xXMean GirlsXx

*I have copied this off a film*

Raised in the African bush country by her zoologist parents ,Cady thinks she knows all about the 'survival of the fittest' But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 15-year-old enters public high school for the first time

Trying to find her place jocks ,mathletes and other subcultures , Cady crosses paths with the meanest species of all - the Queen Bee , aka the cool and calcuting Regina , leader of the school's most fashionable cligue , The plastics. When Cady falls for Reginas ex-boyfriend , though, the Queen Bee is stung and she scheme's to ruin Cady's social future .Cady's social future .Cady's own claws soon come out as she leaps into a hilarious ''Girl World'' war that has the whole school running for cover

*characters have changed if you have seen the film*


3. Joing the mathletes

''Okay I'll try it, when is it ''I ask

''Tuesdays and Thursdays in here, later Africa'' cool ,first day and I already have a nickname ; even though I would off preferred something like ''beauty''  or ''lovely'' but...Nevertheless; I walk down into lunch then look where too sit as I over heard another kid talking too her friend saying where you sit is the most important thing when you start high school , I peer though the door


One table there's jocks

second table there's geeks(no offence as I'm one myself)



,SO nowhere too sit tough look I walk into the toilet the only empty place round here and the only place I fit in I lock the door and eat my burger and fries , I hear something...


''Brandon ,why are you in the GIRLS toilets anyways?''

''Why are you''

''I AM a girl your a boy, and pink jumper really''

''ACTUALLY you look more boy and I look more girl you are Emo...Fran someone's in here''I see someone look under...OH no oh now what shall I do...


''Just leave her'' this Fran says

I open the door and I see a tall looking girl with black lips and black hair tied in a messy but she looks pretty under her makeup and a boy who I suppose is called Brandon who wears a 'Lacoste' T-shirt which is pink I think he might be GAY doesn't that mean happy...

''Hi I'm Cady'' I say.


Thanks if you have favourited it it takes me a long time too write chapters as I write in my notepad but I get writers block and the last chapter was very short as I actually clicked publish when I wasn't supposed too that should be with this one but at least it fills up space  7:58pm Saturday 16th March 2013 xx Love You xx

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