unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


69. Louis and Eleanor's wedding <3

 Eleanor ran into the living room, waking all of us up with excitement. "Oh my gosh guys, today is the wedding. I'm going crazy! What if something goes wrong?" Eleanor said, freaking out. I got off of the couch, and out of Harry's arms and walked over to her. "Eleanor, don't worry. Everything is going to be perfect, and you are going to be a gorgeous bride." I said, calming her down. "ok. I just need to settle down. Do you guys mind if we start getting ready here? Like hair and make up? Because we are getting dressed at the Chapel." Eleanor asked. "Yes! Of couse El. I'll text the other girls and get them over here. Would you boys mind going to Zayn's to get ready?" I asked Harry. He nodded, and texted Zayn. I few minutes later, Harry and Niall were gone, and the other girls and Lou were on their way. Lou was going to do our hair and make up, while also doing the boys. She desided to do ours first, because ours was going to take longer. After all the girls were here, Lou started her magic. She started with Eleanor's hair. She started curling her hair in tight little ringlets, and pinned them up with flower shaped clips. It took her a while to get all of her clips perfectly. Next she moved on to our hair. She curled all of our hair, but not as tight as Eleanor's, then pinned our bangs back. She then moved to make up. She put eyeliner and mascara on Eleanor, along with a light eye shadow, that made her look beautiful. She put some light lipgloss on, then moved to us, She put both eyeliner and mascara on us, but a more golden colored eye shadow on. We gave Lou a little time to do her own hair and make up before we left to go to the chapel. We went into the building, and went into a room that was labeled 'Bridal party' on the door. We walked in, and saw all of our dresses hanging on the rack. I found the one with my name labeled on it, and quickly put it on, being careful not to mess up my hair. After all of us bridesmaids were dressed, we helped Eleanor put her dress on, and made sure it was perfect. We then moved to our jewlry. Eleanor had a diamond necklace, her engagment ring, and diamond stud earrings. All us bridesmaids had on a golden necklace in the shape of a bow, gold earrings and a gold diamond leaf ring. We all double and triple checked ourselves in the mirror before we helped Eleanor perfect her vows. I heard a knock on the door, and went to get it. I opened the door, and saw Harry standing on the other side. "Hey, wow, you look amazing." Harry said, hugging me. "You look pretty good yourself, Styles." I said, giggling. "Are you guys ready? They are about to start. Louis is already standing out there, so they are just waiting for us now." Harry said, before leaving. I walked back in the room. "They are ready. Come on El." I said. All of the other girls followed me, and we all lined up. Harry and Emily were in the front, Ed and I were right behind them, Carly and Niall were behind us, Zayn and Perrie were next, and Danielle and Liam brought up the back, with Eleanor and her dad. They started the music, and I clutched Ed's arm a little harder. I was nervous, even though it wasn't even my wedding. I was nervous for El and Louis. Ed looked at our linked arms and smiled. "It will all be fine. They have been planning this for too long for it not to go perfectly." Ed said, leaning down to wisper in my ear. I relaxed a little. He was right. Harry and Emily started walking, and before I knew it, so was Ed and I. I looked at all the people in their seats, turning to watch us. I reached the front, and stood next to Emily. I watched Danielle and Liam walk, then saw the White dress, and knew Eleanor was coming. The second she came into sight, camras went crazy, taking pictures of the beautiful bride. Louis walked down, and took her from her dad. She kissed her dad on the cheek, before she followed Louis to the top. They stood in front of each other, and smiled. I couldn't see Eleanor's face, but I saw how happy Louis was. He looked into her eyes, and smiled. They said their vows, and slid the rings on their fingers. "Louis Tomlinson, do you take Eleanor Calder to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health?" "I do." Louis said, smiling at her. "Eleanor Calder, do you take Louis Tomlinson to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in heath?" "I do." She said. Louis smiled, showing his teeth. "You may now kiss the bride." He said. Louis wrapped his arms around her waist, and Eleanor wrapped hers around Louis neck, and they kissed. Everyone cheered and clapped. We then all got into our cars, and went to the reception. It was a big place, that looks like its normally a place to eat, but it's been rearranged, so there was a huge dance floor in the middle. The tables all had golden table cloths, and a flower arrangement in the middle. There was a huge table in the middle, for us bridesmaids, grooms men, and the groom and bride. All of the kids were running around, playing, while everyone else was socializing, or congratulating the new couple. We didn't let any reporters come in, because they normally brought stress to the boys. There were people cooking food in the giant kitchen announced that finally, the food was done, so Eleanor, and Louis got to go first, followed by us, then the rest of the guest. After the food, was the big cake, with the little bride and groom on the top. Louis and Eleanor cut the cake, and shared it, crossing their arms to eat it, causing some people, including Niall, to giggle softly. After the cake, was dancing. We had a DJ here, so he was playing sweet songs. The first people to dance was Eleanor and her dad. The whole dance floor was cleared, besides them too. You could see her dad tear up a little, as they talked. At the end of their song, El kissed her dad's cheek, before Louis walked on to the floor, and reached out his hand for Eleanor to take. Her dad nodded, and she took it, starting their song. They played 'Look After You' by the Fray. After their dance, The boys went up onto the stage for some live entertainment. They sang 'Moments' and a whole bunch of people were dancing, including the little kids, it was adorable, really. The little girls were dancing with the little boys, the girls put their hands on the boys shoulders, while the boys put theirs on the girls waist. They walked back and forth to the beat of the music. I sat there, watching them, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, to see Ed standing there. "Wanna dance?" He asked. I looked up at Harry on the stage, and he winked at me. I smiled, and took Ed's hand. He led me to the dance floor, and we swayed back and forth. "This is a beautiful wedding, don't you think?" Ed asked. "Yeah, I'm really happy for them." I said, looking for Eleanor, who was dancing with one of her cousins. She was laughing about what ever they said. I looked back at Ed, who was smiling. The song ended, and he twirled me around. Harry got off of the stage, and took me from Ed, but before we could dance, Eleanor had to throw her flowers. All the girls gathered around, and she counted down from three, and the flowers were in the air. All of the girls had their hands reached to the sky, until, surprisingly, the flowers landed in my hands. I started laughing, after, we all went to watch Louis throw the Garter. They sat Eleanor down in her chair, and Louis went under her dress to get it, causing the guest to laugh. He got it off of her leg, and stood up to thow it. All of the guys mirrored the girls, until it landed in Zayn's hands. Perrie ran over and hugged him, laughing. I walked over to Harry with the flowers in my hands. "look who caught it." Harry smiled, making me laugh. They started something else. I wasn't sure what it was, but found out it was for some kind of charity, were the guest pay a dollar, and get to dance with either the Bride or Groom in a spotlight kind of dance. Harry and I got in line, and eventually got to pick who we were dancing with. I walked over to Louis, and Harry went to Eleanor. I put my arms up on Louis' shoulders, and we started dancing. "You look great." I said, looking at his tux. "Ha. Thanks, but you girls and Eleanor look amazing. This wedding went perfect. Thank you guys for helping us." Louis said. Soon our dance ended, and one of Louis' sisters took my place. After that, it was an open dance, so anyone could dance. We changed the pace of music, and put on a faster song. Everyone was dancing, including the kids, who were jumping around each other. Next was '1234' by Plain White T's, and Harry came over to me, and extended his hand. "I have to get at least one dance in with you tonight." He said. I giggled, and took his hand. I put my hands up on his shoulders. He started singing the song 'You make it easy,as easy as 1,2,1234, There's only 1 thing,2 do,3 words,4 you, I love you. Theres only 1 way, 2 say those 3 words, and that's what i'll do, I love you." I felt goosebumps appear on my skin at the sound of his voice, and the lyrics. "I want our wedding to be like this." He said. That's the third or fourth time I've heard about us getting married, and I still didn't know what to say. "I hope so too." I said, smiling at him. I was starting to warm up to the idea of getting married. One day. At the end of the song, he spun me around, and dipped me, bringing me up just enough to kiss me. I smiled. The rest of the reception went perfectly like we planned, and it was time for them to go to their honeymoon. The limo was waiting in the front, and all of us lined up with confetti to thow on them. Soon, they walked out together, and the colored paper was everywhere, including in their hair. They got in the limo, and soon enough, they were gone. I wasn't sure exactly were they were going though. After they left, people decided to start leaving, so we started loading up our stuff, and drove back to the flat. We went to our room to change, before going into the living room, where Carly and Niall sat. We were watching a show, when I heard Carly and Niall wispering. "come on, just say it. They are going to know any way." Niall wispered. "I know, but are you sure?" Carly asked. Niall nodded. "Guys. Niall and I kinda want to tell you something, but you can't tell the others yet. You promise?" Carly asked. Harry and I turned to them. "Yeah, of course. What is it guys?" Harry asked, concern on his face. Carly looked at Niall again, before he nodded. She looked me in the eyes, and I got it, but listened like I didn't. "Well......"

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