unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


36. Dinner


We kept walking, but I couldn't get my mind off of what Harry said about marriage and children. I mean, I want to get married and have kids, and I think Harry would be a fantastic husband and father, but we are still young. I tried to change the subject. " What did you think, that day that I asked you if I could sit with you on that ride?" It was something i've wanted to know for a while, and I felt the need to change the subject. "Honestly?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I looked down at our intwined fingers, and nodded. "Well,  my first thought was 'oh shit, a crazed fan discovered me' Then you sat behind me, so that went out the window. When you tapped on my shoulder and asked if you could sit with me, I thought I had died, and an angel and come to take me to heaven. I looked into your eyes, and saw something differant in you. You made me forget about Chloe, until she dug her way back into my mind, and I thought I shouldn't take the chance with a fan again. But you helped me. I feel like you are my other half. Now tell me what you thought when you first saw me." Harry said. I laughed at the 'crazed fan' part, because back in America, I was another crazed fan. "Well first, I just thought you were some weirdo in a hoodie. I honestly probably wouldn't have sat next to you if there was a car open. When I looked closer though, I saw your curls sticking out of your hood and thought 'IT'S HARRY STYLES!" But I told myself to calm down, and talk to you. When you turned around and I looked into those green eyes, and was speechless. I knew you were my missing puzzle piece." I explained. He smiled. It was true, every word, and he knew it. And I know that he means every word too. "My turn." Harry said. That's fine with me, I didn't know what to ask him. "What's your favorite kind of pet?" He asked. I looked at him weird. We were just talking about romance and stuff like that, and it changed dramatically. "Uh..... A cat I guess. Or a dog, but Cats are adorable." I looked up at him. "Good to know." He smiled at me. I leaned my head on his shoulder, our hands still intwined. Niall and Carly were unmoved, just holding each other and talking. "I think Niall might have finally found his princess." I said, waching them. "And I think I finally found my Kitty." He said, squeezing my hand. I laughed. I looked around and saw dozens of jealous eyes. I was happy they were nice enough just to let us walk in peace and not run up and ask for autographs. "I love spending time like this." Harry said, looking at me. "Me too. Us too, and Niall and Carly. Just spending time together, even though it's like we aren't even with them." I smiled and looked at Harry's face. "I like it better this way." He said. He stopped walking, and grabbed my other hand in his, intwining our fingers again. I looked at our hands, and them back at him. "I love you." He wispered. He leaned down and kissed me. It was perfect. The sun was setting, the park was beautiful. It couldn't get much better. "I love you too." I wispered when we broke. "Let's catch up with Niall and Carly and head back to the flat." He said, pulling me in their direction. "Niall, Carly. Are you guys ready to go? We need to go to round two on X Factor tomorrow, and we still need to eat and stuff like that." Harry yelled. They turned around, and counted down from three, and started racing to us. They were pretty tied, until Niall started sprinting, and passed her up. "Wanna race?" Harry asked. I raised my eye brows. I knew he could easily beat me. "One, Two,Three, GO!" He yelled. I took off with Harry at my side. I knew he was taking it easy on me. I saw his car and started sprinting, putting every thing I had into it. I passed him for like, two seconds, until he came up right by my side again. We reached the car at the same time, and Niall and Carly were just now getting here. We all got in the car, and headed back to the Flat. Harry's phone buzzed. "Hey babe, can you check that text?" He asked, keeping his eyes on the road. From:Sass Masta: "Hey Haz! Guess what? El and I found a house and wanted to know if you wanted come over tomorrow after X Factor." I told Harry and Typed what he told me to. To:Sass Masta: "Congrats! Yeah, we will come by after the show." Not five seconds later Louis texted back. "From:Sass Masta: Bring your swim suites ;) " I showed the text to Harry and he laughed, and pulled into the flat parking lot. We went into the elevator and headed straight up. When we opened our door, Niall flug himself on the couch. Carly sat down, and he lifted his head up so he couls set it on her lap. She turned on the tv, and watched some show with Niall. Harry and I went into the kitchen. "So what do you want to make for dinner?" I asked Harry, leaning against the counter. "How about we make Tacos. Oh! And you can make that Cucumber thing your mom used to make." He said, grabbing random stuff out of our huge pantry. I laughed, and grabbed a cucumber to peel. Harry grabbed two huge chef hats, putting one on himself and the other on me. I laughed and cut up the cucumber. I looked over my shoulder to see Harry cutting open a package of meat to put in the pan. I looked back at the cucumber. I started making the secret sauce, and realized my senses were being filled with an amazing smell. I looked over my shoulder again to see Harry stirring the meat, then he would walk away to get something out of the fridge, and back to the meat again. "What is that terrific smell?" Niall yelled from the living room. I laughed. I finished making the cucumber dish, and grabbed a fork to taste it. It tasted how I remember it tasting. I remember seeing my mom in her cook's apron, standing over the stove, making dinner, then she would take out a small portion of time to make the cucumbers. I stabbed another one with the fork, and walked over to Harry. I looked at his face, and all that it showed was pure focus. "Try this." I said, snaping him back to reality. He opened his mouth and I fed it to him. "That is amazing!" He said, looking up at me. "Thank you! Are you almost finshed?" I asked, looking at the meat. "Yup, it's got like two minutes. Would you mind getting plates and cups?" He asked. I nodded and walked to the cabinet. I grabbed four plates and cups. "Dinner is ready!" Harry yelled to Niall and Carly. With in seconds Niall was in here with his mouth watering. I handed him his plate, and he stocked up on food. He grabbed a fork, and got a drink. Carly did the same, and followed him back into the living room. I grabbed the last two plates and handed one to Harry. We filled our plates and headed to the living room to watch tv wth Niall and Carly. "You two should become like, chefs or something." Niall said with his mouth full. Carly nodded in agreement. I looked at Harry and smiled. It was fun having room mates.

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