Life Changing

Bethany is a MASSIVE directioner! When she gets into class there is a poster saying to go straight to the games hall when seen, because a special visitor, she and her bestfriend, Caitlyn, were confused, because who else is everyone, well the girls, in love with from Mullingar!? Read on to find out the story!


2. Marry Me!

So I've just arrived at school and I can't find Caitlyn anywhere! The school isn't as loud as usual today, what's happened? I just got here in time, the bells about to go and if I'm late I get sent to the head teacher, just because my teacher hates me, as I walk into class, no ones there, I see a poster on the wall saying "Go straight to games hall when seen, special visitor" oh god, if we found out earlier I would've tried to look better! Oh well, I'm here now and there's not a way of getting back.

I walked into the games hall and found Caitlyn then sat beside her, we do everything together, it's like a little relationship we have haha! the head teacher stood on the stage which was probably set up before school hours. He spoke into the microphone and said "As you all hopefully know, we have a very special visitor in today, but girls don't scream too much when he walks on stage, I don't need to introduce him as you all will probably know who he is when he comes on stage!" I had loads of questions running through my head, who was it? Is he famous? Do I love him? Why did she say not to scream as much? Millions of questions with one answer, I waited for about 5 minutes until I heard a very familiar voice say "Hello Mullingar High!"...

OH MY GOD ITS NIALL HORAN OMG IM DYING HE'S BEAUTIFUL AH GOD SAVE ME HE'S DREAMY!! All of the girls screamed as most of the boys walked out. Luckily for me and Caitlyn we were right in front of the stage, he had a glimpse of the crowd then said "So I'm here to talk to yous, a bit like a question and answer day. There's also a chance to win VIP Tickets for the TMH Tour, right here in Mullingar!" there was another big scream from the crowd of girls as he said it, this is mine and CItlyn's chance to meet One Direction, oh god! I shouted "Niall marry me!" Without thinking, he asked who shouted it then Caitlyn screamed, "Bethany did, this girl right here! Marry her!" I turned red and looked to the ground, I could tell Niall was looking at me...
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