Life Changing

Bethany is a MASSIVE directioner! When she gets into class there is a poster saying to go straight to the games hall when seen, because a special visitor, she and her bestfriend, Caitlyn, were confused, because who else is everyone, well the girls, in love with from Mullingar!? Read on to find out the story!


3. Will you?

Niall's P.O.V


She was beautiful! Her dark brown, straight hair sat perfectly, her crystal blue eyes, she was perfect, is she the princess I've been looking for? I answered questions for what felt like forever! But it sure is good to be home, I've missed my family so much!


I kept my eyes on the girl in the crowd that asked me to marry her, so that when the Question and Answer session and VIP Ticket competition was over, I could go and ask for her number or something and if she wanted to go out for dinner tonight, but before that I was going to ask her to sing with me just before the competition. I really hope she likes me and would like to meet up later tonight... I looked at her, yet again, and I think she was still embarrassed about shouting "Marry Me!" But I got off of the stage, with the crowd still there, and asked her to sing at the end with me, she was unconvinced until her friend called Katie or something said "she's amazing and she'll do it!" I looked at the brunette and asked for her name, she replied very lightly but still smiling "Bethany, and I'll sing for you.", what a lovely name?


I was halfway through and I was getting tossed questions from every side of the hall! It felt different, at concerts Harry, Liam or Louis usually answer for me and Zayn... But I like different, different is nice. But I always thought the girls wouldn't like me so much, I thought I was just an extra that no one liked, I thought wrong.


Bethany's P.O.V


Oh my god! Niall Horan did not just come upto me and ask me to sing with him! I think he forgot about the whole 'Marry Me!' thing. Thank god. Niall was just so dreamy, it was near the end of the question and answer session so I headed toward the side of the stage that was set up, Niall came and took my hand, he whispered "Stay behind when this is finished, please?" I couldn't resist but say yes, he decided us to sing 'Little Things', my favourite all-time song, I was so happy, he looked into my eyes half of the time and I did the same, I was more than nervous because it was nearly the full of the schools girls!


This was embarrassing, not because of Niall, because of Caitlyn, she was screaming the loudest I think haha! The song finished and there was loads of cheering, this is when the competition for One Direction TMH Tour VIP tickets started....

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