unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


45. America


  We got up really early, and Niall and Carly weren't awake yet. I got both of us breakfast, and Harry wrote a note for Niall and Carly so they don't freak out when we aren't home for five days. We ate our food and called a cab to the airport. When we got to the airport, we went on the normal airline routine, and eventually got to the gate. It was really early, so Harry and I were still tired, but the fans, I swear they are fucking vampires or something. They are everywhere. They have almost doubled in size too, because of Carly and I making it to the live shows. We boarded the plane, and were on our way to America. Harry grabbed my hand softly. I intwined our fingers, and with my other hand, I drew patterns on the back of his hand. We were in first class, because if we sat in coach, we would have fans all around us, at least up here, we get some peace and quiet. I leaned my head on Harry's shoulder, and soon I was asleep. Harry leaned his head back and fell asleep on the back of his seat. We jumped awake at the sound of the flight attendants voice. "Thank you for picking us and your flight! Now please put your seatbealts on, and prepare to land in America." She said. We clicked our seatbealts on. We felt the plane go down, and soon enough, we were on land. We got off of the plane and got our luggage. We rented a car, and I drove us to Lilly's house. When we finally got there, we got our of the car, and grabbed our stuff. I rang the doorbell once, and Mrs.Robinson opened the door. "Kylie! You look beautiful! Who is this?" She asked, looking at Harry. I laughed. "This is Harry Styles." I said, smiling at Harry. "Nice to meet you." Harry outstreached his hand. She took it and shook it gentally. "Wow Kylie, I remember when you and Lilly would sit up in her room and day dream about One Direction. I remember you would always talk about Harry, and how in love with him you were, and Lilly loved.... uh, which one was it?" She asked, looking at me. I laughed about the memories of talking about the boys like we knew them. I thought back to Lilly. "She always liked Niall. She thought his eyes were breath taking." I said, laughing about the look she always had on her face when we talked about Niall's eyes. "That's right! You know, I wasn't going to say anything, but wow! You can tell you two live in England! You both sound British!"She said, mentioning our accent. I never really noticed it before. I've always noticed Harry's, but I never knew I was picking up on it. Cool. "Bryce! Come see who is here!" Mrs.Robinson yelled. "Who is it Sarah?" He yelled back, making his way into the living room. "Mr.Robinson!" I yelled, getting up to hug him. "Whoa! You have gotten so big! And Brittish!" He said, hugging me back, I laughed. I really liked him, he was more of a dad to me then my actual dad was. "oh! Looks like all of those dreams and Fan Fictions you wrote has finally come true! Harry, right?" He said reaching out his hand to Harry. Harry laughed, and I looked down, embarassed. "Yes sir, I'm Harry Styles."  He said, grabbing his hand and shaking it. "What is all that noise?" A distant voice said. I knew that voice anywhere. He made his entrance into the living room. "LOGAN!" I yelled, running to him. "KYLIE!" He yelled, wide eyed, running to me. I hugged him. Logan was Lilly's older brother, even though his was only five months older. "I've missed you so much!" He said holding me tight. Harry cleared his throat, and Logan and I broke apart. "uh, Logan, This is Harry." I introduced them. "hi, i'm Logan." He said, putting his hand out for Harry to take. "Harry." Harry said, taking his hand and shaking his hand, then dropping it. Logan didn't mind. "You know, you're a lucky guy, she's great." Logan said, making me smile. I could tell Harry was getting jealous. He threw his arm around my shoulder. Logan just smiled. If there is one thing about Logan Harry should know, Logan doesn't show when he is jealous, he doesn't give people that satisfaction, and also, if he is jealous, he will do anything in his power to  make the other guy or girl jealous. He walked by me and kissed my cheek. "Good to have you back. oh, and I love your new accent." He wispered. Harry gave me a protective glance. I didn't know what to do, I'm in love with Harry, like head over heels, but I can't hurt Logan, not after loosing Lilly. Why did this always happen to me? With Harry and Jesse and now Logan. "Where are we sleeping?" I asked. Not anyone in particular, just in general. "Well, Logan has a queen sized bed, and Lilly's bed is only a twin. She could barely fit on it. We were actually about to buy her a queen, but, you know. The guest room is now a movie like room, so..." Mrs. Robinson said. Logan's face lit up. uh-oh. "I have an idea! Let Harry sleep in Lilly's old room, and Kylie can sleep in my room with me." Logan threw out. Harry got red with jealousy. "How about you take Lilly's old room, and Kylie and I take yours?" Harry said. "sorry, I don't let others sleep in my room unless i'm in there." Logan talked back. "Well, it's five right now, so let's just go out to dinner and we will talk about it there." Mrs.Robinson said. "You two can both go put your stuff in Lilly's room for now. We will go to a nice restaurant to catch up, so everyone, dress somewhat nice." She added. I led Harry to Lilly's old room. I could smell her perfume again.I kinda wanted to stay in her room, but there was no way Harry would sleep in the same bed as Logan. I looked through my bag, and got out a gold colored short dress with ruffles at the end. I put on my gold heels i brought for the dress, and went into the bathroom to fix my hair. I put it in big curls, and put on light make-up. "You look beautiful." Harry said, coming up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and then set his head on my shoulder, kissing my neck. Harry was still shirtless, and had on dark grey colored sknny jeans, and he was going to wear a blue, plaid shirt. (like in what makes you beautiful music video) I grabbed his shirt, and slipped it on over his shoulders. He stuck his arms through, and I started buttoning the shirt. He leaned his head down, watching my fingers push the buttons through. I buttoned the last button, and Harry slowly leaned down to kiss me. Our lips almost met, until Logan came in. "Are ya'll ready?" He said, sticking his head through the door. Harry closed his eyes and sighed. "Yeah." I answered for us. "ok, lets go." Logan said, walking into the living room. Harry backed up, and grabbed our phones, handing me mine. We started walking out the bedroom door,then I grabbed Harry's hand, causing him to smile. Lilly's parents had a van, because Logan and Lilly always had friends over, and this was the only way to transport all of us. Logan walked infront of us, so he opened the car door for us. He motioned for me to get in. I let go of Harry's hand, so I could get into the car. I slid in, and waited for Harry to slid in next to me, but instead, Logan did. I looked at him. His hair was the same color as Lilly's, chesnut brown, but his was short and spiked up. His eyes were also like Lilly's icey blue. It was a gorgeous mixture, but so was Harry's  chocolate curls, and green eyes. Logan was about an inch shorter than Harry, but still taller then me. He had pearl white teeth, and a good build. I looked at Harry, and he looked to good to be real, perfect teeth, amazing abs, great tan, and adorable eyes. He looked at me and smiled really big, causing his dimples to show themselves, making me smile. "so, i've been watching you on X Factor, with a girl named, uh.... Carly! Yeah, you two are really amazing! Who is teaching you all of those techniques anyway?" Logan asked, looking into my eyes. "uh, Harry and Niall taught me, actually." I said, pointing to Harry. We pulled up to the restaurant, and got a table. We used to go here all the time with Lilly for special events, so all of us knew what we wanted,besides Harry. We gave the waiter our drink orders, and Harry finally found something he wanted. "ok, so lets figure out the sleeping arrangement." Logan's mom said. "Well, I already said Kylie could sleep with me, and Harry could have Lilly's room." Logan said, a mouth full of food. "I don't know, Logan. You and Kylie are really close to the same age, and she has a boyfriend." Mrs.Robinson said, taking a bite of chicken salad. Harry looked satified, and grabbed my hand under the table and squeezed it. I smiled. Logan looked disapointed. "Oh! I have an idea! Remember! Our couch comes out into a bed! Is that ok with you two?" Mr.Robinson said. Before I could answer, or Logan could protest, Harry blurted out. "that's perfect!" Harry grabbing his drink. We caught up with everything for the rest of dinner, and headed back to the house. It was eight, so we put in a movie. "Let's watch a Disney movie." I said. "Lion King! That was your favorite movie! You used to make Lilly and I watch it with you!" Logan said, smiling. I laughed at that memory, and we put the movie in. We pulled out the bed, Mr. and Mrs.Robinson sat in their recliners, and I was inbetween Harry and Logan. Harry laid down, and Logan did the same. I laid down too, and both of them wanted me to lay with them. Harry put his arm around me, and Logan messed with my hand. I couldn't believe how jealous they were. They both scooted closer, untl I was pressed against both of them. I put my head on Harry's now bare chest, and Logan started playing with my hair. After the movie was over,  I barely had room to breathe because I was so squished. "Logan, I  think it's time to go to bed, we have an important day tomorrow." Mrs.Robinson said. Logan moaned, and reluctantly got up. They turned the lights off, and I cuddled close to Harry. "Finally, I get to have you without worrying about that guy." Harry said, twirling a piece of my hair in his hand. "I know love. I'm sorry, Logan just gets really jealous, and apparenty you do to, so you both compete to win me or something, but don't worry, i'm yours. Trust me. Just let me hang out with Logan a little bit. It's five days, and then you can have me all you want. Remember, I haven't seen him for years. Trust me, you won't loose me, I love you." I reasurred. "I know, I'm sorry. Good night. I love you." Harry said, and we fell asleep together.


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