unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


42. Harsh


 "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked into the mic. She looked me straight in the eye. She gave me an evil smile, and ran up to Niall and Kissed him, straight on the mouth, and then did the same thing to Harry. Rage coursed through my veins. I swung the door to the recording room open, and stormed towards her. "You bitch!" I yelled. I punched her in the face, twice. Then I forced her to look at me when I grabbed Harry and smashed my face into his. I ran my fingers through his Hair. I could sense the jealously from her. I turned back around and smirked at her. I pointed to Carly, who was doing the same thing to Niall. They opened their mouths slightly, and you could see their tongues fighting in their mouths. I knew that didn't bother her as much as me and Harry did. I brought her attention back to us, and Mirrored Carly and Niall.  We opened our mouths just enough from her to see our tongues dancing together. We broke apart, and Harry flung his arm around me, pulling me into his chest. "Learn anything?" I said, giving her a death glare. I busted her lip again pretty bad, and there was a small bruise on her cheek from my swings at her. "Don't ever do that again. EVER." Harry said, giving her a dirty stare. That set her off.  The 'Love of her life' turned her down for a girl she thought didn't mean a thing in the world. She started crying. "This is your fault!" She yelled, pointing at me. "How so?" I said. "You stole him from me, and you know it! And you don't act like you didn't like that kiss more than making out with that whore." Taylor yelled. "I didn't steal him from you. He was never yours!" I yelled back. "And, actually, kissing you is like kissing Niall's butt. Blonde and smells like shit. and that 'Whore' is ten times better than you will ever be just in her pinky finger. If you REALLY loved me, or the band in general, you would be happy for us." Niall looked at Harry at the mention of his butt. "Agreed." Niall said, now laughing at Harry's joke. I have never seen Harry so angry before. It was kind of sexy. "Just leave." I said, pointing to the door."One last thing. Harry, I do love you, but you are just too blind to fucking see it. I'm ten times more popular than her! Don't you want to be with me? I'm prettier, got a better sense of fashion, and i'm loved my everyone! What does she have that I don't?" She said. "A Soul. Feelings. She is beautiful, and She loves me for me, not because I'm in a band or have money. And, you are as pretty as a naked mole rat, got the IQ of a Humming Bird and have the worst fashion sense i've ever seen. Leave." (Humming Birds are supposed to have the worst IQ By the way.) Harry said pointng her to the door. She ran out crying. "Well, that was a little Harsh." Niall said. "I'm sorry, i'm just overwhelmed. I don't like when people talk to you or about you like that. Somebody needed to break her of thinking she is better than anyone in the world, and who better to tell her than her favorite celebrity." Harry explained. I agreed, but I also agree with Niall, it was kinda harsh. "Let's pick up where we left off." Carly said, changing the subject. We went back into the recording room, and continued. After our session, Niall kept complaining about being hungry, so we went and got food. It was getting to about dinner time, so we got some Chinese, and took it back to the flat so we could eat and watch a movie. "So what are we going to watch?" Niall asked, setting up all of the food on the coffee table. "Love Actually!" Harry and I said in unison. We both smiled at eachother. "Is that your favorite movie?" Harry asked. "Yeah! I think it is the perfect mixture of funny and romantic.Is it yours too?" I asked him, searching his face. "Yes! I love that movie! I used to watch it all the time!" He said, high fiving me. We started the movie, and half way, we finished our food, so Niall paused the movie, and made two bags of popcorn, one for Harry and I to share, and one for Niall and Carly to share. He came back with the popcorn, and played the movie. Soon after we resumed it, Calli came and laid in between Harry and I. Her Head was on my lap, and the other half of her was on Harry. She purred for a while, before falling asleep. When the movie was over, we were still not tired enough to go to bed, so Niall put on The Lion King. It turns out, he picked my favorite Disney movie or all time. Half way through that movie, Carly fell asleep on Niall's shoulder, so he carried her to their bedroom, and that's the last we saw of them for the night. After the movie, I was falling asleep slowly. "Come on, love, let's go to bed." Harry said, standing up. I lifted my arms straight up. "Carry me." I whined. Calli curled up on top of me, and Harry reached his arms around me, and carried us two to bed. "Thank you." I said, when he sat me on my pillow. "Anything for you beautiful." He said, kissing my cheek, then sliding into bed with me. I cuddled up close to him. "Why do I even have a pillow? I never use it because I always sleep on you." I asked, half asleep. "Because a king bed with only one pillow would look kinda stupid, don't you think?" He asked sarcasticly. "Touche." I asked before drifting off to sleep in Harry's arms.

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