My Best Friend Fell For Me


2. Chapter 2


As I walked into the library I smelt the faint scent of paint from the art corner. I looked around for Ms. Matthews to let her know I was here, but couldn't find her. I walked over to behind the desk, and started signing out the books that were meant to be going to a junior English Literature class. As I signed them out, I gave them a quick look to see what they were studying. Lord Of The Flies. Probably not the best choice, and it'd bore half the class to death, but oh well. 'Have fun you lovely little juniors', I thought as I placed the last book in the box. I taped the class and teachers name to the box and stuck it in the compartment next to the door.   "Ah, Holly, you're here! I was worrying you wouldn't show up." Ms. Matthews started, signalliing her arrival with a loud entrance and the slight smell of coffee. I smiled and nodded. "I'm here. You know I need the extra credit to get into Harvard next year." I thought about the great college as I said this. She smiled and giggled slightly. "Oh, Holly, you'll get in. You're a straight-A-student!" She laughed again. I must admit, Ms. Matthews always made me feel a slight bit more hopefull when she said I'd get in. I'd wanted to go to Harvard for six years now, and I was aiming to get in. The bell sounded and I grabbed my bag, making my way quickly to my Further Math class down the hall.   The Math classroom was filled with students already piling in to sit with their friends. Mr. Brooks started handing out folders, textbooks and workbooks. I walked into the classroom and sat in the seat next to Kristen's. She smiled at me before writing her name on the folder and workbook. I took my pen out and did the same, looking at the clock to see how long I had before my French class started. Kristen finished writing her name on the folder and turned around to face me. "So, got a date for prom yet Holly?" "Nope, no one's even bothered asking. I might not go.." I trailed off, thinking through the idea. "Holly! You can't just not go! Its our only chance at going to the prom! Plus, I think I know someone who wants to go with you." "Really? Who?" I asked, completely intrigued now by what she'd just said. "Um, hello, your best friend from like, forever. Derek! God, are you seriously that blind? Everyone can see it, especially with the way he acts around you!" She blurted out, smiling as she said it. A small giggle came from behind me, and I turned around to see that Monica Danvers was smirking behind me. "Poor girls. I think you'd find that Derek's in to me. Not Holly. Sorry to burst your bubble." She laughed before getting up and walking on over to sit on some big-built jock. I frowned and Kristen laughed next to me. "She wishes, Hols, don't worry." She said, before turning around to listen to what Mr. Brooks was saying.    As the final bell sounded before lunch, I quickly rushed to the library in order not to be late for my meeting. I walked through the doors of the farmiliar room, and set my bag down behind the desk, waving at Ms. Matthews. I sat down at the long table, which mostly contained teachers. Only two of us there were students - me, and a kid from freshman year. We all waited patiently for the meeting to commence. Ms. Matthews came out with biscuits and orange juice before starting.  "Right, everyone, so there's prom coming up now, and the board has decided they want the library to set the whole thing up: the theme, the decorations, everything. So, any ideas?" A few people shuffled at this proposition, and one of the technicians brought up the fact that you could have disco balls hanging from the ceiling. A lot more other people came up with ideas as the meeting went on, and the bell soon sounded for fifth period. I grabbed my bag and made my way up to the Chemistry lab.   I got into Chemistry to find that we were assigned lab partners. Derek looked at me and mouthed four words to me. "I hope we're together." I smiled and nodded as Mr. Lawrence called out lab partners. "...Tom and Diana, Jessica and Micheal, Derek and Monica.." My heart froze at this. Monica grinned at me as she grabbed Derek's arm. He tried to pull away, but she just held on tighter. He gave me an apologetic look and I shrugged. "... Holly and Kristen.." Kristen walked over to me, smiling. I smiled back and we took our seats whle our teacher called out the rest of the lab partners.   "God, I can't believe he's with her in Chem. That's so unfair! He should've been with you!" Kristen complained as we sat in the cafe in our free period. I shrugged off her complaint. "Whatever. It's fine. I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of it." I said to her, mixing sugar into my coffee. She took a bite out of her blueberry muffin before carrying on. "I'm making a big deal out of it because you would both be great together!" She shook my shoulders gently as she said this. I laughed at her and smiled. "Kris, don't be silly. He's my bestest friend! I've known him since I was little. It'd be weird if we ever dated. She can have him. It doesn't bother me.." I trailed of, smirking. I could think of many reasons why she shouldn't have him, but none of those included me. Apart from the fact I'd rather not see him get hurt by some spoilt rich bitch. I laughed at the thought, and carried on listening to my friend opposite me. "It wouldn't be weird if you guys dated. It'd be cute. Plus, if not, who would you go to prom with? And she can not have him. She's a bitch and we both know it." She said, making us receive dirty looks from the old couple in the next booth. I laughed at her and nudged her leg with my foot. "Quiet, Kriss. I might not be going to prom, anyway. There's really no point." "Sorry, Hols, but you are. I'm dragging you, whether you like it or not. I'm making you go." I finished off drinking my coffee before Kristen kicked me. "What the hell, Kris?!" I said, rubbing coffee off my lap. She pointed towards the door. I looked up to see two people there. Two people who made my heart race quicken, and two people I didn't want to see together. Derek and Monica.  
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