Winter snow

Rachael is moving schools, she is not excited because everone know the new girl gets picked on and sadly that happens. what will happen when she bumps into someone she never thought she would meet !


2. First Day At School

Rachael's POV

I woke up by the sound of Kiss You in my ears, I got up a pressed the snooze button and remember it was my first day of school. I went to the bathroom and had a shower. I got out and picked an outfit, i wanted to make a good first impression so i picked out a denim dress with a black cardi and knee high boots.      

( here is Rachaels outfit )

I did my daily make up routine, foundation, powder, eyeshadow , eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I got in to my outfit and looked at my self in the mirror and i was satisfied. Once i went down stairs I saw my mum and my Sister Kayla eating breakfast.

"Morning Sweetie, eat your breakfast so your not late for your first day of school " my mum said cheerfully. I sat done and had my toast and grabbed my backpack, " Bye Mum !! "i shouted from the doorway.


I walked to the school and it was huge, i wonder how im gonna find my way to class. Once i arrived, i walked throught the doors and 'BAMM". Great ive already walked into someone. "S-sorry" i shuttered, I looked up and saw a girl that looked like a slut , her skirt was half way up her bum and wearing a top that make her tits pop out . " Watch were your going bitch" she spat at me. I quickly got up and walked over to the office to get my locker key and my timetable.



Ok guys ive started a new fanfiction cause i couldnt think for what to write so ive started a new one 

im gonna have a contest to see who is gonna be Rachaels BFF, so just tell me about your self, apperance, hobbies etc and im gonna choose one soon !!!!


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