unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


13. Getting To Know Carly And The Roller Rink


  We woke up to Harry's alarm again today. I moaned. I sat up to let Harry up. "Ugh. I hate that you have rehersals again today." I complained. "Trust me if I could, I would lay here with you all day." I got up and got two bowls for breakfast. I poured some cheerios and milk into our bowls. "Awe! Honey you made breakfast!" Harry joked. "I know! I slaved over this bowl for a whole bloody minute! torture!" I replied. "Anything I can do to help?" Harry asked turning me to face him and smashing our lips together. "Get a room!" Niall yelled, making us part. I handed Harry his bowl and we ate while Niall and Carly got dressed. "Thanks for getting us one guys!" Niall said sarcastically. "Your welcome!" I said with a mouthfull of cheerios in my mouth. Harry Laughed. After they both finished eating they got up and Niall kissed Carly before they left. "Looks like you got Niall hooked." I giggled. "I hope so. I really like him." She looked at her bowl. "Hey you want to got to Starbucks? It will kill time while the boys are gone." I offered. "Yeah, I love Starbucks." she looked up at me. I called a cab and when we got there I got the Hot chocolate, and she got a latte. I sipped on my hot chocolate because it was still hot. Harry was right. This hot chocolate is amazing. "So tell me a little about yourself." I asked her. I wanted her to feel welcome by us. "There isn't much to tell. My parents are divorced, I live with my mom in her apartment. I'm an only child. I've had boyfriends before, but Niall is something differant. He is so sweet and i've only known him for like a day! I see how you and Harry are together and I hope, someday Niall and I can be like you guys. Niall has always been my favorite so, when he picked me I was so excited." She excitedly told me. I laughed. "Oh, and Kissing upside down may look for and romantic, but it's so weird! It doesn't feel right. It was fun, because it was with Niall, but if it was anyone else, it would have been terrible." I laughed harder. "Good to know. Better cut that from my bucket list." I said.  "That kinda sucks. Spiderman is like my favorite super hero." I said. "Really! I like Spiderman, but Thor is amazing! Especially his hair!" she said, a look of awe on her face. "ohhhh, you like the blondies...." I said. "Yeah, that's one thing I like about Niall, his hair is amazing! Don't get me wrong, I like him for his personality, he's so funny and caring, but his looks boost him up." she giggled. "Tell me more about you, like where are you from?" I asked. "Oh i'm from the U.S., I lived in California. That explains the bleach blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin." She said, taking a sip of her drink. "Ohhh! Your from Cali?! It's beautiful there!" I said. "You've been?" She questioned. "Yeah. I lived in Texas but I have some family that lives there." I answered. "You lived in Texas? I love the Gulf Coast!" She laughed. "Yeah I love the beach! When did you move to England?" I asked. I could tell she hasn't lived her for long, she didn't have a British accent. I didn't either, but I really want one. "I've lived here for about a month." "Hey me too! Wow we are a lot  alike!" "I told you that we would be friends!!" She laughed. "Hey, you want to go rollerskating? I heard they have a rink around here." I asked. "Yeah! I haven't skated since California! It will be fun." She said, getting up to throw her cup away. I followed and did the same. I called another cab and told him to take us to the rink. It was about five minutes away from the Starbucks. We walked in and got some skates. "Ugh, mine are too big. Be right back." She said, going to get some new skates. I tied up my laces and went to go put my converse and my phone in a cubby hole. I slid my phone in my shoe so no one would see it. Carly stood up and did the same. We got on the rink and right away caught her off guard. She started to fall forward, but I caught her. We started skating and we kept up with each other. every once in a while, some girls would give us nasty stares and guys would look us up and down. We got tired and went to the snack bar to get a drink. Carly leaned over the counter and decided on rootbeer. When she told the lady what she wanted, some guy came up and grabbed her butt. I slapped him in the face before he could get away. "Thanks. Arses like him are always doing that." "Don't worry about it. I knew you didn't have enough time to react and slap him yourself so I did it for you." I smiled. We sat down and I told her i'm going to the bathroom and to just wait with the drinks. I walked in and three girls were in there putting lipgloss on. When I walked in, the redheaded one looked at me. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" She asked. "What does it look like? I'm going to the bathroom. Got a problem with that?" I shot back. I didn't feel like taking any of her crap. "I don't see what Harry sees in you." She fliped her hair. "Well apparently he sees more in me than you." I smirked. She huffed and walked out. I laughed. I walked out to find Carly surrounded by guys at our table. She looked scared. I skated over to our table. "Oh look boys! now we have two hot  girls to talk to. Come on sweetie, sit down and chat." A guy with short brown hair said. I sat down. A blonde guy looked me up and down. Then he put his hand on my thigh. I was glad I was wearing shorts and not a skirt. I glared at him. He laughed and inched higher. I flinched. My hand grabbed his arm and through it off of my body. That pushed him farther and put his arm around me wispering dirty things in my ear. I started getting up. "Carly, I think it's time to go." I started, but the blonde pulled me back down. "Let me go!" i yelled. "shhhh. Your causing people to stare." The guy with brown hair said. I yelled again, this time he kicked me in the shin. It hurt really bad because his skates were still on. "Guys, I think that's enough." A random guy said as he rolled up to our table. I looked up at him. "Jesse!!!" I yelled. The blonde let me go and I got up and hugged Jesse. "Thank you." I wispered. "Leave these girls alone and get the hell out of here." He warned. "or what?" the blonde said. "Or i'll beat the living shit out of you." Jesse hissed back. I helped Carly up and Jesse put his arm over my shoulder, leading us away. 

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