Life Changing

Bethany is a MASSIVE directioner! When she gets into class there is a poster saying to go straight to the games hall when seen, because a special visitor, she and her bestfriend, Caitlyn, were confused, because who else is everyone, well the girls, in love with from Mullingar!? Read on to find out the story!


1. Boring Life...

Bethany's P.O.V.


I woke up to my alarm blaring. Ah, why does it have to be Monday!? I thought to myself, life is boring in Mullingar, why can't I be Niall Horan's girl, then I'd have an interesting life, not like the usual one.


I do like school but all of the boys annoy me and my friends on how we LOVE One Direction! As I got up I looked at my walls filled with 1D merchandise and sighing at the thought of never meeting them, I've got tickets for the Take Me Home Tour, but it's not VIP! My life is boring, all I do 7 times a week is study and work basically...


I've always dreamed off meeting One Direction, haha, yes what a loner I am. Anyway, I looked at my clock and it was coming on to 10 past 7am, time to get ready now, I walked into my wardrobe and got my uniform out, another day of school, kill me now!


Well it isn't so bad, I've got my bestfriend, Caitlyn, in all of my classes! I wonder what she'll forget to bring or do today, haha! I can't wait to finally see her, she's just back from holiday in Spain on Saturday, I've missed her so so much!


Authors Note; Sorry for the short chapter! If you like it/have any ideas comment and I might consider in using them in the story!

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