the haunted house

8 friends go into a haunted house not knowing that something awaits waiting for them inside.4 ascape but what 4 are left behind.


1. (chapter 2) the name of the game

we went inside and the door slambed behind us we all thought it was the wind so we just carried on with what we were doing.

Me: ok so the name of the game is cry wolf we all spread a roomer around school i saw it on a movie once they spread around their school and they spread that a killer was going around the school ours wont be that but something like it, we can spread that a killer took one of our teachers and has probably killed them, but we just haft to get a teacher that is fired or has quit, does anyone know any teachers that have quit or got  fired ?

Will:yh didnt you hear ms winton got the sack oh so i herad.

Me:cool,is everyone ready lets go home and we will work on the roomer tomoro.

so everyone went home waiting for the next day to come.

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