xXMean GirlsXx

*I have copied this off a film*

Raised in the African bush country by her zoologist parents ,Cady thinks she knows all about the 'survival of the fittest' But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 15-year-old enters public high school for the first time

Trying to find her place jocks ,mathletes and other subcultures , Cady crosses paths with the meanest species of all - the Queen Bee , aka the cool and calcuting Regina , leader of the school's most fashionable cligue , The plastics. When Cady falls for Reginas ex-boyfriend , though, the Queen Bee is stung and she scheme's to ruin Cady's social future .Cady's social future .Cady's own claws soon come out as she leaps into a hilarious ''Girl World'' war that has the whole school running for cover

*characters have changed if you have seen the film*


6. The Plastics

I walk into lunch going over too Fran and Brandon. But this boy comes up too me and says wanna hold my hand I say no then these 3 girls sitting on a table say ''Do you wanna make out with him'' And I say no (AGAIN) then they stop me again and say

''Is that your natural hair colour ''

''Year'' reply

''What colour is it'' A tall blonde one says

''Strawberry blonde but too be easy its ginger'' I love calling it strawberry blonde it sounds lovely!

''How come I have never seen you around here before I no everybody and by the way I'm Regina ''

''I'm Cady'' I reply one off the girls has tall blonde hair and is really pretty and another who looks a little dumb(not being mean) and another coffee colourd skin and long dark hair curled who is also really pretty. They ask me if I would like too come shopping with them today after school and I say sure as I have nothing else too do unless Fran or Brandon might ask me too do something with them; nevertheless, I say then I have too sit with them they are so clingy, they tell me that if I want too sit with them I  have too: wear pink on Monday

                                                   only can have hair tied up on 1 day off the week (I guess I choose today)

                                                   trousers on Tuesday and Friday if we choose

                                                   and  have too wear skirts shorter than knees AT LEAST!


I glance over too Brandon And Fran and they tell me too stay sitting with them if I like but from there faces I can see they wanted me too come over I tell the girl I have too go and sit with them and they say ''Don't sit with Fran cause when we were little she was my friend and she was all normal but when we got here she turned into a lez'' I'm not sure into believing her because at this schools many things are going on at once!!!


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