unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


59. Fourth,Fifth, and Final members of Little Mix

 "Wake up!" I heard Perrie wisper in my ear. My eyes shot open, and I looked at her in shock. Harry tossed around and moaned. "What are you doing?" I asked. "We have stuff to do! As part of Little Mix, we need to infrom you about EVERYTHING. We will tell you everything when we go and meet Simon at the studio. Come on, Jade is getting Carly up." She said, looking down at me. "Why at a studio? Why not over, like coffee or something?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "You will see," She winked, "Now get up! 20 minutes before we walk out the door!" She added in a light voice. I was starting to get up, until Harry moaned again, and snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me back down to our warm bed. I laughed. "Come on, Harry. You heard her. I have 20 minutes to get dressed!" I said. He gave up, let me go, and laid face down on my pillow. "Your pillow smells good." He said, in his rough morning voice. "Oh yeah? What does it smell like?" I asked amused. "It smells like that shampoo you use. Do they make that for men?" He asked in all seriousness, making me laugh again. " I don't know, i'll check the next time I go to the store." I said. He made a high pitched sound, which was muffled by my pillow to a soft, joyful hum. "So, when I get home, and I going to find a half naked man in my bed, or will I find a clothed, alive looking one, doing something with a blonde Irish lad?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips, watching him tangle himself up in our sheets and comforter. "That's for me to know, and you to find out." He answered, winking at me, and giving me a cheeky smile. I playfully rolled my eyes, and got clothes to change into. I decided to mess with him a little, so instead of going to the bathroom to change, like I normally do, I got close to the wall, where Harry could only see my back, and took my shirt off, to put the fresh one on. "Oh come on, this is not fair." Harry whined, making me laugh. I slid on the crop top Perrie told me to wear, and walked over to him. I sat ontop of his legs and looked down at him with my hair hanging over his face. "That's what you get for not waking up." I said, and teasingly kissed him, before making my way to the bathroom. I closed the door, to hear him let out a very dissapointed moan. I giggled, and did my hair and make-up. When I walked out if the bathroom, I saw Harry sitting on the edge of our bed wearing grey skinny jeans, and an unbuttoned, plaid shirt that exposed his torso. He was working on fitting the shirt perfectly on his shoulders,until he got a smell of my perfume and looked up, letting go of the bottom button. "How do I look?" I asked, spinning in a circle. He looked be up and down.

"You look wonderful." He said, grabbing me by my exposed waist, and pulling me onto his lap. "You know, you should wear your shirt like this more often." I said, touching his toned stomach. He laughed and watched me touch his torso. "You think so?" He asked, looking at my face. I giggled and nodded. " I have to go, babe." I said, kissing him one more time before I went with the girls. "Have fun, Love." He replied, then resumed buttoning his shirt. I walked out and saw Carly wearing a bright colored fishnet kind of shirt, with a cropped neon shirt under it, and had her hair straightened. "It looks like we are all ready." Jesy announced before grabbing the van keys. We followed her out the door, and into the roomy van. We pulled up to the same studio we went to with the boys for The X Factor, but instead of our usual recording room, we walked into a huge one, to hold more people. We saw Simon sitting at the desk, sorting papers. "Ah girls, right on time." He said, without looking up from the papers. "Come grab a chair. We need to fill you two in on some things before we start the fun part." Simon said, looking up at us this time. All of us grabbed a stool, and sat in a semi circle around Simon. "So, you two are familiar with the girls' album, right?" He asked. Carly and I nodded quickly. "Do you know the lyrics?" He asked. Carly and I nodded again. "Fantastic. Anyway, the girls have a tour coming up, and since you two are now part of the band, you two, also have a tour coming up. So, that means we need to split up the songs a little bit. We need to find who you sound the best with. Let's Start with Carly. Leigh-Anne, sing your solo from 'Going nowhere' Carly, join in with her." Simon said, leaning back in his chair. Leigh-Anne started her solo, and Carly jumped in, and they sounded great together. Simon nodded, and lifted his hand up, motioning for them to stop. "Ok, now with Jade. Same song." Jade started, but Carly was struggling a little to hit the high notes. Simon stopped them much quicker. "Jade is a little out of your range. How about Jesy, same song." Once again they started the song, and it was better than her with Jade, but not as good as her with Leigh-Anne. Simon stopped them, and had her sing with Perrie, who she sounded good with. "Ok, for the kind low songs, I want you to sing with Leigh-Anne, so you don't have to hit all of Perrie's really low notes, while still staying in your range. In the higher songs, I want you to alternate between singing with Perrie and Jesy, depending on the song. I don't want you to sing with Jade unless its in the chorus, because she is a little too high. Kylie, let's start with Leigh-Anne, same song." I started singing with her, and we sounded ok, but not as good as her and Carly. I guess Simon noticed, because he stopped us. "Let's try Jade." He said, and had Jade sing. I stayed with her pretty well, and earned a head nod from Simon. "How about Jesy." He said, and I sang with her, and then Perrie. "Ok, for the lower songs, i'm having you sing with Jade. For the higher songs, i'm having you alternate with Perrie and Jesy, kind of like Carly. So what is going to happen, is we will still have to solos, but they won't be as long. When we finish this world tour, and start recording the second album, we will extend our solos a little bit, but it might mean someone won't get a solo in the song. For example, One Direction is like that. They will have solos that are only a couple of words, or they might not get a solo at all, but, we will figure it all out when the time comes for the new album. Now, let's get you six in the booth, and let's see how we can split up the songs. We will start with Wings, then we will end with Case closed, getting all of the songs in between. If we have time left over, we will do 'We Are Young'. Let's get started." Simon said, motioning us to the booth. I stood in between Jade and Perrie, and Carly stood in between Jesy and Leigh-Anne. We finished recording the whole album, and had time left over to go through the cover. The whole session took about four hours. "Great job today girls. I will see you back here in a couple of days to rehearse the songs again, before we head off on our world tour. I am trusting you will practice your new improved solos between now and then, especially Carly and Kylie. For you three girls who are dating a member of One Direction, I will have you know, that they will also be on a world tour at the same time. What we have decided, is that in every big state, and in their biggest city, we will have you do a concert together, and the tickets will cost just a little extra, but not much, other than that, you two will be apart quite a bit, because we can't have two bands be back to back like that. We are going to start you out in England, then we will move around Europe, into Australia, then the United States, then up to Canada, then to South America, and lastly, Africa. After the tour, we will take a break, to work on your new album, and to spend time with friends, family, and boyfriends. You are now free to leave, but I would advice taking an extra water bottle. Thank you for your time, girls." Simon said, before getting up to exit. I finished the water bottle I was working on, then grabbed another. I got a text message from Harry saying, "Hey love, don't bring everyone home, instead, head to Louis and Eleanor's place. We are going to swim in the indoor pool. Don't worry, we have your swim suites." I looked away from my phone, and told Jesy were to go. When we pulled into the huge driveway, got out, and knocked on Louis' massive door. A smiling Niall answered it, while wearing nothing but his blue swim trunks. "Niall!" Carly yelled, running into his arms. "Hey Sweetie! How did it go?" He asked, picking her up, and spinning her around. "It was great! I'll tell you all about it in the pool. First I have to get changed. Do you want to help me?" She asked grabbing his hand and yanking him to the bathroom. "Sure." He said quietly, not taking his eyes off of her. The rest of us laughed, and went in to find the other boys. Harry walked out if the bathroom, holding the pile of clothes he was dressed in this morning, and was now wearing red, striped swim trunks. "Hi Haz." I said, wrapping my arms around the back of his neck. He wrapped his arms around the back of my thighs and lifted me up, and I crossed my legs around his back, and looked down into is deep green eyes. "How was your day, Love?" He asked, looking straight into my eyes. "It was good, but it's better now that I get to see you in these swim trunks." I said making him laugh. I leaned down and kissed him softly. He set me back down on the floor. "I missed you." He said, looking down at me. "If you missed me now, wait until we are both on tour." I said, looking at his face. "That's why we are both going to bring our laptops and skype eachother every night. Niall and Carly are going to do the same. It's like we are never apart." He said, leaning back down, close to my face. I smiled at him. I felt his curls tickle my forehead. "Hey! How was it!" Louis interupted. Harry clenched his jaw slightly. I turned my head towards Louis. "It was great. If you want to hear the story, just wait for the pool. I'm pretty sure Carly is going to re-live it for you guys." I said. He laughed and nodded. "Here's your swimsuit." Harry said, handing me my Light pink bathing suite. It had bows on both sides of my hips, and a bigger bow right in the middle of the top. I thanked him, and walked into the bathroom. "I'm going to get us towels, and i'll meet you in the pool room." Harry explained. "Ok." I answered, before stripping off my clothes, and replacing them with the two piece swimsuit. I walked into the pool room, and saw the other girls swimsuits. Carly's was light blue, with little thin tassels on the top, Eleanor had a light coral colored bathing suit, with dots on it and a ruffled top, Danielle had a dark blue swimsuit, with a small bow on her right hip, Perrie's swimsuit was black with white pokadots all over the top and the bottom, with bows just like mine, Jade's was bright purple, with little black hearts all over it, Jesy's was neon yellow, with bows all over it, and Leigh-Anne's was Red, With bright colored swirls all over it. We got into the oversized hot tub, and while Carly re-told our day, I leaned on Harry's chest, and looked up at his face. He never stops amazing me with his rare features that you don't see everyday. You don't always see a person who is so attractive that they take your breath away every time you see them, and for me, he was that one person. He caught me looking at him and he grinned. "What? Is there something on my face?" He asked, looking straight into my blue eyes, as I looked in his green ones. "If you count hotness as 'something', then yes, and you are covered with it from head to toe." I said, smiling at him. He leaned down as kissed me quickly, before the others noticed, and would start making fun of us in a playful manner. I traced the outlines of his tattoo's, while he listened to Carly's detailed story. His tattoo's never got boring, becuase you always find something new about one of them that you haven't noticed before. I looked over at Zayn, who was also covered in the tattoo's, and then back at Harry. I was getting kind of worried about them. This much ink in a short period of time can't be good for either of them. Then I looked at Niall, who had his arm draped over Carly's shoulder, mirroring Harry and I, except, Niall was clean of tattoo's. I started to worry again, but let it quickly slip from my mind before I got to worked up about it. Louis got out of the pool, and mixed up some fruity drink at his mini bar, and brought all of us a cup of it. Liam got his first, because he doesn't like alcohol, becuase of his kidneys, and then brought some to the rest of us. I took a small drink of it, and it was amazing, especially in the hot water of the tub, the frosty drink was perfect. I looked at Eleanor and Louis, who were laughing and giggiling with eachother, before Eleanor stood up and got everyones attention. "Guys, Louis and I have something very important to tell you." She said, looking back at Louis who was smiling. Eleanor's hands were behind her back, which made it easier to see the design on her swimsuit. "well, spit it out!" Zayn said impatiently. Eleanor gave him a death glare, warning him not to ruin her moment. "Well, Louis and I wanted to tell you that..."

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