unexpected love story

Kylie finds herself living the dream when she comes across one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. She starts falling for Harry after his rough break up with an ex. Harry feels like he has finally found his dream girl, and she feels like she is living the dream.... Will everything have a fairytale ending for them? Will the fans be too much? Will their past change their lives? Have they found true love?


37. Alone


 I woke up and rubbed my eyes. Something didn't feel right. I patted the bed next to me. Empty. I looked over. Something was terribly wrong. Harry was gone, and This was not our room. I stood up, and walked into the hallway. I walked into the guest room. Ryan? Why was my brother here. I walked down the hall further, my cousins. I started to freak out. I walked into the living room, and the smell of cigarette smoke filled my nose. I collapsed down and cried in my hands. I took out my phone and typed in 'Sexy Haz' nothing. I typed in all of the other boys names. Nothing. I look up Carly. Not there. I searched Google to figure out what was going on. I typed in one directon, and the top result was 'Is One Direction Done?' I clicked it and read the report. 

"Sadly, this is all true. It all ended when Harry Styles, of Holms Chapel, Cheshire, Over dosed on prescription medication. Styles is currently in the hostpital, but doctors concluded the young singer will never be able to sing again. We have also found out the reasoning behind taking all of the medication. Some one close to Styles has informed us that he was taking a hard fall with ex-girlfriend, Chloe, who is a year older than Styles. He went to the amusement park, and was mobbed by fans calling him dirty names. The boy bander couldn't handle the hate, and resorted to medication. This looks like the end for this loved boy band. Good bye, One Direction."

 I teared up, and eventually broke down. This isn't real. This is just a dream. I'll wake up, I have too. Harry needs me, and I love him and he loves me. Our history was too real to be my imagination. My aunt walked out of her bedroom, with a new guy she met on line. "What the hell do you think you are doing? I told you that you stay in your room unless you are called!" She yelled. I don't remember her being this bad before. She would at least pretend to be nice, or a responsible mother. I stood up and walked back into my room. My heart was shattered into a million pieces that could never be healed. I laid in my bed and cried. For hours. My brother walked in, and sat on my bed with me. It's like he could read my mind and he understood. He leaned against my shoulder and started crying too. I have never felt so terrible in my whole life time. We sat there all day long. We never left the room. I laid back down in my bed, with my brother laying next to me. I felt like I didn't want to live anymore. I fell in love with Harry Styles. I remember it so vividly. I remember every little detail. I remember walking in on Niall and Carly. I remember our shower. I remember going on X Factor and feeling alive and loved for once. Why did life have to be so cruel to me? Why did it have to give me a taste of heaven just to push me back down to this hell? I looked around the room. Evil. That is all I can see. Nothing pure, nothing happy. I passed out from stress. The thing is, I didn't want to wake up in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night because my brother shook me awake. "What's wrong?" I asked, tears streaming down my face. "you were screaming in your sleep. I got scared, so I woke you up." He explained. I put on a fake smile. I could never really smile again. It was all fake. I laid him back down and got up. I felt like a Zombie. Lifeless. I walked slowly into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like I felt. Pale and empty. My eyes were still burning from the tears. I opened the cabinet and decided I was going to end it all. I opened the bottle cap, and thought of Harry....

***************************************************************************************************************************************  Hey guys. I have two words to say to you.... APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!

None of this really happened. Kylie is still happily with Harry, the same with Niall and Carly. Harry is still able to sing, and Carly and Kylie still participate in the X Factor, and everything is going great. This chapter is a little harsh, but I wanted to freak you guys out. I am taking this chapter down on April 2nd, first thing in the morning. A real chapter will be posted soon. By the way, I got inspired to do this chapter from a fan fic called "Slave Auction" You should read it, she is a fantastic author.

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