the haunted house

8 friends go into a haunted house not knowing that something awaits waiting for them inside.4 ascape but what 4 are left behind.


3. (chapter 4) the problem

one bye one we all shoad up and we began the disscution.

Me: Matt, Finley and Kieren are on to us they are going to ms wintons house tomoro night so we haft to come up with a plan any ideas.

Alix: i know it sounds horrid but we haft to kill her and it has to look like someone was their.

Rob: i think we haft to, wont we?

Me: yh there's no other way, we're leave tonight.

so we all set of to go and kill ms winton.When we got there we went round the back she had fallen asleep on the couch and we killed her we draged her to the haunted house and we hid her in the basement but that was after we smashed up her house.

Rosie: are we not gonna get figured out.

Me: no 

Rosie: how do you know we could have left something behind like a foot print or something i dont want to get sent down we went round the back didnt we so we could have left a foot print behind.

Me: you cant worry about it if you worry people will figure us out if they figure us out then we will get sent down ok, do you know how many people have the same sized feet as us, lots ok so when we get home check you shoes dont let anyone know what we did and dont let anyone know, OK!

Rosie: ok i will calm down  besides i was all for it and i will just pretend that i didnt like her.

But then the roof started to creak.

Laura what the hell was that!!??

Michalle: i dont know but i dont like the sound of it.

Jess: me neather but dont matter dont worry its proberly nothing ok so lets all go home .

suddenly the roof clapsed infront of the front door.

Jess: ok lets go round the back ok.

but then we couldnt find laura

Me: laura. LAURA.

Alix: where did she go.

Rosie: she proberly went out, right ?

Jess: yh she must of.

Me: ok lets go.

but then a knith came flying out of no were and hit rob.


Rosie: oh my god ,oh my god.

Me: we haft to go NOW.

so we all ran to the back door but then the roof clapsed infront of the back door so we all ran down to the basement.

Me: is everyone ok.

Alix: (crying)

Me: (huging alix) its ok.

Rosie: um guys.

Me: what?

Rosie: ms wintons body's gone.

Me: it cant be.

Rosie: come take a look if you dont beleave me.

Me: thats impossible.

Alix: what if that little girl who died here is posessing her.

Me: that might of happend ok lets split up ok laura, michalle and will go together up down hear me alix Rosie and jess go together up stairs ok lets go.  




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