the haunted house

8 friends go into a haunted house not knowing that something awaits waiting for them inside.4 ascape but what 4 are left behind.


2. (chapter 3) the roomer

when everyone got to school the roomer started to spread around by me my friends and rob.

Will:ok so i think the roomers getting spread by everyone so we just haft to wait.

Me: cool,so were is everyone else got to.

Will: umm i think the're spreading it a bit more

Me: well they cant spread it to much or we might get suspected go round them up please.

Will: ok.

so will went to round up the rest of them and some boys called matt, finley, and kieren came up to me.

Matt: how do you know that ms winton got kiddnaped by a killer.

Me: because me and alix saw them.

Finley: what were they wearing?

Me: a ski mask a black coat some white rubber gloves some ripped thin joggers and black and white high tops.

Kieren: well i know where ms winton lives so we will see if your telling the truth or not.

Me: fine.

so matt, finley, and kieren went of and i was left stranded in a sitturation witch i didnt know how to get out of it then will and the others came. and i said lets meet up at the end of school to desscuss something with them at the haunted house.

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