unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


62. Last rehearsal before the tour

"Babe, wake up." Harry wispered as he shook me awake. "What is it this time?" I whined. "Well, you and the girls have your last rehearsal, and the boys and I leave for tour tomorrow morning." He said. I whined again. "Don't leave." I said, looking into his eyes. "Don't worry, love. In two days, you go on tour, and you will forget all about me." He smiled. "That's impossible." I mumbled "ok, but we will skype every single night. I promise. Does that sound good?" He asked. I nodded and kissed him. He held himself up over me, and continued the kiss. "This doesn't look like getting her up so that we can leave Harry." Perrie giggled. Harry pulled away and got up. "Sorry Perrie." Harry said,messing up her hair as he walked past her out the door. "You know, you are really lucky. Harry is a great guy. You better keep this one." Perrie smiled, pointing at the door. "Zayn's lucky to have you. You are the best Perrie, and you're good for him." I said, getting up and hugging her before I got my clothes.  I wore an off the shoulder black top, with 'Hipsta Please' written on the front in white, and black skinny jeans. Carly was wearing a grey shirt that had 'I Have Issues' written on the front, with colored leggings. Perrie had a bright blue graphic shirt on, with White skinny jeans, Jade had on a teal shirt with a white studded collar, and denim jeans, Jesy had a dark blue shirt with an anchor and 'Refuse To Sink' written on it,and leggings, and Leigh-Anne had a green shirt with a lion on it in black, and patterned jeans. When we pulled up to the familiar studio, we went straight to the back room, which was the biggest, and saw Simon sitting in the oversized chair. "Perfect timing girls. I need to inform you that there is a slight change in plans with the tour. Since One Direction is starting off in England, You guys are going to France first. The first show you guys will have together is in London, then another in Paris. You guys are going to England after Australia. The day you guys are leaving, I will have schedules printed out for you guys. It will show where you will be, and when, and also the stadium. On the back, will be the concerts you share with One Direction. Ok, let's start the rehearsal so we can get out of here." Simon explained. We all nodded, and got into the recording room. Simon flipped some switches, and Wings started. We got half way through the album, when Simon got a call. He stopped us, by turning off the music. "Is everything ok?" Jade asked in the microphone. Simon held up his hand, and we all silenced. We stood there, just watching him, trying to read his lips, until he hung up the phone. "Girls, we are going to have to stop here. I have an emergancy to attend to. You girls are doing amazing, so I think we are set. You are free to go." Simon said, before rushing out the door. "What do you think that was about?" Leigh-Anne asked, while holding the door open for all of us to leave. "I have no idea. We will find out soon enough." Jade answered, while leading us out of the building. I started texting Harry to see if he knew what was going on. "Did Simon tell you anything about an Emergancy?"  "Yeah, apparently it's something to do with Emblem Three. I don't know any details, all I know is it's something to do with them." I looked up from my phone and at the girls. "Harry knew who it was about." I announced. "Who?" Carly asked, looking up from her phone. "Emblem Three. He doesn' know any details though." I told them. "I'm just glad one of the boys didn't get hurt." Perrie said, looking back at the mirror she was using to fix her lip gloss. We all nodded and pulled up to the flat. We walked in to find both Niall and Harry in boxers eating cereal. "Well, it looks like you two are having a productive day." I said, looking at both of them. "yeah we are! Would any of you care to join?" Niall asked, winking at Carly.She started blushing, but still walked over to Niall and sat with him. I followed her, and sat with Harry. "Do you guys want to invite the others over?" I asked, sitting on Harry's lap. "Yeah, I'll call Louis, Niall, you call Liam, and Perrie can call Zayn." Harry said, grabbing his phone off of the table. I leaned against his chest and watched the tv, while they call the others. "Ok, Louis is going to come over, and bring Eleanor. He warned us, that she is going to bring a lot of stuff, and is probably going to want us to help her plan the wedding before we leave." Harry announced. "Liam is coming to, but by himself. Apparently him and Danielle are in the middle of something.. He said he would tell us about it when he got here." Niall added. "Zayn is coming too, he just has to get dressed, and fix his hair.... It might be a while." Perrie said, as she made her way over to the couch. She sat next to me and Harry, and the other girls were next to her. "Hey do you guys mind if we have our boyfriends come over too?" Jade asked. "Sure. Who are they anyway?" Harry asked. "Well, i'm dating Sam Craske, a dancer from Diversity. and Jesy is with Jordan Banjo, also from Diversity.and Leigh-Anne is with Jordan Kiffin, he's a football player." Jade explained. Harry nodded, and they all started calling. All of them were coming.Harry and Niall decided to put some clothes on before every one got here.The first to come was Liam, followed by Louis and Eleanor, then Zayn, and lastly the other boys, who had a little trouble finding the flat. I'm glad that they could come, because I always feel really bad when we are all with our boyfriends, and they just kinda have to sit and watch. Once we were all here, and they introduced themselves, we talked Sam and Jordan into showing us how they danced. We had to move the table, but it was well worth it. They were impressive. "Come on boys, we can do better than that!" Niall jokingly said. He got up, and got the other boys up, and started dancing. It was hilarious to see them have a dance off. "Ok, you may have beat us at the dancing, but can you beat this?" Harry asked, before wispering into the others ear, then started singing 'Na Na Na'. When they finished, Harry smirked. "Your turn." He joked. "ha, you win. We can't sing." Sam said, backing down. They started other competitions, like arm wrestling, then they saw who could hold their breath longer. Sam and both Jordan's lost first, because the One Direction boys could hold their breath longer, becuase singers have good lungs. Eleanor wasn't particapating in anything, because she was busy planning everything. Right now, she was working on the invitations. Next, Harry brought out the Karaoke machine. Even though the other three said they couldn't sing, they decided to do it anyway, and Louis pulled Eleanor away from the invatatons to play with us. First up was Niall, and he sang Viva La Vida. Then Carly, who we made sing Call Me Maybe, because she had the same name as the singer. Then was Louis, who sang 'Look After You', and he sang it beautifully. Eleanor watched him in awe, and started crying tears or joy. They were so cute together, and i'm so glad Louis asked her to marry him. (Look up Louis cover of the song on YouTube. He is amazing!!!) While they continued to karaoke, I left the room and ordered pizza, since there was a lot of us. It was perfect timing when I came back in, becuase I got to witness Niall get tackled by Zayn, which started war. It was hilarious to watch all of the guys playfully fight eachother, and all of the girls move away, and get behind the couch, for fear of being dragged in. It was getting so intense, that I almost didn't hear the pizza guy knock on the door. "Thank you!" I said, after paying him. "Hey, not to be impolite, but aren't you Kylie? One of the girls who got signed with Little Mix?" He asked, waiting for me to confirm. "Yeah, we actually have a lot of people over, that's why we got pizza." I said, opening the door so he could see all of us acting like idiots. His eyes widened at the sight of all of us together. Harry saw me at the door, and broke away from the mess to see what was going on. He walked up to the door, and shook his hair, which made it's way back to perfection. He looked at the person standing in the door. "Oh my gosh, you're Harry Styles!" He said, widening his eyes even more. Harry smiled, showing his dimples. He put his arm around me, and stood in the door way."Oh well here is your recipt. Would you mind signing this?" He asked, giving us the recipt, then digging a folded piece of paper out of his pocket. "Sure." I said, grabbing the pen and signing, before giving it to Harry so he could do the same. "Oh, and please don't tell your friends were we live, especially the girls. We don't need people constantly at our door while we are on tour, it might get us in trouble with the owner of the building." Harry said. "Oh don't worry, mr.Styles. I won't tell anyone. Thank you for your time. Enjoy the pizza." He said, before leaving. Harry helped me carry the pizza, and Niall followed close behind. Everyone sat on the couch, and Harry turned the tv on. It turns out, the weird fear factor show was on that we used to watch in the hotel. We informed the other on our game of guessing the fears, and watched the show while we ate pizza and drank Pepsi, since the boys did the Pepsi commercial, we have been drinking Pepsi products. At about 11, Sam and the two Jordans left, and the boys left at 11:30. Then Perrie and the girls went to bed, leaving only me, Harry, Carly, and Niall. We watched one more episode of our show, before we called it a night and went to our bedrooms. Harry stripped down to his boxers again, and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and I followed behind him. When we finished, we got into bed and turned off the lights. "You know, i'm really going to miss you not sleeping next to me." I said, looking at his outline in the dark. "Me too. I don't know how i'm going to sleep without you next to me. I guess I have Niall." He joked, making me laugh. "What time are you guys leaving tomorrow?" I asked, hoping for a late time. "The plane takes off at 11:30. We need to be at the airport by 11:00, because we will probably have a lot of fans to get through, so we need to wake up at 10 at the latest, and leave here at 10:45." He answered, while I sat there and listened. "Let's wake up at 9, so I can spend a little more time with you before you leave and make you breakfast." I said, looking up at his face. "That sounds perfect. Goodnight, love." "Goodnight, Harry." I said, before closing my eyes and instantly falling asleep.

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