the haunted house

8 friends go into a haunted house not knowing that something awaits waiting for them inside.4 ascape but what 4 are left behind.


4. (chapter five ) who dies and who survies ?

(up stairs)

Alix: what exactly are we looking for?

Me: a way out.

Rosie: where the windows are all bared up.

Jess: what about the attick.

Rosie:what about the attick?

Alix: of causs there might be a window up there.

jess: yh.

Me: ok lets go.

(down stairs)

Laura: ok so look for any exit.

Michalle: ok

Will: found one.

ms winton came out of the shadows


ms winton stabed will

Michalle: RRRUUUNNN!!!!

(ms winton throghs knith and it hits michalle)

Laura: oh my god

Michalle: dont worry about me just go.

(laura kisses michalle)

Ms winton caught laura on the stairs but laura got away, ms winton pulled out a shot gun and missed laura by a little bit she got to the top of the stairs and tryed again a got her in the head.

(back up stairs)

Me: theres no window.

Rosie we will just haft to make a hole.

Me: ok theres a slege hammer in the corner

we made a giant hole but it was 4 stories high suddenly ms winton came and pushed us all down we landed on the grass and all survied and suddley the entire house clapsed.

Jess: i take it thats the end of that.

Me: yh thats the end.


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