unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


55. Goodbye, America


    I woke up, alone in my hostpital bed, with Michael sitting in the chair beside me, looking at his phone screen. I looked at his phone, and could faintly make out an 'L'. I figured it was the 'Lisa' girl who had been ignoring him. "Who's Lisa?" I asked, breaking the silence, making him jump. He looked at me questioningly. "who?" He asked, giving me a questioned look. "you know, that girl who had been ignoring your text..." I explained. "Oh. You mean Lilly, not Lisa..." He said. "What happened to her? Did you two break up?" I asked, leaning against my elbow on the pillow. "oh, well....you see.... Lilly, kinda passed away.." He said, avoiding eye contact with me. "Oh, I see. My bestfriend Lilly just died. I know how you feel. It's aweful. What was her last name?" I asked. I kinda wondered if we were talking about the same Lilly. "Oh, it was Robinson. You wouldn't know her, being from England and stuff." She said, finally making eye contact with me. My eyes widened. "I know her... She was my bestfriend. She used to talk about you a lot, you know, like how cute, and sweet and charming you are. She always told me that she wished I could meet you." I said. "Wow. I can't belive this. She also used to talk about you. She loved you. She would talk about what you two used to do, and with out you or her brother, she would have probably killed herself. I'm thankfull for you, you kept her from doing that." He said. My heart skipped a beat. That was the second time someone told me that she was going to kill herself, no matter how much I told myslef that they were wrong. "This is crazy! I never thought I would meet you! at least until she would drag me to your wedding." I said, laughing. He smiled. "i know right! I can't believe we knew the same Lilly Robinson." He added. "Did you know Logan Robinson?" I asked. "How do you think I met Lilly!" He joked, causing both of us to laugh. "I never thought I would get along with my kidnapper." I joked. "Hey! It wan't my fault! They threatened to kill me and my family if I didn't do it, or even talk about it. I'm sorry. I tried to stay out of it as much as possibly." I said. "It's ok. You haved My life, as well as Harry's. Without you, I would have died, and they probably would have killed him too. Thank you, Michael." I said. "Well it's the least I could do." He said, puffing out his chest to look tough, cauding us both to laugh. Just then, Harry walked in, holding a tray. I groaned. I hated this stupid hostpital food. "I know, Love. Only a day or two more, then we can get regular food." He said, putting the tray on my lap and then sitting on the edge of my bed. "I hope so." I said, taking a sip of Apple juice. I looked at the cup. "I have to admit though, their apple juice is pretty good." I said, causing both of them to laugh. We heard a knock at the door, when the Little Mix girls walked in. "Hey girls!" I said smiling. "Hey!" they all said in unison. Perrie walked over to my bed, and smiled really big. "what happened?" I asked. "Guess what!" She said, in a highpitched voice. "What?" I asked, equally as highpitched. "Well first, the doctor said you can leave today at 7, and prefect timing, becuase the Live Shows are coming up, and thats the best part of the show!" She said. the X Factor flooded into my mind, and I remembered that the live shows were coming up, and I was getting excited. "That's great!" I said. "That's not all. The Girls and I talked to Simon, and he agreed that, if you and Carly make at least third place..... You two can join Little Mix!" She said, leaning in and hugged me really tight. My eyes widened in shock. "What! Jade,Jesy,Leigh-Anne, is this true?" I asked. They all nodded their heads. "Come here!" I yelled, and the three girls can over to my bed, and hugged me. I looked over at Harry who was smiling at me. "Does Carly know yet?" I asked. "No, we are going to tell her when we see her." Jesy said. I nodded. The girls sat around my room and all of us played games and talked, until it was 6:45, and the doctor came into my room to give me papers to sign so I could leave. "Thanks." I said, taking the clip board and pen. I grabbed the autographed picture and handed it to him. "Thank you!" He said, looking at the picture. "Turn it over." I said, watching him flip the picture. On the back, there was a paragraph I wrote for his daughter, and my phone number. In the paragraph, I told her not to give my number to her friends, or I'd have to change my number, and then she wouldn't be able to talk to me. "thank you so much! My daughter will love this! and thank you too Harry." He said, turning to Harry. "No problem." Harry replied, looking up from his phone. "Thanks again, get home safe."he said, walking to the door. "Thank you, Doctor." I said as he left. "Here, I brought these. So the fans don't crowd us." Harry said, holding our Jack Wills hoodies. We put them on, and slipped the hoods over our heads. I finished signing, then stood up, and walked hand in hand to the desk with Harry. "Thank you guys." The Nurse said from behind the desk. She was an older woman, somewhere in her fifties. She was chewing bubble gum, and had bright pink lipstick on. She took the clip board without looking at us, and we left. We walked to the cab, when Michael stopped. "What do we do now?" He asked. I gave him my phone number. "Call me if you ever plan on coming to England." He smiled. "Well, I was actually planing to move there. In fact, Lilly was the only thing keeping me here. So what's holding me back?" He asked. "Well, call me when you move. We can all get together sometime." I said, smiling at him. Harry opened the door. "Goodbye, Michael. Thank you for everything." I said. "goodbye, Kylie, and Harry." He said, waving as we drove away from the hostpital. We had to take two cabs, one with Perrie, Harry and I, the other with Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne. Carly and Niall were already back in London. We pulled up to the airport and paid the cab. We bought our tickets, and had fifteen minutes to kill, so we went to eat Chick-Fil-A. "This is so much better than that freaking hostpital food." I said, taking a huge bite of my sandwitch. The others nodded, and stuffed their faces with their food. When we were done, we headed to the gates, and sat in first class. It seated two, so I sat with Harry, Perrie sat with Jesy, and Jade sat with Leigh-Anne. I was really excited, and have never been so homesick in my life. I wanted to go back to the comfort of our flat, and see Calli again. She was like out baby, and we really missed her. A few hours into the fight, I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. At about 11, he woke me up saying we needed to change planes, because one couldn't make the whole trip. I slowly got up, and headed to the other gate, and loaded on. We sat with the same people on first class, and almost imediatly, fell asleep on Harry's shoulder, and he leaned his head against mine. Soon enough we were both asleep. The plane was dark and quiet. we woke up from the sound of the ding, telling us to fasten our seat belts. The flight attendant came on, and told us to prepare for landing. When the tires hit the concrete, I knew I was home.



Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written in a while, i've been kind of busy, but Summer is in three days, and i'll be updating more! Thank you guys for reading and I hope you guys like my story! I love reading your comments, so tell me anything I can do to make the story better! Please help me get more likes! Both likes and comments help me update faster! I love you guys!!!

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