Journey to the center of my mind (A poetry collection)

My poetry collection! :) xx


2. A Murderer


I stand there in the corner

Nothing feels normal

I scream

Scream my heart out

So that the devil in hell

Hears my cry.


I am hurt

Hurt by your words

Don’t you think

It’s too much?

Your hurtful words

Tear me down

I cry

Cry my heart out


Can’t you see

I’m just like you

I am a human too

Your criticizing and sarcastic looks

Are killing me

You want me dead, right?


Am I the only one?

Why is it always me?

I haven’t hurt you

Why are you hurting me?


I try to kill myself

Remove myself from the world

“One cut, that’s all” I say

I was hurt

So again I started to cut

“One cut, that’s all” again I said


Here I lie


You are happy now, I guess

That “one cut” cost me my whole life

I just couldn’t see the brighter side of living

That “one cut” killed me

So here I lie



Now you think

You shouldn’t have hurt me

Your taunting words killed me

You have no time to repent

As I am gone now

You should have seen the darker side of bullying

You hurt me

You killed me from the inside and the outside

You are a murderer!

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