Winter snow

Rachael is moving schools, she is not excited because everone know the new girl gets picked on and sadly that happens. what will happen when she bumps into someone she never thought she would meet !


1. Characters


Rachael J Hamilton

Hair: Lilac, mid-length, wavy 

Eyes: Big Blue

Hobbies; Dancing and Singing

Personality: Shy, but Talkative when best friends with someone

Likes; Dancing , Singing , One Direction , Animals

Age: 18

Birthday: May 20th


Kayla Hamilton 

Hair; Blonde, down to the bottom of her back, straight

Eyes; Big Blue/Green

Hobbies: Dancing and Singing

Personality: Hyper, Crazy, Talkative

Likes; Dancing, Singing, Cher Lloyd, Sweets


Birthday: 1st January 




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