wanted to see her like this. I missed the glow on her face, the bright blue in her eyes, the way her curls bounced when she get excited. The look in her eyes when we talked about Niall. "I miss her so much." I wispered, just loud enough for Harry to hear. "I know Love, I know." He said, soothingly. I leaned my head on his shoulder and looked at her. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned and Saw those Bright blue eyes, only bloodshot. He gave me a weak smile. I turned from Harry and hugged Logan. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his head on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry." I cried. "I know, me too." He wispered in my hair. Harry just stood there watching us. I apreciated that. Only Logan and I felt the same towards Lilly. We stood there for what feels like forever, it was just us in that room. Logan, myself, and Lilly in her casket. The whole gang was here. We always did everthing together. Only one thing was wrong and that was that fact that Lilly wasn't standing here with us, like she should be. I took a deep breath and smelled the strong cologne Logan always wore. It brought back memories of taking Logan's cologne and spraying it on all of our pillows, because it smelled so good. We made Logan promise to never stop using that type, and he never did. That's what I love about Logan, he always keeps him promises.When we broke apart, and Harry handed each of us a tissue. "Thanks Haz." I said, covering my face with the thin paper. "Thank you Harry." Logan said, and walked over to him, and hugged him. Harry and I were taken completely by surprise. "Your welcome." Harry said. "I'm sorry for your loss." He added. Logan nodded and looked back at Lilly. I heard a lot of loud cries, and people yelling, "Why her?" and "Why didn't you just stay home?" I looked up at the little screen in the corner of the room, and the picture on the screen was our favorite picture. Lilly was on the left, I was in the middle and Logan was on the right. We all had our arms around eachother, and our blue eyes almost glowed. Logan followed my eyes to the screen. "I remember that day. It was in the park. I still have that picture framed on my wall." Logan said, wiping his face. "Can you make me a copy of that picture?" I asked, mirroring him with my tissue. He nodded. The song that was playing was 'Die Young' By Band Perry. Logan put his arm around my shoulder, and we looked back at Lilly. "We are going to miss you Lilly Poo" Logan said. I giggled. Lilly always got so mad at him for calling her that. She would make this funny face, and then pounce on him telling him to stop calling her that. "Come on, let's go back to our seats." Logan said. He let go of my shoulder and walked back to his seat. I didn't follow him though. I wanted to stay here with her, incase she woke up.

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