unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


56. Back home






When we got off of the plane, I deeply breathed in the fresh air. It smelled like home. It was perfect. We got our luggage and headed to one of the two cabs waiting for us. All of us were going back to our flat for a 'welcome home' kind of thing. I sat in the car, and watched all of the familiar places come and go as the car sped down the road. The cab dropped us off in front of our building, and all of us carried our stuff up to the flat. Harry set his stuff down at the door, and unlocked it. We waked in, and the familiar smell of Carly's perfume, and Niall's cologne filled my nose. I set my stuff down, and ran over and hugged Niall, because I saw him first. His sent was much stronger now that I was closer to him. "Thank you. For saving my life." I wispered in his ear. He simply nodded. I moved to Carly, and hugged her really tight. "I'm so glad to have you two back! This place has been so boring without you guys!" She said making us laugh, all except for Niall, who gave her a questioning glance, before looking in the direction of their bedroom. Carly turned red, and all of us continued laughing. "Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT boring..." She corrected, making Niall put a proud smile on. "Anyway, we missed you guys a lot! Especially Calli!" Carly said, picking up the cat, and handing her to me. I stroked her for a minute before handing her to Harry.The girls were all staying at our place, and since our flat has four bedrooms, Perrie and Jesy roomed in one, while Jade and Leigh-Anne were in the other. They had to all share a bathroom. Harry and I carried our stuff to our room, and the girls did the same. I opened our french bedroom doors, and imidiatly smelled my perfume and Harry's cologne. I was surprised the smell was still so strong in here. I looked around the room, and then I knew why. "Carly, Niall, were you two in our room while we were gone?" I yelled into the living room. It was silent for a minute. "Yeah?" Carly said shyly. "And what exacly did you two do?" Harry yelled, also noticing our unusually messy room. "We, uh, tried on your clothes and perfume and pretended to be you guys.." Niall answered. Harry and I burst out laughing, followed by the Little Mix girls who were listening to the conversation. "And why exactly did you do that?" Harry asked. "Because we thought it would be fun, plus I like the smell of your cologne." Niall said.Harry and I giggled about what Niall said while we put our clothes away, and then cleaned up the mess that Niall and Carly left. "We are sooo getting them back for this..." Harry said, giving me a cheeky smile. I laughed and nodded. "Just a reminder, the first live show is... TOMORROW!!!!" Perrie yelled. The other girls cheered in the background. My heart raced. I have never been so excited because if we place atleast third, we get to join the Little Mix girls.  "Uh-oh..." Carly said, sitting on the living room couch with her laptop in her lap. "What?" I asked, looking at the computer screen. "Have you been paying attention to the other contestants on the show?" She asked me. I thought about it for a second. "Not really. I mainly hung around you, the boys, and some people that came up to me and were really friendly. I was always too excited to really catch anyone else's names being called. Why?" I asked. "Look who made it to finals..." Carly said, pointing to one name on the screen. My eyes widened. "I didn't know she could sing!" I said, looking at the name again. "She can't. She was in a "band" that she put together to get back at you. She never had a main part, and was always kind of a backup singer. The judges weren't going to put them through, but the rest of the group has good talent." She explained. "then why is her name on here alone?" I asked, eyes glued to the screen. "The rest of the group came to their senses, and kicked her out. There was four people, now there are three. The only reason she is still in the contest is because it's part of some weird rule. She's made it this far, so they have to keep her. She's sooo going to get voted off tomorrow. Simon says that we are one of the fan favorites, and that nobody really likes her." Carly said. "I can't believe Taylor is stupid enough to embarrass herself just to "get back at me". If anything she is doing me a favor. We will just make it through another round. Harry, come look at this!" I said, calling Harry into the room to see the screen. He leaned over the couch, and looked over our shoulders. He focused on the name Carly was pointing at. "Wow. This is going to be fun to watch tomorrow." He said, and walked back into the kitchen. Carly and I looked at all the other finalist. A lot of the people I got to know didn't make it, but two did, Bethany and Greg. They were in a group, and were really talented. I was worried about them beating us to be honest. Perrie and the other girls looked over our shoulder at the laptop. "Ah, looking at the competition. We did that when we were on the show. You girls have nothing to worry about. You will do fine." Perrie said, somehow calming my nerves a little. I unlocked my phone, and saw my twitter was blowing up. I opened the app, and saw a lot of good-luck posts, and posts saying they were glad I was ok, then there were some who were hating on me.  I normally just rolled my eyes at the hate, and I tried not to let it go to me, but when I looked at the current trending things, one of the top ones was #killthatKyliebitch and #Karryshoulddissappear and #Kyliecan'tsing. It didn't bother me, until I clicked on the hashtags, and read the tweets. I looked at a girl who's username was "Harrys_girl4life" and she used all three hashtags. "@Kylie_Official_ You should have gotten killed in America. Can't you see no one wants you here? You are just wasting Harry's time, and keeping him from being with me. Everyone knows you suck at singing, I bet Harry just paid your way into the live shows. Ha, you're pathetic. #killthatKyliebitch #Karryshoulddissappear #Kyliecan'tsing" I looked at the retweets, and saw 110 people have retweeted it. I felt myself tear up, so I got up and ran to our bedroom. I sat on our bed, and cried while reading more hate tweets. I don't know why I keep reading them when I know they make me sad, but I just can't help it. Minutes later, Harry rushed into the room, and got into the bed next to me. "what's wrong, love? Why are you crying?" He asked, his voice full of concern. "Read these!" I said, shoving my phone in his face. He took my phone, and looked at a few of the tweets. "Kylie, you know better than to listen to these people! They just want what we have, and they just can't have it." He said, pulling my into his chest and rocking me back and forth. "But what did I ever do to them to make them hate me so much? I don't even know these people!" I said, looking into his deep green eyes. "I don't know. I really don't understand why they do this stuff." He said, still holding me. "One second." He said, pulling out his phone. I watched the bright light shine in his eyes as he typed in our dark room. When he finished typing, and locked his phone, I felt mine buzz on my side, making me jump. I unlocked my phone, and it brought me straight to Twitter.  I saw the username: Harry_Styles  Flash on my screen, and I looked into his eyes. "Read it." He said, pointing to the phone. "To all of you people hating on my Girlfriend,@Kylie_Official_ you need to stop. Nobody deserves this, especially her.  If you guys really loved me, you would be happy for me, because i'm happy, and I love her. Nothing you can say will change my mind about this. We are humans just like you, and we have feelings. Please back off, and stop saying things to bring her down, because when you hurt her, you hurt me. Thank you to all of the fans who are staying out of the hate, you guys are the real fans, and I love you guys. Xx" When I finished reading it, I hugged him tight. "Thank you." I said quietly. "Of course! Nobody messes with us! Look! 564 retweets already! These people are fast!" He said, looking at the comments. I looked at the currently trending topics, and was surprised and glad to see #Karry4ever #WeloveKylie  #StophatingKarry and #CaliesgottheXfactor trending. I smiled, and tweeted, "Thank you to all of the fans that are sticking up for me, and my relationship with @Harry_Styles We love you guys so much it's unbelieveable! You guys are amazing and you all keep our dreams alive. Make sure to watch me and Carly tomorrow on X Factor! Thanks again guys! Muah!!! Xx" Harry read my tweet and smiled. "I'm glad you are feeling better, love. Do you want to join us in the living room again?" He asked, helping me off of the bed. I nodded, and we walked hand in hand back to the others.

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