Life Changing

Bethany is a MASSIVE directioner! When she gets into class there is a poster saying to go straight to the games hall when seen, because a special visitor, she and her bestfriend, Caitlyn, were confused, because who else is everyone, well the girls, in love with from Mullingar!? Read on to find out the story!


4. And the winner is...

Niall's P.O.V


We started the competition and I done a couple of meet and greets, it got to Bethany and Caitlyn, but as usual Paul had to ruin it by bombarding my phone with texts until I answered. Every effing time. I read the text.


"Niall we have a meeting 3 o'clock, sharp be there! Paul."


"Okay, I'll leave at half past, I'm at Coláiste Mhuire High."


I read it and let out a big sigh, I hate it when he does this, especially in the middle of meeting fans. I looked at my watch, 2.15pm, I'll leave in 15 minutes, as I locked my phone I looked up to see Bethany and Caitlyn waiting really patiently, wow, whenever i get a text the fans usually try to check it never mind wait till I replied haha! I gave Bethany my number and she gave me hers. 2.25pm, the meet and greet finished and the competition winners were finally able to find out if they'd be coming to the concert, as well as going backstage to meet me and the boys!


The head teacher came back up onto the stage and announced, "No one abuse the winners for the tickets or hate them for winning, as you will be dealt with, but also, Niall actually used to goto this school so he can tell you what the punishments were like! But, as time is running out I better hurry up. And the winners are...



Bethany O'Boyle and Caitlyn Ahearne!"

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