My Best Friend Fell For Me


1. Chapter 1


I grabbed my bag as I heard him call my name from down the stairs. I quickly reapplied my lipgloss and left the house ready for school. "What took you so long this morning?" He asked as I walked off the last step. I stuck my tongue out at him, grabbed my jacket and opened the door.  "Ladies first." I called after him as he made his way out of the door. He laughed and opened the door to his Jeep. I set my bag down on the car floor, taking in the sweet scent of black grape and forest fruits. I layed my head back against the leather seat as he made his way into the car. He turned on the engine and drove down the road, on the familiar road down to the high school.   "So, seniors this year, Holly. And prom's only in a couple of weeks. You been asked yet?" Derek asked me as I stepped out of his car. I shook my head, blushing slightly under my honey-blonde curls. "No, not yet. What about you?" I asked back. Derek was one of the hottest guys in school, and was on the schools football team. Actually, he was captain. And he was friends with me - the average girl with honey-blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, next to no curls and who happened to be on the library committee. Cliché? Yeah, I thought so, too. "Only by a couple of people, but not many. I kinda wanted to ask this one girl, but I'm sorta too shy to do it." He told me, blushing slightly. His dark brown hair fell down over his left eye, making me giggle slightly. He hated his hair falling down below his eyes, especially in football. "Ask her then. You big wuss. You're one of the most popular guys I know. You shouldn't have a problem in asking someone to go to the senior prom with you." I said, laughing slightly. He nodded at what I was saying, shrugged it off, and put his arm around me. "So, lunch with me, or -" "I'm at a library meeting. I can't. Sorry, Derek." I apologised, giving him a small smile. His face dropped slightly, but he soon changed his expression when he saw the rest of the team. They came running over to us - well, Derek - and dived on him, attacking him in a  bear hug. I quickly dodged out of the way, careful not to drop my stuff. One of the newer members of the team, Carlson, gave me an apologetic look before joining in with the bear hugging. "I'll catch you later, Derek. See you in the Chem lab!" I called over to him before making my way into the school, where I found my other friends, Kirsten and Ashlyn. I smiled and waved before making a beeline towards the library, where I'd spend the next ten minutes checking in books before going to Math.
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