unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


27. Awards


  I wanted to give Harry a taste of his own medicine, so I woke up early, and set a pillow under his head. I got Niall and Carly to walk out into the hall way for a minute and wrote Harry a note. I set up a hidden video camra so I could see how he reacted. We watched from outside the hotel door. A few minutes later, Harry woke up, looked around, and jumped up to turn on the lights. He searched the room and ran his fingers through his hair. I started feeling bad for him until he picked up the note. He read it and collapsed on the floor. We laughed out in the hallway, and Harry  ran out in the hallway. "I hate you guys, like really hate you." Harry said, smiling. I jumped up and hugged him. "You know I love you. Now you know how I felt all of those days I woke up laying on a pillow." I pointed out. He rolled his eyes. "So what are we going to do today?" Niall asked. "Well, we have to go shopping for our clothes, the Kid's choice awards are tonight, and we always miss it. Paul promised them that we would be there tonight, so we are going to get some clothes. Not to dressy, but nice." Harry explained. "Oh and Carly, you sing right?" Niall asked. She nodded excitingly. The boys smirked at each other. We went and woke up the other boys. We got in seperate cabs and headed to the mall. We got tired of piling up in the van, so this was the next best thing. We got to the mall and we all split. Boys went in One Direction, and the girls went in the other. We went into Hollister, and all found our jeans there, We all decided to wear skinny jeans, in differant colors. I was the only one to find a shirt there too. The other girls  wanted to get shirts from a differant store, so we went to Charlotte russe, and found their shirts. After shopping, we all found our outfits. Carly was wearing an off the shoulder, pink top, with dark denim skinny jeans, I was wearing a blue, fitted plaid shirt , with White skinny jeans,Eleanor is wearing a black, graphic shirt and red skinny jeans, Perrie is weaing a gold shirt that was baggy at the top, but fitted at the bottom, with grey skinny jeans, and Danielle is wearing  a ruffled green shirt and black skinny jeans. The boys were still looking around, so we went to get a smoothie and walk around a little. We ran into a few fans that wanted pictures and autographs, which surprisingly I was starting to get used to. Everywhere we went there was always a fan. After the fans left, we went to find the boys. "OH MY GOSH!!! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" A fan yelled, followed by a lot of screaming from girls. We all looked at each other and ran in the direction of the screams and ran into a mob of girls. We pushed out way through and saw the boys being harassed by fans. We finally got to them and pulled them out of the circle. We sprinted to the doors of the mall and got into our cabs. Luckily the boys finished shopping before all of the girls came. "I hate when that happens." Harry said, looking down at his hands. I knew he hated it because he wants meet and take pictures with all of them, but it's practically impossible. We got out of our cab and headed up to our rooms. We had a good three hours left to get ready. We changed into our clothes as fast as we could and went down to Lou Teasdale, their Hair and Make-up stylist. We still had two hours and fourty five minutes for her to work her magic on all of us. She did the boys hair and make-up first, them moved on to us. After she finished, we had fifteen minutes to get there. We arived with five minutes to spare, and got to our seats. I looked out into the crowd, and was surprised to see so many celebrities here. The show started, and it started off with the acting people first. I remember watching some of these people with my younger cousins, and cheered for all of them. It finally got to the music people, and I was excited because the boys were nominated twice. First off, was best male singer, Justin Bieber won that one, and Niall stood up and cheered the loudest. Then It was best band. "The nominees are, One Direction, The Wanted, and Big Time Rush." Everyone cheered at the band names being called. "The winner is...... ONE DIRECTION!" The boys jumped up and cheered. They ran up onto the stage to get their award. I was so happy for them. The next off was best song. "The nominees are 'Kiss You' By One Direction, 'Beauty and a beat' By Justin Bieber, 'Wide Awake' by Katy Perry, and 'Want you back' By Cher Lloyd!" I crossed my fingers, this catagory had some amazing artists in it. "The winner is...... One Direction!" The boys got up again to get their award. Harry came back and sat by me. "Good job!" I yelled over the screaming kids. They were about to take a commercial break when the announcer said, "And when we come back, a preformace, by the one and only One Direction!" I looked at Harry. "You didn't tell me you guys were going to preform!" I said. "Well, we're preforming, but there is a twist...." Harry winked at me. They came back from the commercial break and called the boys up on stage. Harry grabbed my arm, and Niall and Zayn grabbed Perrie and Carly. Danielle and Eleanor stayed in their seats and clapped. The boys brought us three on stage with them and  the stage people brought all eight of us microphones. Realization hit me like a rock. My eyes widened at Carly as she understood too. "Hello everyone! What would you like us to preform?" Harry said into the mic. Everyone in here screamed the name of a differant song. "How about... you. You pick our song." Harry said, pointing to a little girl in the second row. "Well, you won an award with Kiss you, so preform that one!" The girl yelled over everyone else. I realized that Perrie and Zayn sang his part together, and I was suppposed to sing Harry's part with him, and Carly with Niall. Butterflies errupted in my stomach. It came to our part and the whole time I stared at Harry, It calmed me down. When the chorus came, I got over my nerves and looked out into the crowd.Everyone was cheering us on and screaming out all of our names, not just the boys. When we finished our song and went back to our seats, the host gave a few more awards, and slimed a few more people before finally closing off the show. "You two did great! especially it being the first time you guys preformed on stage like that!" Perrie said, making me smile and blush. I looked at Carly who was doing the same thing. "I have an idea!" Niall said. "You two should go on The X Factor! that's how all of us got into music!" Niall added. They all agreed and I looked at Carly and shrugged. This might be a pretty good idea.

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