five dimensions

In the dimensions, the leaders are worried about carndreds coming out of portals. When reene follows a man eating carndred through a vortex, her and the people she meets try to save the dimensions from the dangers coming from an unknown dimension full of terror.


3. sasha


Soaring through the sky on her snowmobile, Sasha was on a roll and nothing could come between her and the bad guys. With the wind in her hair, she raced over the snowy mountains, never losing sight of her target. Sasha was on her very first mission and if she succeeded she would be known as the girl who caught the notorious villain known, the Wolf.  She was young, 15 to be exact, and this was supposed to be her mum’s mission not hers but her mum had let her do it (Sasha's mum was rebellious as a girl too and she still is now) . Sasha smiled at the thought, she would have a story to share with her grandchildren of how she captured the evil masked figure known as the wolf.

She was being shot at from every direction but being the daughter of special agent Michael Cameron, the man who found the clear crystal and saved the dimension, she knew what to do. She got out her laser lipstick and aimed at the wolfs henchmen, it was just like a game to Sasha, one she would always win, and she was loving every minute of it. She had come to the conclusion there were five henchmen that were a potential threat, so she started to shoot at them. Breathing calmly she aimed and fired. Direct hit. She didn’t want to harm them, well only if she had to, so aimed for there snowmobiles instead and so far had managed to knock two off. Another two surrounded her, one on her right and one on her left, she was stuck. They began shooting at her, Sasha started to dodge and weave. 'We're gonna get you girly'. They got even closer and closer to her, until she could see the sweat dripping of their foreheads. Sasha knew exactly what to do, she had of course made a detailed plan in her head. Her first action was to come to a complete halt, as soon as she did she thought she had lost them. Out of nowhere one of them shot at her engine, she could hear it splutter and die. 'You're gonna have to do better than that lass', he yelled laughing. Wanting her revenge and glory, she pulled out a wire from her utility belt and threw it, it landed on the back of the henchman’s snowmobile. She reached for her snowboard 'you can't get rid of me that easy', she laughed. Sasha pumped her fist in the air, the adrenaline was like a drug to her. The henchman didn’t realise until it was all too late, she hunched forward and sped up slightly. Unlatching her belt she grabbed hold of the handles and jumped on. With one punch, the henchman landed face down in the icy snow. She smiled her cheeky smile and put the power to full speed to catch up with the rest of the bad guys.

Sasha had a nasty and snobby side to her, you never quite knew if she liked you or not, this had worked to her advantage more than once. To your face she could be fun to be with but behind your back she could be a nasty piece of work. Sasha had caught up to the second henchman and he was soon lost in the white blizzard. The remaining henchman stayed very close to the wolf, he never left his masters side. Sasha couldn't help but noticing the long painful looking scar, starting at the top of his head and going all the way down to his neck. 'I wonder how he got that', Sasha gulps. He turns back and laughs at Sasha, revealing a normal grey blue eye and one dark black the colour of death. Sasha heard herself gasp, she had never seen such evil. She shook the horrible thought from her head and got on with the job in hand, she had a quick look back and sped up. The man on the side of the wolf slowed down and fell behind him, how she was going to get to him now.


In the air above the chase between Sasha and the Wolf, a portal opened.

Renee felt dizzy, too much was going round in her head she couldn’t stop it. Her whole body felt distorted and she couldn’t cope with the sound, it was like a loud annoying buzzing in her ear, she had earache, backache a headache, lets just say everything ached. She desperately wanted to go to sleep. She closed her eyes and tried to take deep breaths to stop herself from being sick or fainting. She thought fainting inside a portal would not be a wise option. She suddenly found herself flying through the air, her headache was still present but at least the noise had stopped. The cold cut through her like knife, her thin pyjamas clung to her, she started to shiver. Realising that she would be landing soon and probably wouldn’t make it, she prepared herself for the worst. She did what came naturally, she began to scream. All she could see on the way down was white, she closed her eyes ready for the impact. For the second time she was in luck, as she landed on something soft. It all went black.

When Renee finally came round, she saw a girl about the same age as her. She tried to speak but nothing would come out so she awkwardly just stared at her for a while. Even though Renee's vision was blurred, she saw the girl she was very pale, had pale lips with dark brown eyes; long black hair and wore something very peculiar that Renee turned her nose up at. The girl wore skin tight clothes with a jacket and long boots, she wore a belt which held objects on and just like her hair the clothes were jet black.

Renee couldn’t understand why in the dimension this girl would wear such strange clothes, then a strange thought occurred to her. Maybe she wasn't in the same dimension anymore. The girl spoke with a husky voice, she spoke quickly with a hint of worry, “hurry we have to go, they escaped and know who I am”. Renee looked puzzled at her and was trying to work out what was going on. “Come on it’s your fault I can leave you here you know”. Renee got up and immediately had to sit back down again, her head went dizzy, her eyes went fuzzy and she threw up. The girls face wrinkled up in disgust and had to cover her nose to stop feeling sick. Renee tried again, this time she could stand up weakly, “ Hi I’m Renee, could you tell me where I am?”. The dark haired girl replied “I’m Sasha, come on I'll explain on the way”.  



“Unoksi”- the library door opened and a figure slipped in as quiet as a mouse. He whispered some words making the old, grey warlock, who owned the library, fall unconscious at his desk. The figure approached the wall at the back of the library, there was nothing out of the ordinary on the wall, just some cobwebs, but he knew there was something behind the wall. He just didn’t know how to get to it and he was running out of time. He began to examine the wall, his hands searching in every nook and cranny, nothing. He looked around the warlock’s desk and got on his hands and knees, he looked in draws and on the floor, he looked high and low... nothing. He sighed and was just about to give up when, bang, a book fell on the floor. He looked around quickly wandering who could have done that, but no one was there. Did the book know he was looking for it? 

He crawled slowly to where the book was and picked it up. He read the front cover ‘the art of secret passageways’, there was a language in there he couldn’t understand, halfway through the book there was nothing on the pages. He remembered something his teacher told him “just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean its not there”. He waved his wand and said “fadas inguom”. Words started to appear, which he could understand, he chuckled to himself as this was the first time he had ever done that and it worked. He scanned the pages quickly looking over his shoulder every five seconds, finally he found it. He cried out “maladame”. Nothing happened for a good minute or two so he stood. He was about to leave when suddenly the walls around him came crumbling down, he panicked and froze on the spot. He didn’t know what to do, what had he done he thought to himself, how was he going to explain this, fear rose in him. Suddenly the walls stopped falling and a door had appeared, the figure blinked in disbelief taking a deep breath, he walked through the narrow doorway. It was easy to get to them if you knew where they were and fortunately he did. There was only six people who knew where they were he was the sixth, he only knew because of his father, even the warlock that owned the library didn’t know they where there.  He began to walk, but the walls were coming back up and surrounding him, he made a run for it, down the long passage way. Running to quick to take everything in, all he could make out was the silhouette of the door at the end; a light was coming from inside. He took a deep breath and tried to remember what his father had told him, all the legends he had heard when he was a kid. Elves, humans and even vampires that came from other worlds, through these things that were secretly hidden somewhere in the wizard dimension. The other witches and wizards thought he was crazy and he couldn’t understand why, surely they knew but obviously they just thought they were stories, no reason to believe them but he knew better. No one wanted to believe in other worlds or people they didn't understand. The portals that led to other dimensions and when he spoke to his father he said “they might not believe because nobody wants to but they’re real and you know it”.


His father was a very important man, he knew this as when he was young he hardly ever saw his father. The only time was half an hour before he went to bed, his father would fill his head with stories and he went to bed dreaming of all sorts of wonderful things. On his eleventh birthday his mother grew ill and passed away. His father stopped telling him stories, he stayed inside all the time and stopped bothering to take his son to wizard school. One night just before his twelfth birthday, the young wizard lay awake on his bed tossing and turning. He was debating whether to go down to see his father or not. His father was looking older than he had remembered, his face full of worry lines and he spoke very little these days. He didn’t know whether it would help going down to see him. He desperately wanted to see his father but something stopped him. Eventually he lifted himself up and walked to the door, he tiptoed quietly and went to turn the handle but again something pulled him back. He stood there for five minutes moving his hand back and forth, finally he opened it. He crept down the big winding staircase and headed for the white doors to his fathers office. He knocked, all he could hear was silence so he went to open the door. He prepared himself, for what his father might say about how he should be asleep but there was no one in there, his father was no where to be found. He looked around not knowing what do next, when he saw his father outside walking hypnotically to the broom shed. His father took one out, sat lightly on it and was rising up slowly towards the west. The boy stood there motionless for a few seconds but then burst into action. He ran out of the office doors and to the front door, grabbed his 3 year old coat which was getting far too small for him and opened the door. He called for his broom as soon as he got down the steps, it came quickly and he was up in the air by the time you could say pumpkin soup. It was quite warm for three o’clock in the morning, the boy thought to himself and he didn’t really need his coat. He followed his father to the library and watched him whisper “unoksi”. He waited a few minutes before following his father through the library, the warlock at the desk had his head down and was snoring very loudly. A door which was closing quickly seemed to be the only option so he ran jumped through it. I don’t remember that being there he thought to himself just as it closed up. Fear rose through him, what If he couldn't get out? He whacked on it but no one answered. He could only go forward, hoping his dad would help him get out afterwards. He ran the corridor not taking any of the sights in as he passed and came to a door which was slightly open, he looked through it to see four massive swirling vortexes. He opened his mouth wide in horror wanting to scream but nothing would come out, his father was in there all scrunched over facing a portal the most evilest looking, one all black and dead. Something was pulling his father towards it, and then he saw it his father had a necklace on. The necklace was plain except for a crystal at the end as black as the portal. He had heard about the four crystals one red, one clear, one green and one blue they were symbols to mark which dimension you were in. They were in the storied his father had told him, but he was never told of a black one, where did that lead?  You see every one knew the stories, even if they did not believe them, but no one paid attention to how you could get to them. His father told him, he knew a way that nobody else knew apart from the four leaders. “You mustn’t tell any one son it’s a secret”. He always thought that his father had made it up but these were obviously real, a rush of excitement ran through him. He shook his head, his father was about to get sucked to a land of the unknown. He screamed, “stop”. His father shook his head waking from his hypnosis, but it was too late. His father was about to get sucked in. Just before he could he yelled “I’m sorry Rufus”.


Remembering all this Rufus shuddered, he repeated everything his father had done, but it didn’t feel right, he was having second thoughts about stepping into an unknown world. Just a few hours ago a fellow witch had disappeared through a vortex and just a few hours before that, he had found a necklace the clear one in his auntie’s house. When he found it he got so excited ,he jumped for joy, maybe it would lead him to his father. Now all Rufus wanted to do, was go home get under a blanket and go to sleep till the dimension had sorted it self out. He breathed out heavily and walked up to the wall, horrible memories came flooding back of his father and a tear rolled own his cheek. He stood there for a few moments with the necklace in his hand waiting, then cursed under his breath, he had got so worked up about would he like to come here? Does he want to go into another world? Would he had the courage to break into the library? He completely forgot about how was he going to open the portal. He tried putting the necklace on... nothing, he went up to the wall and put the necklace against it... nothing. He crumpled to the floor about to cry with frustration when all of a sudden there was a noise, it was the same noise that Renee heard, a vortex of pure white was becoming bigger and bigger until it stopped at about three times the size of Rufus, he gasped, he shut his eyes not thinking for a second about what could or would happen and disappeared. Moments later the hole closed up and the room was left in silence.   

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